Giddy up now! Today is the day we release “Junior”

23rd March, 2009

After spending the last year or so in the kitchen, we´re now ready to serve. The menu should provide a vast variety of flavours, and there should be a little something for everyone – from chunky meats to healthy veg – all prepared to satisfy the connoisseur. Obviously.

So, from the all Girls & Boys of Camp Röyksopp, we wish you all a happy meal(!) & we hope “Junior” will hog your CD or Mp3 player for the next couple of hours, or days. Weeks… You get the point.

Thanks again for spending some time with our music.
All the best,

Señor B + Señor B

Buy and listen to Junior here

  • antonio

    Oh my holly freckin GOD!!! it’s been so long since i listen to a new album bittin my finger nail out of exitment being so exited about the future hundreds of future plays….. it’s gonna be a fun summer!!!

  • FoxyMoron

    Guys, this is a grand day in the lifes of fans like me and my friends.. and all your lovers in Canada and around the world.

    THANKS for keeping it up, your sound and feel really are a true inspiration.

    I will selfishly demand a visit to North America.. anywhere, really. The road trip will be worthwhile!

    Much Love from Montreal


  • Clari

    can’t wait to listen to the album guys…love ur music!
    greetings from Argentina ! 🙂

  • what about our 1200/1210s ? they should remain hungry? ç_ç

  • astrolab


    At the first listening, here are my impressions:

    HAPPY UP THERE: 3.7/5


    VISION ONE: 4.5/5

    THIS MUST BE IT: 3.5/5


    MISS IT SO MUCH: 4.2/5

    TRICKY TRICKY: 3.8/5

    YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE: 4.3/5


    TRUE TO LIFE: 3.5/5

    IT’S WHAT I WANT: 3.5/5

    JUNIOR: 4.1/5 😀


    I hope you’ll come back in Switzerland…. (We met in Fribourg, FRISON, november 11st 2005)

    You’re my favourite band… with Aphrodite’s Child 😀

  • habaro

    royksopp FOREVEEE!!!

  • Lily

    I can’t believe you’re coming to Athens!! I can’t believe I’ll listen to all that magic live!! See you soon!

  • Listened to it 4 times already! 🙂

  • So, today, in math, as i remembered that Junior was coming out today i wrote Jr. on the top of my notes and held them up for him to see. we both freaked out a bit and planned to get the CD after school BUT he came to his car with bad news that the CD came out in EUROPE first and we both cried a little bit and now we will patiently wait a little longer.

  • Ars

    M-m it is tasty! I’m glad. You give unforgettable emotions by means of the music. Create create! Junior super Thanks.
    Guys (Senor B + Senor B) I love you. You my friends. Excuse me for mistakes but I write from Russia.:))

  • davidasleep

    Your new video concerning the release of “Junior” is very funny and entertaining. I am very excited about hearing the new music and seeing the new videos on both of your upcoming albums.

  • Jessica

    agree with antonio, it’s going to be a fun summer. i’ve been counting down to your album release date…ready, steady, set album on REPEAT!

  • Happy Leno

    LOL alright!!!!!!!

  • zagadka

    I’ve waited, like many others for this new album, Junior, for nearly 4 years. Any it was worth every minute of it. Thanks guys, you’ve blown me away again with your sheer talent. I could listen to it over and over again (and will). I only just heard Röyksopp Forever yesterday and it has already become my favourite, it’s genius.
    I could go on, raving about the new album, I’m sure everyone else who has listend to it thought it was amazing (if not, shame on you!) but here’s the bottom line:
    You’ve made a 25 year old man very very happy, and I will always be eternally grateful to you for that.

    Röyksopp, FOREVER!!

  • Hey Guys, I pre-ordered your CD in the states from – it’s on it’s way today, should have it by midweek.

  • Pakistan

    It is so nice to see what my eyes are exposed to, so much love we all have hidden ofcorse !

    So nice to see what my ears are exposed to truly a feeling of velvet and a taste of orange juice.

