Back with info!

25th May, 2010

So… Regarding the release of Senior. As you correctly have noted, we promised you a release this April. We would like to start by apologizing for any false expectations this statement created. We love you, and we would never purposely misinform you. You see, instead of the release actually happening in April, a lot of other things happened.

Long story short, the toppling of the record industry finally rippled its way into our universe. As you all know, record companies have been having an “interesting” time lately, to say the least. Because of this, to ensure the best possible release scenario for Senior, we have gone through many changes on exactly who we’re releasing it with.

But now it’s all come together.

The album will be released at the end of August. And, even better, for those of you who live in places records are not released on time (and for everyone else too), we will also make the album available here on this website!

All in all, even though the extra wait is boring/ bad/ painful, this should be seen as good news. Senior is a very special release to us, and we would never release it without making sure it was in the best possible hands, when it comes to record companies and distribution. In a way, it’s almost fitting that it being a truly unique album, it would have a difficult start in life.

Best, Señor B + Señor B

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  1. koenodokio says:

    Better late then never

  2. Bigsquid says:

    Awesome guys. Thanks for the update, we’ve all been looking forward to this for so long ><. Long live Royksopp!!!

  3. pilly01 says:

    omg, finally!!!! 😀
    you have to play a show in austria this year, seriously!! come to vienna!!!

    greetz from vienna!

  4. gedzior84 says:

    In August ?!!?!!? Are you insane ?! Well, I know you are 😛

  5. patrykm says:

    Finally! 🙂 I can’t wait no longer.. That’s three extra months from now. Have You considered posting just one song from Senior as a gift or something like that for Your fans ?

  6. Daft@kit says:

    I can’t hide my disappointment when I see this. I want to listen to “our home” for example. 🙂
    I’m sure you can give us some extracts or an online track to listen.
    Thank you. 😉

  7. rkspp says:

    hooray! I’m glad it has all worked out for you guys!!
    looking forward to august (:

  8. kruchenik says:

    You are the best! I love you!)

  9. DJ The Fade says:

    This Is Great News ! 🙂
    I Knew It Wasn’t In Their Hands…. I Knew It Was Because of The Record Label…
    Anyway, As Someone Mentioned: Better Late Than Never Fro Senior…
    And I Really Can’t Wait…
    Hope To See You Guys In Montreal, Soon.
    I Wish You The Best of The Best of Luck Svein and Torbjorn,

  10. pivo says:

    As long as the album’s at least as great as all the previous ones, it’s all fine by me!

    Keep us in the loop, so we can lay our hands on it asap!

  11. kinogerila says:

    it will be sad summer without your new music)

  12. tx jeff says:

    August? it will be over 100 degrees by then. Ill have been inside with nothing to listen for months……august. Don’t you know we are trapped inside here? BTW….come to Texas?

  13. stoff says:

    AUGUST!!??!! >:o(

    I was checking iTunes like every freakin’ day in April waiting for the release. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait though.

    hmmm… how about you make it up to me by doing a show in New Hampshire, USA?

  14. nd_baumecker says:

    Great ! Can’t wait to hear it :-*

  15. Felicia says:

    No worries, guys. As we all know – all good things come to those who wait. And even better things come to those who wait the longest, as I´m confident Senior will be proof of… 🙂

  16. halex says:

    Which label are you releasing the album on, out of interest? I’m assuming this has been decided now that you’re making this announcement.

    Can’t wait until August. 🙂

  17. andyfox01 says:

    Really,really wanted this album while around the pool this summer holiday but still got melody a.m,understanding & junior to listen to, so its not all bad!!

    Like what ^^patrykm^^ says… maybe a free sample!!

  18. Oh man. patrykm is on to something. String us along with a song, please. Anyway, keep up the amazing work, guys. I’m sure Senior is going to be amazing. Thanks for taking your music and your fans seriously.

  19. heirloom says:

    I hope that this is the last and FINAL date! Any info about release in Japan?

  20. djmario says:

    Torbjørn! You should get proper headsets… producing music with Koss Porta-pro is probably the real reason why Senior is delayed!

  21. roseds_ says:

    Atahe only thing – can say is: cab’t wait for August :)!
    Congrats, Señores!

    All my best from México

  22. […] The album will be released at the end of August. And, even better, for those of you who live in places records are not released on time (and for everyone else too), we will also make the album available here on this website! […]

  23. CoconutMilkCat says:

    I guess the plus for me is that I can get the album as birthday present. 😀
    Oh, and come to DC.

