Win tickets to Röyksopp shows and meet the band!!

3rd April, 2009

To win tickets to the shows below, and meet Svein and Torbjorn, just email with your answer to the question below, your full name and the show you would like to attend:

Q: What is the name of the ‘Junior’ track that features Robyn on vocals?

Pumpehuset Copenhagen – 6th April SOLD OUT
Lido Berlin – 7th April SOLD OUT
La Trabendo Paris – 8th April SOLD OUT
Ether Festival London – 11th April SOLD OUT

Please note: You will have to provide your own transportation to the gig. For more information on locations check out the Events section. We will notify winners via email.

  • KennyH


    New album is great! Each one just gets better and better……. my only question now is………when are the band touring Britain? Any dates for Scotland?
    Last gig at the Carling in Glasgow was fantastic……..just need another………..


  • paulfitz

    Hi, Does anybody have a ticket to sell for the london concert? Please email me at

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Hi guys! Could you please begin posting your lyrics on the page? (Det blir gjort skam på tekstan dokkers på lyrics sidan, alt e feil, det e til å gråte av..)

    Love the new album, it’s f*cking fantastic <3

  • kp

    Come to Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!
    Or anywhere in California or the States, I’ll come to you!!!!!!

    Please <3

  • socasio

    Three words – New York City. Please!!!! kp, you’ve got a place to stay if they come out east!

  • silverfox300572

    Have to say guys “Stunning show @ Ether 09”.
    Robyn was superb !!

    … was that a Dell laptop that got detsroyed??? LOL …

    I’m Happy up Here 😉

  • maranijaan

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease pleeease….u see us all beggin you to come to the U.S …..we love u big time here in San Fransisco!!!!
    Royksopp rox 4evr!!!!!!!!!

  • luvi

    Pleaseeeeeeeeee….. como to San Diego or Los Angeles, everybody loves u in the U.S.

  • I started living
    i started working
    i listened,
    i fucked,
    got fucked,
    started living again,
    and i will hear the staubpilz (röyksopp) untill 4 ever!
    u guys rule! but don´t let you get sucked by rules, please!
    this is ist

  • don´t become robots! take time for your familiars or do

  • IT´S my 80s in new shape! In THE shape! Shape me more and more again, my friends…

  • jennsea

    man… any chance of making out to Canada?? 🙂

  • GreenTea

    I haven’t gotten to see Röyksopp since Melody A.M. in Los Angeles– come soon! We’re in withdrawl!!

  • kwhittier

    Thank you for the joy and the sadness and the chance to feel it all so beautifully. I hope you manage to come to America soon.

  • Angel73

    Ikke alt vakkert er like åpenbart! Albumet har gått fra å være ok til å bli helt fabelaktig! Denne var klart verd å vente på, men håper dog at det ikke blir lenge til neste plate. Stå på videre gutter, livet blir lettere med deres fantastiske låter 🙂

  • plofto

    Come back to Toronto… it’s been too long since your last visit!!!

  • patrickhenry

    Royksopp, I am drunk and I fucking love you, I can’t wait for senior, I love juniour, so the album of 2009, I have the girl and the robot on repeat all the time, when Robyn sings i’m in love with a robot, all my friends think that she is singining “i’m in love with a woman LOL” I really love all of your albums, melody am, the understanding, i really loved “back to mine” it gave a real insight into what influnced you, and I notice these influnces in your music, big time, you are fucking great!!! I am from Northern Ireland, so if you are ever in Belfast or Derry let me know lol, keep up the good music, I and everybody else really appreciate it.


    that is all


    hi ya , when are coming back to brighton , to play & give us another brillant night ? ? ?

  • Last Bronx

    If u get a chance.
    holla at me.

  • I agree with all of the above “Come to the US” requests! If you don’t make it to Phoenix, Arizona I’ll go to L.A. or Las Vegas to see the show. You’ve got to do a US tour!

  • Pihla

    Junior is incredible…the best so far at least in my mind. Saw you last time In Helsinki, the year must have been something like 2002 or so, you were playin with Moby. And I fell in love with your music then and it has lasted so far!! I cried when Poor Leno was skeeing and captured in the big screen. And now again just listening to your Vision one almost makes me cry!!!! Unbeliavable!! Im going to see you guys in Ilosaarirock in Joensuu in July. I hope I won’t faint. I’ll be the one who cries then =) Love you!

  • acidsmile86

    hi I love so much your music. I have a question now: when are the band touring in Italy?

  • Goga

    Thanks for fantastic party in Rijeka. I still have that feeling inside me. Kisses to both of you 🙂

  • Lepovic

    Please, royksopp, come to Chile! i need it before i die!!!

  • ginabina

    Oh please come to the USA, I BEG you! I have turned on so many people to your music, I promise you’d have a great turnout!

  • clookie

    Oh my god, I saw you at Werchter, Belgium this year. A dream came true, I was waiting so long to see you play, but never had the cash to go abroad. It really made me shiver and was thé best performance from the 4 days!!!!
    Please come back to Belgium for a real concert!!!

  • myry_shopp

    Hello guys!!! I´m from MEXICO, CITY and the only thing that I want is: PLEASE COME TO MEXIIIIICOOOOOOOOO!!! I´m falling in love with your all music

  • goen

    iliked the best music .-,:_,_buenisimo el disco nuevo me encantaria que algundia vinieran a mexico seria lo mas padrisimo bueno los dejo hasta pronto

  • santia

    Come to Ibiza!!!!!

  • Eugenio

    19 november 2005 I was at your concer in oslo…. now I hope to see you in Venice!!!! The new album is awsome…I really like the girl and the robot!! It’s an amazing song!!!
    Jeg elsker dere!!!ahah

  • Etzuar

    Yay, come to Ibiza!!! I don’t mind while you visit Spain someday! ^o^

  • alejandra anglada

    B A R C E L O N A pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • drewinski

    I thoroughly enjoy your music. Thank you! Please come to Australia. You’d love it here. I’d be very happy to show you guys around. All the very best!!

  • marcvael

    Hi all, I received my copy of Senior today via mail and I am happy.
    It sounds crystal clear.
    I hope you make a well deserved very long extended version of the first track, since I like the mood of the sound, especially during sunset or at night. I can listen to it very frequently, but it is so short….

    I like all other tracks as well, but special favorites are The Alcoholic, The Drug and Coming Home. The Drug sounds already like a classic to me, but I admit that I do not understand the video….
    In short, a worthy successor of Junior.
    Keep up the good work guys! I love it, and I make publicity for Junior and Senior.
    I am giving both as presents to some of my friends 🙂

  • marcvael

    Nice surprise at the end of track 9 on the CD. Zombies alive & kicking!

  • manumusic

    We are waiting for you in Argentina!