    <3 R O Y K S O P P

  • You will get a lot of positive feedback about the album and you deserve it, you have done a great job!

  • If you want to see Royksopp’s interview by the site SHOTACTU.COM

    check this link :,details&contenu=90

    it’s both in english and french 🙂

  • *** oh, and, this is video by the way 😉

  • I love the record. It’s simply amazing, but there is one thing I wonder, what record is Torbjørn holding on the album cover? The one with the clouds.

  • I love this JUNIOR!! I’m listening many times!
    The instruments + electronica = so beautiful
    Also Japan edition’s bonus track Were you ever wanted is great.
    I love that beautiful woman’s vocal! Thanks!

    I hope to tour only Royksopp in Japan…not festival.

  • iPhantom

    Love the album 😉 Will you guys ever release the version you played live in Molde of Were you ever wanted?? Liked the chords on that version much better!!

  • davidasleep

    “Junior” is awesome! Love it!

  • davidasleep

    Wanted to mention that all track on “Junior” are outstanding but the last track “It’s what i want.” Really blew me away. Wow! I listened to it 800 times before I went to work. . .then, I was really late for work. . .but I had a big smile on my face for the rest of the night. Yes! Thank U! :>)

  • ingridcheung

    Bought and listened to Junior! Great album 🙂 Royksopp forever ROCKS!!!I’m also glad Karin Dreijer is featured ~~

  • tgamer007

    I absolutely LOVE this new Album! I have all of the tracks including Across the Graveyard and Where You Ever Wanted! STELLAR TRACKS!
    5/5 In My Opinion. Cannot WAIT till Senior comes out! Keep doing your thing Royksopp!

    You Got MUCH Love From Nashville, Tennessee in the USA !

  • robertfat

    One word. FANTASTIC

    The Best Song Ever: Royksopp Forever!!!!

  • nordkapp

    I’ve been waiting 4 years for this moment. And now I know that ‘Junior’ was worth it. Torbjørn and Svein, You don’t have a clue what you’ve created! Congratulations and thank you for sharing your wonderful mushroom world…

  • This is probably gonna be the first physical CD i have bought in over 8 years. Its worth it.

  • miss fangula

    Dear Royksopp,

    You are my favorite band of all time. I have been a loyal listener since 7th grade. I am now a sophomore in college. I have never been to a show because I live in Chicago and was not here when you performed a few years.

    Please come to Chicago when you have the chance and end my seven year wait.

    Thank you and yes, the new album is just what I expected it to be,

    Irina Papuc
    Future Architect Extraordinaire

  • allcolor

    Congratulations for your new album. It’s great, whish you could come in belgium sooner than rock werchter.

    Keep up with your wondeful sounds.

  • Check out this Röyksopp competition!
    Win Happy Up Here 12” maxi-single by spotting the errors in the Junior artwork…

  • KarineB

    Just love the album! Awesome work!
    Can’t wait to see you live in Canada! Maybe in Montreal or even Quebec City, who knows 🙂

  • Dear Röyksopp,

    it is not the same time that “Paradox” waiting to buy a “physical” cd, but for me, it´s the same: the first physical CD i bought last friday for at last 5 years. and i swear, i´ve been listening to this cd for THE HOLE LAST WEEK! 🙂
    a wonderful peace of work from you, with my favorit “vision one” and “happy up here”…
    if you ever see a guy listening to music, sitting there and smiling out of the metro´s window… its me…. please, keep up that wonderful music… i´ll die for it 😉

    greetings from leverkusen near cologne, germany

  • trivard

    ….the new album permeates with aural pleasures….simply sublime, beautiful, unique and inspiring…now get yur asses to Vancouver for a show….we love you over here! Terry. 🙂

  • Rob Knippenborg

    You guys are DAME! good i you inspire me a lot with your music!:) its totaly amazing:) ou album is the realy cool….. my spring will be even better becose of you maN! HOpe to find a way to rotterdam and hope you have fun visiting The netherlands!!! tnx for the great music I going to enjoy it for a long time:P and i never thought you and robyn would make a song together I like here to so now it’s even better!!! haha Maybe LOWLANDS will be cool for next year….. whise you a lot of fun with making more perfect music

  • tgamer007

    /Begs for them to come to america in the summer.LoL You guys rock! I LOVE This album!

