From The Journeys Of Röyksopp…

20th March, 2009

We have been given the option to chose. We, Röyksopp, consider this ability – to decide oneself – to be a gift.

Dilemmas like “Should I stay or should I go? Should I say yes or no?” is something we tend to embrace – we think of them as opportunities.

It’s a secure way of gaining knowledge, insight and also hindsight. This way of thinking has led us to many a strange place. Both physically and mentally. Sometimes events occur that you do not fully understand, but they somehow still have importance. Do you follow?

A friend of mine, a wise man from Sweden, once said to me: “Sometimes 1+1=3. Or 12. Or perhaps not even a number. Sometimes 1+1 could equal a horse.”

Even more confused?

Then check this out…

From The Journey’s Of Röyksopp… listen to Junior

  • That new keyboard guy is little bit strange, but Junior tracks plays good! 😉

  • benjamin

    really weird. and truly genius.

  • jeyrem

    this show is really, really funny and so special! I like this interview!
    Congrats for your fantastic album guys, can’t wait it to be released! And to see you in Paris the 8th of april 🙂

  • royksopp4eva

    haha very weird but fun to watch! I still say forget the female vocalist and just you guys sing! maybe a few duets with a female vocalist just like in “only this moment” that was a master peice! Please keep more songs like that coming!

    One of my all time favorite song in the world is “beautiful day without you” and guess what you sang! Its truly a beautiful song!

    My top five favorite song from this new album are:

    1.Silver Cruiser (brilliant song it captures both sadness and happiness)
    2.Miss it so much (love the rhythm, wish Torbjorn did a duet)
    3.Royksopp forever (Wish this was the introduction song for senior) 4.Happy up here (Finally you SANG!2:02 2:20)
    5.(tie between) This must be it / The girl and the robot

    the song “you don’t have a clue” went a little crazy with the female vocalist.

    I’ve already pre order your album over here in USA and waiting for its arrival! all and all very brilliant album. But wasn’t to satisfied to hear you guys wasn’t singing!

  • mtb0minime

    This video… I dunno… something about it… It’s so hypnotizing and great to watch!

    PS: I can’t wait for my pre-order of Junior to come! I’ve already listened to it a bunch on the site, but I just love having the actual CD in my hands.

  • First of all I’ll like to say that I love your figure in the media, and the combination between your weirdness and skills are amazing! I’m proud of being a Norwegian!

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  • eple

    Frank Zappa once asked: ‘does humor belong in music?’…yes indeed!

  • You know guys, sometimes life is so full of chains and numbers that the only thing left to us is to handle with every single stuff out there, trying to get the best of it. The best of us.

    May I say – is my first time here – if come across you walking down a street, I’d run through it quickly and congratulate for the brilliant Junior. Trully, I would! The album is dreamy.

  • That was a strange interview. Idk, it didn’t seem very professional, or that intelligent, but I bet that’s what you guys were goin’ for. It was pretty hilarious through out and I am now psyched for the next album. I, like many, would also like to hear some singing form the creative visionaries of Röyksopp. And I also wouldn’t mind if some American artists are involved in the next album, too! Much love and respect from the US.

  • Nice summary on the album, I was waiting for some light to be shed on the songs. It’s always good to know what the band is trying to tell you with their songs.

    Tusen takk

  • rebecca

    hahaha i love it. you guys are awesome.

  • johnsnedden

    you guys are so ahead of your time i LOVE IT every song on the new album is so good that it makes my feel that so happy inside and that my be the future might not be that bad

  • The video is so odd!Gotta love it ,i specially enjoyed the music in the beginning “sing a song” Fantastic album!,but i’m waiting for senior because in my opinion he’s gonna be similar to Melody Am my favourite album.Keep up the good work!
    Your friend from morocco^^

  • Happy Leno

    ……….pretty weird if you ask me….yet very entertaining….My favorite song on the new album is between “Happy up Here” and “Röyksopp Forever”.

  • nordkapp

    Ребята, Вы пишите отличную музыку! Продолжайте в том же духе и не переходите на другие грибы.

    Now, suck it up :)) .. or email me and I will translate that for you. Hope you had no time to learn Russian during your journey.

  • Just another reason why I love you two…

  • boozanfa

    wow, the humor is great!

    and I just loved the album, really great you working with lykke li and karin again

    really excited for the release of senior, but, nevertheless junior is awsome, you were really Triumphant

    congrats from Brazil

  • Pakistan

    To be honest I would never know how to run with one leg or hop with out a hip, one thing that I know is you cloned your old album and that made me in love.

    Royksopp is a world where I feel at home.

  • Sae Dam

    Why is that lobster on the keyboard…

  • great vid!… now… why dont u guys try to discover your own singer, the one that nobody knows and she can be great for u, even if i’m for your only musical version but i have to admit that your music interpreted with voices and words is beauteful. try to find somebody or maybye this somebody already found you?! 8-0

  • I live The Understanding

    I beleive that me and my freind Nathan are super impossed in this me (Dominic) being Svein and my freind (Nathan) is Torbjorn for sure…This is scary to me and I love it.

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