Free Music: The Girl and The Robot “Suite for a Robotic Girl” (a classic re-interpretation of The Girl and The Robot) by Davide Rossi.

11th May, 2009

davide rossiDavide Rossi has worked with the likes of Coldplay, The Verve and Goldfrapp, he also arranged the strings on Junior. Here he turns in a complete orchestral rework of The Girl And The Robot! Download the remix:

“Suite for a Robotic Girl” (a classic re-interpretation of The Girl and The Robot) by Davide Rossi.

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  • Great Davide! Orgoglio italiano!

  • finnurtg

    Thank you.

  • Tusen takk!

  • Thanks. I only got an 11sec thing tho. Is that right?

    • Hi hyprb4lld, no it should be a full track – 4.3mb – please try the link again, thanks

  • GREAT!

  • radiuseli

    grazie signor Rossi ♥

  • addicted

    thanx .love it

  • this is great. cant wait for the whole collection of remixes. Oh yeah and hope you will release the VOX so I can do a remix for you

  • cgilmo01

    Love it!

  • bowie

    Strange. No full track for me either – it is 41 sec and 832 kb. I’m no computer genious – so please heeeelp. 🙂 Or should I just try again, too?

  • branchla

    I liked a lot of this classsical oriented masterpiece!

  • Oh Yes!! I Love it , thanks you so much!!!

  • mich

    thank you guys… a really nice track 🙂

  • heydeesmeet

    beautiful! works like a charm

  • lit

    Very nice track! 😉

  • yves31

    Thanks 😉

  • Many thanks guys, very enjoyable! Any more news on Senior?

  • windom13

    muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Brilliant!

  • any

    thank you very very much! brightened my day 🙂

  • Sae Dam

    I love it. Thank you Royksopp! 😀

  • guee



    a most lovely pleasant vision for my ears,
    thank you kindly, if only it had robyn also..

  • Naomi

    Thanks! haven’t been able to put down the album itself for quite some time now, and this remix was awesome. Any thoughts on collaborating w Trentemöller? heard rumours about Roskilde – something else up?

  • wunderkind

    it’s lovely indeed.

  • Gogge

    Thanks – it’s great. Just bought ‘Junior’ – VERY good! Makes me feel happiiiiiii 🙂
    (To those with ‘small versions’ – right-click on the link and choose ‘save destination as’ – vupti, it works, you’ve got the longer version)

  • fatty

    gbius unum

  • Fantastico! A creative take on the traditional remix. The choir sounds awesome.

  • Julien

    It is always a pleasure to receive this type of content… Thank you

  • -Charlie-

    I’m just about to die after listening to it.
    Davide Rossi, da oggi ti ammiro.

  • This was a very strange remix for me. Great but still strange. I will totally use parts of it for when I’m out spinning, probably together with some other remix of this track. But it will definitely work on it’s own in some sort of lounge, or chill environment.


  • Love this!

  • lsdove

    I hope you collect all the digital releases in a cd….

  • Mikke

    Very nice, i love it! Cheers from Bosnia 🙂

  • zubrick

    Great, I really like this violin and the quiet tempo, it goes really well with the original song. Thank you for offering these songs, it helps waiting for Senior

  • Henry_K

    Can’t wait for the double remix-album of Junior! Great work!

  • chrisf242

    Having seen Davide in action with Goldfrapp many times this arrangement is truly superb.Please more quality string action!!!

  • Golden Fox

    I love Røyksopp’s music, and I also love orchestrated music.
    The best from two worlds! 😀

  • Uled

    Very good….

  • Gracias por tan fabuloso remix, desde chile espero la venta de su nuevo single, saludos chicos

    un fan desde el culo del mundo.

  • this is very good. my high expectations were met.

  • my favorite song on the new album… LOVE THIS VERSION 😉

  • Fabelaktig !

  • mannimal66


  • 00Lewis

    Thank you, I love this! It’s going straight onto my ipod.

  • laserbarn

    I mixed this one together with the original, it’s awesome! Putting it up on youtube.

  • Beautiful!

  • mikaels

    WOW! Truly awesome! More, please ;)!

  • Drakan4


  • great…very great …thanx a lot for this reinterpretation 🙂

  • jferndel


  • AMX

    Nice job !!!
    Davide Rossi & Royksopp = a great team

  • deep984100

    thanx a lot ! guys

  • fleeingbynight

    This is a wonderful remix of the song. Thank you!

  • Grazie Davide.

  • I am so in love with this Davide. It is just wonderful!!!!!


  • Sta bellisima! Grazie mille! Bravo!

  • tanishi


  • lonelyangel71



    This is AMAZING!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  • glamourpuss

    musical genius boys…..everytime i feel you have outdone yourself with a track, im completely blown away again. love you guys thanks for the music

  • Solange

    Unusual but great

  • pedro

    Great song, thanks !!

  • KennyH

    Just had a listen. Really good stuff! Reminds me of when my fave band The Stranglers used a backing group called The Electra Strings for a gig at The Albert Hall. Unusual but very effective……..and really good to listen to.

  • Håkon

    Great hit guys 😀

  • Eugenio


  • JUV


  • ZeynepKircali


  • cgal81

    love it…

  • Shriggar

    4’27” (4 461 630 bytes) really classical remix (“The Girl and The Robot” is now my favourite röyksopp’s song)

  • AMAZING i always loved this arrangement in the background of the original version. @daviderossi rocks.

  • ggeary

    Link is not working for me…..

  • Fran


  • 2fat

    Beautiful. And also….come to Glasgow Royksopp!