  • Could not resist illustrating your song as I’m not too much of a speaker:

    congratulations, keep the great job and please visit US.

  • pirate

    You guys make pirates like me to buy this piece of art.

    A couple of days ago I started to listen the album and since then keep in my mind the great vibes & lyrics you created.
    Great job!

    Here are my hits Gents;

    Unfortunely I will not join in Rotterdam but hope to see you back in NL in another time

    I said.

  • kalenel

    I listened to your CD on repeat all day at work. It’s absolutely amazing! Thank you for putting such inspiration, effort, and time into your truly beautiful music.

    If you ever come to California to play, I will definitely be in your audience. 🙂

  • rdkalinowsky

    I’m mesmorized by “This Must Be It”…excellent combination. The best work of three extraordinary artists.

  • amazing

  • Carthalis

    Got the album yesterday and it is brilliant. Can’t stop listening to it. At the moment my favourites include the two collaborations’ with Karin Dreijer Andersson “This Must Be It’ and “Tricky Tricky”. Love “Royksopp Forever” and “It’s What I Want”. An awesome album.

  • rhaika

    I’m absolutely into electronica after hearing The Knife, Fever Ray…and now I’ve discovered you, Royksopp! I love all of the songs on your new album ‘Junior’, especially Tricky Tricky, This Must Be It, Happy Up Here, The Girl and The Robot and Silver Cruiser!! But all of them are awesome pieces of music!!
    Cheers from Australia!!

  • bipas

    Hallo! Når kommer dere kommer til Sveits igjen?
    Altfor lenge siden sist…2005 🙁 Velkommen igjen da!
    Pascal, Neuchâtel,Suisse

  • apasnaya

    RoYkSoPp – FOREVER in my heart!!!! I love you guys!!
    When the hell are you going to visit Moscow??????????!!!!!!
    We are waiting for you 4 years!!! thats not fair!!! We hope you will visit us as soon as possible because we love you so much and you have many fans in Russia

  • apasnaya

    The best song in this album – 8/ You don’t have a clue Thank you for this pleasure!!!!

  • guys, junior is amazing! currently on high rotation, think my fave is the robot and the girl.. i can feel some gnarly remixes comin on!

    come to AUSTRALIA!

  • isabel

    Jeg synes dere skal bør ha en konsert i bergen 🙂
    hilsen en jente fra finnmark som bor i bergen.

  • JUNIOR is fuckin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’ve been playing it on repeat since getting it for my birthday, yesterday – brilliant job, it’s addictive as hell!
    I have all your studio albums and love them all passionately – so glad you released this new one and exceeded my very high expectations! as a former fan of A-ha all I can say is VIVA NORWAY!
    greetings from Tel-Aviv
    Gianfranco Azzaroccini

  • slipmode

    I just spent my Earth hour in candle light with my ipod bumping Junior through my headphones! It was magical!! As always, I love it guys. Your music makes my soul glow, so much so that I don’t need to turn on my lights again for a while. Please come visit America soon!

  • mikesopp

    Very good album. Been listening to this, the new Fever Ray and the new Mastodon a lot lately. 🙂


    This is a wonderful album, I’ve been a fan of your work since I first heard Poor Leno. Most of the songs on the new album have become my favorites! I’m really glad that this turned out well.

    Greetings from Turkey (can’t wait for your concert in June!!!)

  • lucaItalia

    Siete GRANDISSIMI. Sorry, but my english is terrible. Disco stupendo. Questi sono i ROYKSOPP. VENITE IN ITALIA, CAZZO!!!!!!!!

