Track Of The Month March ‘De Usuahia a la Quiaca (Version RYXP)’

26th February, 2010

Ok people, we promised you yet another track of the month and here it is!

This time around you can get your hands on one of the many edits / unauthorized remixes that we’ve done. This particular track is an enticing instrumental which contains a sample from the song “De Ushuaia a La Quiaca” by Gustavo Santaolalla. As with all edits/reworks we do, this edit has been done with utmost respect for the original composer, and is furthermore a completely non-profit thing – done purely for the love of music.

…aaaaand, while you listen to this nice little number, why don’t you spend a second of your time on casting your vote (in our favour of course) helping us win the prize for “Hit Of The Year” and/or “Video Of The year”, (both for “The Girl And The Robot”)at the Norwegian Grammy’s. That is, if you want us to win.
Oh, and voting is absolutely free of carge and will take you 2 seconds. 4 if you’re drunk.

To vote for “Hit Of The Year” click here
for “Video Of The year” click here.

Thank you for your time!

Best Señor B + Señor B

38 Responses

  1. Sailor_Moon says:

    Yeeees!=)Ve’ve been waitin’ 4 it

  2. viq says:

    I don’t want to be nasty, but isn’t it called ‘De Usuahia a la Quiaca’?
    Love the track though!

  3. luismaria86 says:

    Oh Yeah!
    Love this track!

    You guys definitely have to come to Argentina.

    PS: Miss It So Much (instrumental), too much to ask? Thanks!

  4. […] con todos nosotros. Eso si, no está en mp3, sino en WAV a 1411kbps = 48mb. AQUI la podés bajar y aqui leer el post original. Posts Similares:Royksopp + Robyn + Lily […]

  5. Shpike says:

    love it!!!!

  6. geremia says:

    Thank you!

    Wow, I’m the first 🙂

  7. moonstar says:

    Gentlemen, thank you for sharing this beautiful, haunting piece of music with us! I honestly think that this is one of the best remixes you’ve done. I hope we get to see a CD release of this one (and many others like this one) in the future. Keep up the fabulous work!


    Simon from Montreal

  8. goodmood says:

    Thanks a million for your Track of the month project and such rare stuff!

  9. JunkstyleGio says:

    I’ve tried so many time to download the track. But it doesn’t seem to work with firefox…..
    I’ll try with IE now.

  10. JunkstyleGio says:

    Download works in IE like a charme!
    Great song! Many thanks to the mr’s B & B!!!

  11. JoshSemans says:

    Thanks for the Remix guys! I love it, it reminds me of What Else Is There 😀 I voted for you on both Hit and Video of the Year 😀 Love you guys! 🙂

  12. sizq says:

    thaanks man’s

  13. matucana says:

    You are great guys!!!!!!!! I really love it… god bless the kings!!!

  14. ariadna7 says:

    Thanks for the track, and I voted for you!!

    You’re so funny guys! 🙂 I like how sound ” Señor B ”

    Kisses from Mexico <3

  15. barendjan says:

    I’ve never heard the original, but your version sure is mesmerizing!
    I love it, keep up the good work!

  16. bgunn says:

    Loving the track, it’s soft and warm, and slightly haunting – some of the best qualities of your music 🙂 Can’t wait for Senior, and more tracks of the month!

  17. barendjan says:

    I’m already addicted to this song, wow, it’s awesome

  18. Xa-Simon says:

    Gustavo Santaolalla is a great musician and producer in my country. I am proud that my favorite band has chosen a “neighbor.” Thanks for so much joy.
    And sorry about my english. From Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina… love!

  19. iworshipthemoon says:

    I love your music SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You should come to Ottawa, Canada sometime.

    and thanks for the wonderful music guys!!!!!

  20. xshat says:

    nice ambient track.

  21. pijano says:

    Nydelig versjon gutter! Takk skal dere ha 🙂

  22. Fsev says:

    You guys are pro man!!

  23. Allee17 says:

    thank you for this beautiful piece 🙂

  24. ansis says:

    Is it available somewhere as mp3?

  25. TheIlliterate says:

    Excellent Score! I must commend Royksopp team with coming out with yet another brilliant piece of music!

    I must say I like only handful western music bands, who never fail to impress me with their ability to churn out really exciting music like Enigma, Planet Funk, Evanescence, Schiller. But Royksopp is one group which I not only like for producing excellent music score but package it music videos which are piece of an art themselves!

    Keep up the brilliant work!


  26. kaven says:

    the music is great! I tried voting for the hit of the year, and it didn’t exactly work. Just a bunch of encoding. I think I did the video of the year right, although I don’t know how to speak Norwegian, so I hope I helped!

  27. Renatti says:

    From Italy!!!

    Sono un vostro grandissimo fan da anni!!! ho tutti i vostri cd!! Ho creato una petizione per portarvi in ITALIA!!

    Quando passerete a trovarci??

    Come here in Italy please!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!

    I listen your music and i’m crying :°°°°° I LOVE YOU!!!

  28. pasto says:

    nice remix with this track guys! keep up the good job!

  29. Svein says:

    yes viq, you’re perfectly right, it’s supposed to be “De Usuahia a la Quiaca”… We tend to write these things at night…
    Best S&T

  30. Shakila says:

    Are Royksopp plannign any UK gigs?

  31. Awaiting Senior release, please make it soon! Also, tour with Robyn? I would be the happiest person alive to see you all perform together…

  32. LINDSEYMCFLY says:


  33. Love the song! Love you both! 🙂

    What else can I say?…

    Cheers! XD

    Much <3

    P.S. You guys need to hurry up and release Senior already!

  34. angelaGia says:

    People don’t tend to discover the thoughts and mood you convey in your work, that’s why I really love your work.
    Your video concepts are very smart and true pieces of art, I’ve never herd anything like your songs before, there is a really cool style going on in your beats that really makes you connect to the mood of the track. I’m so curious about the way you produce your sounds. Very meaningful work, you definitely inspire my work at school in intermedia and sound, although you probably don’t read these comments it’s really nice to find music you can really relate to and even nicer to make memories out of these songs, I really enjoy it, you guys must be really proud.

  35. embagallar says:

    Gustavo is argentinian like me :), downloading, u’re great

  36. giusto says:

    Just 3 words: ITALY NEEDS YOU! SENOR S. and SENOR T. … when???

  37. ram.vera says:

    HEy Guys…

    Please Come to CHile…. We’re waiting for you…


  38. rodolforam says:

    Hi, Röyksopp!! I miss you… 😐 Will you come back soon?
    I need to know some news of you 🙂
    Whatever, I will be here waiting for you!!! Bye 😀