  24. sonifizzle says:

    I’m so happy to hear/read that!!! Yeeey finally. I just can’t wait! Love you guys… Hahaha especially Svein 😉

  25. temma says:

    Good news everyone! ^^

  26. 7Red says:

    I was hoping for some good news, but this SUCKS. So much waiting only to find out that there’s going to be more waiting. D:

  27. AdamGW says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated! Most times when a record is delayed, the fans just wonder in silence about what’s going on. Take all the time you need. Your records are so wonderfully crafted, I’d rather wait a few more months and have it be perfect! And bravo for a digital release too!

  28. magomrah says:

    OK, I’ll wait my señores.

  29. AnasthesiA says:

    Thank you, Dears!!! I’m waiting for album with pleasure.

  30. Orbital316 says:

    YAY! I’m SO excited for Senior! As much as I don’t really want to wait, I think it will be perfect timing… Senior seems like its going to be a great Autumn album 😀

  31. SoCal Snowman says:

    Thanks so much for letting us know. Even though the wait is longer, I see this as good news because:

    Röyksopp cares enough about their fans to post this.
    Senior will have a good label and distributor to ensure its release date.
    Röyksopp loves you.
    Also, Track of the Month will help us through it 🙂

  32. miralogan says:

    Åh! Eg glede meg SÅÅÅÅÅ mye!!! Senior må jo bare bli knallbra!

  33. alexshlien says:

    I literally just cursed out loud. Im not gonna lie I dont know if I can wait till then but Im gonna have to… you guys

  34. JauriAragon says:

    I had No idea a new album was on the works so for me this is amazing news , August is not that far away guys , lately I been listening to the other records like Melody AM and such , I also listen to other talented artist in electronica as well , BUT I always come back to Royksopp , you guys are so unique and exquisite , very pop but also different and smart . at the moment I’m addicted to ” None of Them” the lyrics are awesome.

  35. GreenTea says:

    You guys need to do what you need to do to be successful. If that means releasing in August, your fans are behind you 100% !

  36. Dexter_Morgan says:

    Remind me!

  37. Carla says:

    In August is my B-day so… “Senior” will be an excelent B-day present for me… thanks for your excellent music and please come soon to Mexico again, Royksopp forever!!! Saludos Señores!!!

  38. […] company turmoil. The good news is that Senior will see the light of day – and soon! On the Royksopp news page this morning, “Señor B + Señor B” announced that the new album will be out at the end […]

  39. smaknae says:

    sucks. I’m disappointed.

  40. VK says:

    Thank You! All we have to do now is live long enough to get to that date 😉

  41. matucana says:

    I’m symply a ROYKSOPP of excitement!!!I’m from Italy and god strike me dead if i dint’want to come to your gig in mestre but i didn’t because of my work and the release of SENjOR (amazing in itself)it means to me another chance to see you…I HOPE!!!!
    best wishes

  42. luismaria86 says:

    Oh yeah! New single comming soon? 😀

  43. yuufee says:

    in life we must wait for the best things!! xx

  44. ggeary says:

    Very excited!!!! Please tour for Senior and please, please add Los Angeles to your tour list! The last LA show was amazing!!!!!!!

  45. Breboto says:

    :/… Please Röyksopp come to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro 😀

  46. chillcarrier says:

    That’s great news! 🙂 I’m really looking for “Senior”, being my absolute this years must-have – so waiting a bit longer for it’s release really is alright and the better when it’s in good hands by then.
    Also it’s never getting boring on the way, thanks to numerous events and the Track Of The Month feature.


  47. votta says:

    I kinda figured this would happen since there’s been no news lately and you guys have been describing it as a “autumn” sound, so it makes sense to release it closer to fall… The horrible wait though. You can make it up to us by coming to DC!

  48. iworshipthemoon says:

    No amount of waiting will ever make me upset with this amazing musical group. But I’m glad I know when Senior is being released.
    I’m just greatfull you guys keep making awesome music!!!

  49. danfortex26 says:

    I have been waiting for months for you two to give us a bit of information on Senior…All I have to say is that Im super excited! You guys should do a tour in the UK later this year that would make my day even better! 🙂

  50. Analog says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait. Good luck!

  51. […] The new Röyksopp album, ‘Senior’, will be released at the end of August. Finally! Read more here […]

  52. Bilge says:

    You have failed me for the last time.

  53. Dmitryous says:

    On one hand I can say I’m a bit disappointed ,but on the other- things you plan don’t always work right.
    Anyway good luck guys… we’re all be expecting to your new album.

