Next single – The Girl And The Robot!!

25th April, 2009

The Girl And The RobotThe next single to be taken from Junior will be The Girl And The Robot, due for release on the 1st June!!

The Girl And The Robot features the unmistakable vocals of fellow Scandi pop superstar Robyn, and it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest pop tracks of the year with the likes of Pitchfork declaring it a contender for Single of the Year already and Popjustice calling it “a demented, choral, electronic masterpiece“.

The Girl and the Robot is also coming with a whole heap of fabulous remixes from the likes of Kris Menace, Chateau Marmont and Spencer & Hill!!

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  • NYGuillaume

    Awesome. This is my favorite song off the new album, definitely deserves it’s own release and remixes. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Oh yes! My favorite track from Junior will be remixed by the ever-so-amazing Kris Menace! Excellent choice. I bet the video for the song will be brilliant! 🙂

  • Julien

    Good choice for the second single 😉 excellent song!

  • The Priest

    I can’t wait for this!

  • eple

    yesyes! IT deserves to release it as a single! 🙂

  • Senor A

    Excellent choice for a single and remixers. I think my head may explode after hearing what is sure to be pure audio perfection from a Chateau Marmont remix of a song that is already brilliant.

  • benjamin

    kris menace 4 royksopp. truly genius

  • I love this song, got to be one of the best on Junior!, Roll on the 25th May!

  • rushboy

    Absolutely. Its a mesh of fantastical beats, melodies and harmonies that go beyond the amazing. No other song for so long has demanded to be played again and again. This song is going to be BIG when its released as a single.

    Awesome work guys. Love you lots.

  • capella17

    Can’t wait to hear the mixes!

  • silverfox300572

    Can’t wait for the Video, this track will be massive.

  • Orchofuture

    That’s a sure 1# in many lists. Good choice. That’s “the song”, but, you have put the strip very high for the remixers.

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  • mrHober

    Can’t imagine that the mixes can beat the original. For me, it is already the song of the year. It’s already top 1 on my iTunes playlist with more that 100 play count in 2 weeks.
    What I can imagine, a classic “extended” version, and an “instrumental” version.
    I hope it will be a big hit everywhere.

  • Zeb

    Miam miam ! Shurely a great choice 😉 don’t change anything !
    I’m agree with Mr Hober “For me, it is already the song of the year…”

    Zeb from

  • Strange Hermitage

    If I had any money I’d bet it all that this piece of pop brilliance will make #1 in the UK. If it doesn’t, then I’ll have no option but to convince my fellow Australians that we should become break away from the Commonwealth and become a republic!

  • iSkin

    Hey guys. tGatR is just brilliant.. If I may suggest an idea, I strongly believe Stuart Price would do a fabulous job remixing it.. Give it a thought.. 😉

  • patrickhenry

    Royksopp, I am drunk and I fucking love you, I can’t wait for senior, I love juniour, so the album of 2009, I have the girl and the robot on repeat all the time, when Robyn sings i’m in love with a robot, all my friends think that she is singining “i’m in love with a woman LOL” I really love all of your albums, melody am, the understanding, i really loved “back to mine” it gave a real insight into what influnced you, and I notice these influnces in your music, big time, you are fucking great!!! I am from Northern Ireland, so if you are ever in Belfast or Derry let me know lol, keep up the good music, I and everybody else really appreciate it.

    May 9th, 2009 at 3:37 am