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  1. Happy Leno says:

    WOW!!!!! I can’t wait until this album comes out!!!!!!!

  2. Pgs3000 says:

    i got to listen a few times more to these tracks :p to much to handle at the moment!! finally a new album.. i waited so long for this! more music to analyze, and to track down every sound u putted into it 😉

    mostly, im going to enjoy every second of it!!!

    thanks guys!!!

  3. elnorton says:

    I’m a big Royksopp’s fan since they played to La Route du Rock, Saint-Malo, France in 2002.
    This is a good album except 1 or 2 tracks. I prefered The understanding but I’ll buy Junior too.
    Please keep Karin Dreijer for the next album… Her voice is great.

    (please excuse my bad english, i’m just french :/)

  4. Persis says:

    I’m thrilled that you allow us to get a glimpse into the new album ten days prior to the release. You just gotta love the internet 😀

  5. esmarques says:

    Junior is amazing. I think Melody A.M. still is your masterpiece, but maybe cause it was the first with this “Royksopp sound”.
    My 3 favourites so far: You Don’t Have a Clue, Miss It So Much, and Vision One. My favourite album from 2009 so far. Thanks for this one.
    Hope you guys came to Brazil soon.

  6. chemie says:

    Guys you have truly truly outdone yourselves. This is an excellent album. As a violinist, i love the string work you have put in Royksopp Forever, tis awesome 🙂

    Will definately be in my collection when it comes out. 🙂

    By the way, Scotland misses you. That Glasgow gig was excellent, you handed me your drumstick 🙂


  7. Alix says:

    I LOVED IT! thanks for putting it online, I loved the tunes with Anneli Drecker, also the first tracks. Keep doing music with Scandinavian singers, it rises you up into another level.. great album, made me fly while listening every tune.. just congratulations!
    I’ll buy it

  8. capella17 says:

    Thank you! So awesome! Now I really can’t wait for the 23rd to play the disc to death!

  9. goodmood says:

    I have already gave this album rating 9.5/10, but hey, I am just a die-hard fan 😉

  10. -Charlie- says:

    I love you, I have no other words to express my appreciation and adoration for you!

    I am in love with most of the tracks off Junior.

    VISION ONE is defenitely the best one, it makes me fly.

    Then I love them all, although I am bit disappointed with Tricky Tricky and Miss it so much.

    As for the rest, you are amazing guys, keep going!


  11. piri23 says:

    Finally!!!Simply AMAZING!!!!! i put the disc in preorder now in itunes.
    Best wises from spain, and we need a concert in Madrid please!!

  12. Dagavi says:

    I love it!!!!!!! Indeed, it is a mixture of Melody AM and The Understanding! I can hear some instruments and sounds from Melody AM which is great!!! Especially some of the drums and bass synths. I can’t wait to add it to my CD collection on the 23rd! 🙂

  13. Well I was supposed to be resisting until the release but…I gave in and listened to some songs. Damn my feeble willpower! Anyways I’m certainly liking what I’m hearing, and I can’t wait to heard more! can’t really name favorites right now, but once the album comes…;)

  14. tp_dp says:

    This is such an amazing album! You guys did a fantastic job! I wish you guys had sang in more of your songs though, I love your voices!
    Also you guys should come visit Canada!!

  15. eple says:

    i like the strings too!!! although it’s Junior, and it supposed to be youthful (and it is), sometimes it’s even can be more serious because of the strings!
    anyway, i saved up for Junior! 🙂
    THANK U!!!

  16. damnruckus says:

    As a fan of yours, I had a lot of expectations for this album and to be honest, I wasn’t very impressed by it at first but after looping it for around 3 times I am badly addicted.
    Love the sine wave bass in Vision One! Royksopp Forever has a really great progression too. Good job guys 🙂

  17. elnorton says:

    To be honest, I was a few disappointed after the first listening…
    But now, I really like this album.
    Your masterpiece, i think, is The understanding, but Junior is great too.

    String work on Royksopp Forever is absolutely beautiful indeed.
    This must be it, Happy up here, Vision one (the second part of the song), You don’t have a clue and It’s what I want are absolutely amazing.

    Well done.

  18. S I L V E R says:

    Greetings from Hell-sinki!
    I´m so waiting this album. My favourite is Tricky Tricky and Silver cruiser – of course! =) HA!
    /S I L V E R

  19. Harvey85 says:

    Niceone another excellent album……love royksopp, cant wait till use guys come to Scotland to play a gig!!!!!!!!!

  20. sc597 says:

    Wicked… now come to Glastonbury this year guys… please!!!

  21. Leo56 says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Really cool album, new wave in new year 😉
    My favourites: happy up here, the girl and the robot, vision one.
    Keep great work guyz!

  22. Nixon says:

    This album is just great, I cant wait until it comes out so I can buy a better quality version.
    Seriously, the best album since Younger Brother – The Last Days of Gravity (which was awesome).

  23. matija2304 says:

    Hello from Croatia!

    I have all your albums, but this is really new wave in new year 🙂
    True to life is my favorite!

    We need a concert in Croatia…

  24. RogerHavoc says:

    Awesome Album! Coming to the US anytime soon?

  25. Steo6884 says:

    I will just buy 2 vinyl copies of the album the same day it will come out, if it’s just good as it sounds right now at a first glimpse. It’s very very different from your previous two but hey you’re the artists here. do whatever pleases you.

    however it will proceed guys i think you’re one of the most genial couple of minds of this decade, at last, even for what you’ve already done. Now let’s see what you’ll do in the future 🙂

  26. freddiethe13th says:

    Hello from Indonesia …

    It’s a GREAT album ! Love it very much ! Hope that Royksopp can visit Indonesia sometime …


    [ freddiethe13th ]

  27. Flis says:

    You gents are PHENOMENAL!! Love Junior… can’t wait for Senior!!! When will we see you down under??

