• papaevagelouv

    Just downloaded the truck…next step to take a good listen while driving back home from work…thank you 🙂

  • OMGosh. This made my morning. Sincere thanks for such top-notch products. I freakin’ love you guys!

  • csaba71

    Hearing the remix – buy the original !

  • i love this remix!

  • I’m listening the remix.This is so nice!
    But I think best remix is “Breakb ot remix”.
    Ummm…I come to wanna dance!

  • I love royksopp love da remix

  • tanishi


  • chrissheff

    I’m not norwegian but I say takk too!

  • mikesopp

    Very nice remix. Thank you!

  • This is so good. Oh, so orgasmic! This has definitely been on repeat for me.

  • Julien

    Good remix of course but I prefer the Boys Noize one!

  • MarcAlan

    You added much excitement to my Spring! Happy ears!

  • Why thank you Royksopp chaps for a spiffing remix

  • tomita

    This is a very well made remix!
    Thank you!

  • Guill

    This is the best mix done for this track and it was released nowhere only an edited version is available on the UK itunes.where is the A&R man to make the right choices in what to release or not and where???

  • Guill

    Happy Up Here (Holy Fuck Remix) is now available on the Spain iTunes in it’s full version of 3:43 minutes.I guess someone heard my plee.Thanx!