  • matucana

    I really can’t explain how beautyfull this album are! Since i Know your music (Poor Lino at MTV Brand New)i can’t get enough of it and only god knows how much i was waiting for JUNIOR. I love most of all -TRUE to Life- because is a sort of Royksopp finest essence (for me!)
    I’M FROM ItAlY and i really really hope that you come here this year!
    with so much love
    LUCIO/ matucana


    HI from Chile.

    I have been listeniog the whole weekend Junior and has been totally amazing. There are three songs that went straight to my head and they will stay there forever…at least a really long time.
    The album is really really beautiful, a piece of art. And the girls involved with the Project are viciously addictive.
    It would be amazing to see Svein and Torb Jorn in South America.
    L.O.L. from Chile. FAROS

  • Thank you for another fantastic album. Junior is quite feminine than past albums, but that isn’t all bad. My favorite track is Röyksopp Forever, ugh, truly an ephemeral high for me! I only beg that there isn’t a leaking of the next album, please!

  • sombre_detune

    The album is literally delicious. It’s so lush and epic and you guys are really able to communicate some sort of deep heart felt emotion in these and all your songs. YAY! Looking forward to seeing you live again soon.

  • *slow clap* Guys, seriously, wow. Fantastic album that I didn’t even know was coming out. The week before this came out I was listening to a LOT of Robyn and Fever Ray.

    You can understand the expression on my face when I heard BOTH of these artists on your disc (which I must say has become my favourite).

    Keep up the great work and if you guys are touring this disc, for the love of god please come to Toronto 😀

  • lit

    hell yeah!
    Junior just blow my mind! and Royksopp Forever is perfect!!!

    Thanks for such fantastic album!


    Poland with u, guys ^^

  • Julien

    Hi Röyksopp!

    I want to talk to you about “Junior”. This album is like “Sexuality” of Sébastian Tellier, after 1 listening you say, “Ok it’s good but that’s it”. And… you don’t know why but you listen a second time the album… Then, you listen it again and again and again and again and again and… again! Hum… and every time, it is a reflex!

    I just bought “Junior” about 10 days ago and I listen it minimum 2 time a day! I’m completely addicted to this “pearl”! And I can say now “Ok it’s wonderful”. Yes for me it’s wonderful, I’m a big fan of electronic music so thank you to make a lovely, romantic, melancholy, rich and simple, addicted, dreamy, sexy, electric… ok stop, a great music! I like so much the fresh “Happy Up Here”, the orgasmic “The Girl and The Robot”, the fascinating “One Vision”, the “The Understanding” “This Must Be It”, the melancholy “Miss It So Much”, the “?” You Don’t Have A Clue”, the “Air spirit” “Silver Cruiser”, the fatalistic end of “True To Life”, the Röyksopp voice and Felix Da Housecat style “It’s What I Want”.

    I come from Nice (south of France) and I’ll be there with my girl friend on 8 April, only to see you in Paris@Le Trabendo and to listen the nice sound of your synthesizer, your original rhythm and your voice!


  • Senor A

    It seems you guys were actually able to be “touched by the fingertips of Vangelis” on this one…I got the new album on vinyl the other day and it truly is a sonic masterpiece! I love the 70’s analogue warmth you’ve blessed this album with…mixed with some cool beats for a truly unique sound, yet somehow familiar as Röyksopp…”Röyksopp Forever” could be the single greatest piece of tunage you guys have ever put out…I played that song for a couple of friends of mine who weren’t familiar with you guys and they were so blown away they both went out and bought ‘Junior’! Don’t ever stop making great tunes! Please tell me you guys are coming to North America! You have a big following in Seattle anxiously awaiting you’re live appearance. 🙂

    I hope that someday you can visit my beautiful country, and also hope you continues doing what you can do better … Magic Music that stimulates our senses.


  • tomekly84

    Witam serdecznie!!! Wasza muzyka cieszy moje ucho i koi moją duszę:-)
    Many fans expect You in Poland!!! Don’t stop making your music.

  • McLambo

    Well, I just got your new album and I find it quite depressing…
    ….. to find out I can’t make it to the only show in the Netherlands you guys have planned!!