  28. novyjon says:

    Please come to Dublin, Ireland. Loving the new album esp ‘this must’ be it’, ‘the girl and the robot’, ‘royksopp forever’ and ‘you don’t have a clue’ :o)

  29. kei says:

    It’s a awesome album! love it!
    can’t wait for summer festival in Japan.

  30. AVOaW says:

    Love it! Thank you guys for another great album. I wish it was longer. I get to the end and wish it would continue forever. Can’t wait to go pick the album up. Also can’t wait for Senior.

    Also, can’t wait to see you guys live in the US. I’ve seen you twice per album, twice for Melody AM, and twice for The Understanding.

    Great job.

  31. Sibi Gauer says:

    Waiting you guys in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Im your brazilian fan since 2003…
    (Poor Leeno is my mantra, and it will be forever!) 😉

  32. I’ve been in a daze for days because of this. My new favorite Royksopp album, I waited so long and it was worth it! I am infatuated! My favorite track is “This Must Be It,” sort of like a respone to “What Else Is There?”

    Please make it so that you can stream the album without having to press play again for every track.

  33. alicepractice says:

    Junior is simply gorgeous, I adore it 🙂

    And cannot wait until your show in Hungary, I’m soooo excited, it was one of my biggest dreams.

    Love ya guys 🙂

  34. kristen says:

    OO soo exciting!! Please do a show in Canada!!!!!

  35. Piurda says:

    AM was my favorite… now I have the new one, i have to get used to the singers, couse I am in loved steel in AM and some songs like Flax or Your hands :). Obviously Happy up Here is the BEST for me, than Tricky, witch would be great in an instrumental version too. But what can I say… every note of this album is like a honey for me… awaiting so long this is the news of the year for me. I think even Martians listen to it! :))) or maybye you are from space??

  36. Kurina says:

    I just wanted to say it’s amazing you guys put the album up for all of us to hear before release. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, it sounds wonderful!

  37. dr.korac says:

    Great album!! my favourites songs are happy up here, the girl and the robot, vision one – I can’t stop listening!!!

    very nice sounds and voices

    Coming to North-Italy soon?

  38. Tabagua says:

    Awesome! Music in YOU helps growin’ happiness in ME! Love you.

    What about Sziget?:)

  39. tobazzah says:

    Sounds so WONDERFUL! The good old röyksopp is now back with business:P. “You Don’t Have a Clue” love it already!

  40. I live The Understanding says:

    OMG….I LOVE THIS ALBUM it soooo fits my life like perfectly. The Understanding and Junior together are like twin aspects of my life I cannot beleive it omg. Now we await Senior. That will help alot to in the journy to find myself…

  41. Nitrix says:

    Fantastic Album, chaps.

    I had a laugh when I heard Vision One, getting Annie to do Karaoke over your old remix of Eri Nobuchika – Sing a Song!!!! Sounds really good though!

    Shall see you in London in April.

    Cheers Gents.

  42. hazbullah says:

    I’ve only listened to it a couple of times guys. But Vision One has grabbed me by the balls. Congrarulations!!

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  44. saintessa says:

    It is amazing.
    Check your myspace =)

  45. JohnVanbiesbrouck says:

    Just got the Album on iTunes! Great work guys! Keep on rolling!
    Ben (Germany)

  46. Me says:

    Your music has created many a mood for me and i will enjoy your emotion evoking music for many years to come.
    Keep up the good work

  47. Sofia says:

    I bought the album today, it’s just.. amazing.. it’s really wonderful, full of sounds and energy, you can’t stand still, but dance and move and sing and shout, and have a lot of fun and feelings. Lovely voices (especially Karin) and gorgeous arrangiaments. I really love it!!! Please come to Italy, I’d love to see you live again 🙂 🙂

  48. bartsmart says:

    I’m glad that you create always something new. The new album is great I like nearly each song of it. I hope to see you on a festival this year!

  49. Amiga-man says:

    Veldig bra plate!! Et lite spørsmål: Har dere samplet “tidsmaskin-lyden” fra “Brødrene Dal og Spektral-steinene” på “Miss it so Much”. Det er en lyd ca 1:57 ut i sangen som er veldig lik 🙂

  50. ppires says:

    This is the most beatiful sound i’ve heard in years. This album is the continuation of the good work of Röyksopp’s electronic sound. i love all the tracks. “The Girl and the Robot” is magnificent! With “We Don’t Have a Clue” i’ll go to the clouds! Thanks for the moments of pleasure!

  51. miss fangula says:

    1. Happy Up Here

    You know I really like it
    I know I’ll always be here
    You know it makes my heart beat
    You know I’m happy up here

    What you got for me?
    Just bring it on!
    What’s it gonna be?
    I’m ready for it…
    What you got for me?
    Just bring it on!
    What’s it gonna be?
    I’m ready for it!

    You know I really like it
    I know I’ll always be here

    Whatever you do,
    Whatever you say,
    Nothing can push
    the feeling away.

    It’s here in my heart and
    It’s here in my head
    I feel like I’m part
    of a book I read

    And every page,
    and every paper
    seem to be part of
    human nature

    Sending me back down memory lane
    My favou record is playing again

    You know I really like it
    I know I’ll always be here
    You know it makes my heart beat

    -This is my anthem!

    -Irina Papuc

    Future Architect Extraordinaire