  54. titancw says:

    Yesssssssss!!!!!!!! i needed one already 🙂

  55. valya says:

    We love you guys! and sure August is gonna be painted in rainbow with your album…. so thank you in advance:)))

  56. valya says:

    and also, thanks for taking care of remote place (such as my Far East of Russia) – we usually ready to anticipate everything quiet longer than others.. мы вас любим 🙂

  57. royksopp bergen says:

    August? Oh, this is gonna be a looooooooooong summer!

  58. Skippy says:

    Yes, as Koenodokio said, better late then never !

    I know that I’m not really original, but one more time, thank you for your work !

  59. mcmegan says:

    I guess its like a good meal, better to wait for something exceptional, which I am sure is what you are creating! Even after 15 moths, I still can’t stop enjoying Junior. This is my favourite album of all time. I can’t wait for the day you guys come and play in Sydney Australia. Keep up the great work 🙂

  60. yamfun says:

    WIll “I Wanna Know” be in senior?
    Please yes.

  61. Leno says:

    Röyksopp Forever 🙂 Please remind me and come back to Luxembourg


    Senor G

  62. onitorment says:

    OMG I just came — looking forward to it. thank you, Royksopp, for making good music.

  63. jjaktTV says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Sae Dam says:

    I’m sure can wait. thanks Royksopp.

  65. Brandon4629 says:

    I can’t wait. 🙂

  66. tweck says:

    Very excited by the news! Can’t wait for the release…

  67. saekam says:

    I’ll wait until Senior comes out
    keep creating awesome music, Señores ❤

  68. iithegioi says:

    AWEsome! I’ll be looking forward to it. record labels are a nightmare to deal with. i’m happy to hear at this point artists are back in control and big wigs are scrambling to save their asses. fuck the labels if you guys could reach the fans directly. please come back to LA soon!

  69. rpaloalto says:

    Great news guys, August it is.
    I will be waiting impatiently but at least I know when.

    Thanks for keeping us fans in the loop:)

  70. libellule says:

    no problem, I’m trusting you !!! sometimes it’s a better thing to wait a little more !

    my turntable is waiting for you ! ;o)

    kisses from Brittany (France)

  71. Eldest says:

    August is better than not to know when it comes. I’ll wait patiently. Since I found you with Junior I just love you! Can’t stop to listen to you music, here in little Germany 😉

  72. TheNobleCause says:

    thank you so much for this news
    so excited

  73. Ryan says:

    Quite honestly, I can stand the wait… just as long as it means that you guys will keep making music. You two are simply spectacular. The quality of and the creativity / variety in the music you make offers listeners songs that are powerful and unique beyond the limits of so many other artists. Aside from being so enjoyable, what you put out and share with the world has an amazingly long shelf life, which in my world (and I’m sure in others’ as well), is such a strong measure of music. Keep it up.

  74. APC says:

    I can wait everything you need to get this fantastic work in my hands.

    Thanks a lot

  75. missblueeyes says:

    Takk og lov for at det va ei logisk forklaring bak forsinkelsen!! Og nu har vi ihvertfall en maaned aa se fram til! Men ae har fortsatt en ting ae lure paa: naar kommer daakker til London igjen!?

  76. pballasiotes says:

    Ahhhhhh!!!! ROYKSOPP I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
    Im so stoked for the album drop in august!

  77. pballasiotes says:

    you should do a tour to the states! woooot!! that would be so unimaginably awesome!!! 😀 ROYKSOPP!!!!

  78. benjamin says:

    Bra! Heia TIL!

  79. Doof says:

    Hi to Röyksopp & all the loyal fans…
    Thanks for keeping us updated,
    I’m sure the new release is worth waiting for.

    Best wishes to all from Israel.

  80. Alix says:

    At last! some news from you guys! Really awesome!
    Nice reading you! Can’t wait for Senior!

  81. AlvinGordian says:

    I really can’t wait for Senior. Stop by sometime here in Florida, will you?
    Take care you guys!

  82. Titney75 says:

    I was SOOOO excited when June came around because I read somewhere that Senior was going to come out on June 2nd……so that is just extremely disappointing, but I’m glad it’s coming out eventually. I’m also glad I read this before trying to go to all the cd stores in town. You are amazing though! Maybe consider visiting the United States! Tennessee would be a good state to visit too, just saying. Please? 🙂

  83. strecket says:

    Will you be touring? Way Out West in Göteborg? Caught your last show in LA and had a such a great time!

  84. Vedet says:

    Looking forward to it!

  85. Zkkyda says:

    at last!! =)