• joseph_rasch

    You guys fucking rock my world!!! I will listen to your awesome music till I die. Keep the movement going! Thanks for everything

  • Sibi Gauer

    And the clothes? watches bracelets? Tshirts and pants? subway tickets case? heads and necks ornaments? All these amazing stuffs we are waiting for?

    (with global delivery, for sure.)

  • Ashley

    You two guys are so cute! And the artwork for Junior, so far that I have seen, is amazing and beautiful! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Using #2. Lovin’ it 😀

  • Why not a complete royksopp theme for the iphone!

    p.s. could somebody explain how to get this on my iphone…

    • Just hold down your thumb on the image, than you can select ‘Save Image’ they go to your Photos and use it as your wallpaper from there

  • …And when you just did`t think it would be possible to get any better…
    Thorbjørn and Svein became masterly!

    Älskar er musik killar!!!