    I’m actually considering bying tickets to Werchter/Sunday to check you out!

    I’ve literally been falling in love with the new album. Butterflies and everything. Seriously, how do you do this? It’s been many years that I have been ‘addicted’ to a cd playing it gray(allthough that’s not possible with a cd 🙂 )

    My favorite track is “The Girl and the Robot”

    I’ve been loving your music since Poor Leno, and had the pleasure to be there when performed on Lowlands in (I think 2006). That show was absolutely amazing. I felt like flying! Thanks for another great album, and please do me and a lot of other ‘dutchies’ a favor and come to Holland. Anywhere, doesn’t matter!

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  • Really really good new album, that I bought on the iTunes Store the day it was out !
    I’m going to see you guys tonight in Paris, I really believe you’ll rock !

  • Junior is the first album that I have looked forward to and purchased in years! Keep up the good work! I force my friends to listen to your music in my car, and I WILL convert them!

    PS: I love the string sounds in Royksopp Forever. It gives me chills!


    I was at “Le Trabendo” in Paris yesterday, you were really really great !
    Could you confirm that there was a technical problem with the DJ before you ? Seemed like he was only playing one vinyl after another…

    But you were perfect – excuse France again for all the technical problems on stage, and the people we could see walking behind you 🙁 – and that’s a concert I’ll never forget !

    The singer was really impressive too, here voice was incredible to hear.

    Thanks a lot for this concert !

  • Yanni

    ‘You Don’t Have A Clue’ is brilliant – I’d love to do a film clip for it.

  • mcmegan

    Have not stopped playing the album. Bought it for one song “Happy Up Here”, but the whole album is amazing. I love Royksopp Forever especially. Read “Twilight” to this song and it will trip you. Great to hear such a fresh sound with the world so full of crap. Come and tour in Sydney soon!!!!

  • mojototo

    love “you don’t have a clue ” and “This must be it”

    and the whole album is absolutely GR8!!


  • Wahnsinn! Fabolous. Listening to JUNIOR all day long. I’ve spread the news to my friends and made them aware of the new CD. I told them to BUY and NOT to share your new CD! Looking forward to see “SENIOR” later this year?! Matthias

    Matthias from Frankfurt/Germany

  • moonstar

    Great work Lads!

    I’m finishing my first listen of the new album and it is fantastic! Congratulations on yet another superb record!

    Cheers from Montreal!


  • Thank you a lot for this very great album 🙂
    Now i’m waiting for “Senior”

  • mrHober

    I just discovered Röyksopp. I sent Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Heartbreak make me a dancer” to a friend, saying “Look, how retro is coming back, with my beloved song strucure, dynamic disco beat, full melody, like Hi-NRG in the ’80s”. He sent me “The Girl and the Robot” as a reply, being not Hi-NRG however, but I fell love with that. After downloading the whole album, the second day I went out and bought it, and after 2 weeks, I’m totally addicted to it. First i liked 4 songs much (Happy, Robot, This Must be it, Clue), but then all songs grew on me and I discovered a new world.
    I just bought “The Understanding”, and my problem now is to decide which album to listen. 🙂 The video for What Else Is There is awesome, can’t escape from that.
    Thank you guys for the joy you’re making with your music, I’m really looking forward to Senior!

  • matucana

    Hi guys i’m completely mad for you!The inner energy inside Junior is a volcanic explosion! sometimes some songs it reminds me the flavor of certain beautiful songs from my favourite group of the ’80s:COCTEAU TWINS
    Can’t wait to see your new video and I pray night and day for you to come in italy for one of your astonishing concert

  • Bos01

    Great work guys, I think living legends of new wave/electronic music Depeche Mode and New Order should just take their hat off and pass on the torch to you! I especially loved “You don’t have a clue” and the bonus track on the Japanese edition of Junior… We are looking to have you in Istanbul on the 21st of June!
    Keep up the good work;)
    Istanbul loves you more than you know…

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