• Bloody hell…..never have i been more impressed by the sound of a live performance on a radio show than this. Great music, great performance, great interview….what more do i need 😀

    Oh wait yeah…if you came to Glasgow I would die happy

  • branchla

    Very interesting program indeed and excellent songs!

  • SoulShaker

    I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE these verses on CD!!

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  • bruntboy

    Come on guys let’s have a cd of this out in the shops to buy!!!

  • You guys were AMAZING last night here in Los Angeles.

    How about making your live shows available for purchase/download?


  • moonbootica

    Super music ….download please ?

  • ayana-shimmer

    It was really amazing

  • crees22

    Superb set! Absolutely love the remixes of Alpha Male and Eple, any chance of a couple of cheeky free d’loads of these versions? Would be a shame not to hear them again!!!!

  • amoeba_assassin

    love it

    hope you’ll record dvd of your tour or something like this

  • Julien


  • NightShark

    Amazing! I loved the live version of Eple. Any chance for a download?