• geremia

    hmm… I don’t like it

    The album will surely be better 🙂

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  • rodolforam

    It looks a little different than I thought… but it’s ok 🙂

  • Noses and forehead? And…!

  • That must be a joke… That font! XD
    Is it April’s fool in Norway?

  • I love it make me laught !!! really humorous and a little mystic at a time …. it really show royksopp’s fun spirit ! my turntable can’t wait for it ! :o) (I hope It won’t be to difficult to find it in vinyl format in France…)
    Good job, you can be proud guys !

  • ariellectric

    creepy and mysterious……..LOVE IT!!!!

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  • It’s seems like dark. At first I did not see anything..hahaha that’s hilarious. And yes, still waiting for Senior!


  • HappyLeno

    Really cool, I like it!!!!!

  • ariellectric

    i like how its in contrast to the colorful, detailed look of the “junior” album.

  • Martin42

    At first it just seems very basic (no offence!), but now i see the concept of it after staring at it and seeing the comparison of the artwork and the description of the album. Well done fellas! Can’t wait for the album to be released! 😀

  • GMX4

    Simply I LIKE YOUr kind of humor. I´m waiting for the music!

  • alexshlien

    anything you guys do turns to gold. anyone who protests this album art is mad. you chose it that way and they cant change it. who are they to have any say in what u guys do. go ahead!

  • Jeremy

    I really love Royksopp. I never thought that I would ever say anything negative…..but the artwork looks boring and cheap. Maybe this photo could be turned into a black and white stencil. I do get the point of the artwork it is poorly executed. Sorry Royksopp, but you still have time to receive suggestion

  • Jeremy

    I really love Royksopp. I never thought that I would ever say anything negative…..but the artwork looks boring and cheap. Maybe this photo could be turned into a black and white stencil. I do get the point of the artwork but it is poorly executed. Sorry Royksopp, but you still have time to receive suggestions

  • Jeremy

    Dont Worry though….I will still buy it 🙂

  • Wseries

    You can’t judge a book by its cover. It’s the music that matters. If Senior is half as good as Junior I’ll be happy.

  • payo360

    ahh the dark side of royksopp 🙂

  • Alyas

    I can deal with everything…except for the Font. There is NO justification for it. At all.

  • Sorry guys but I don’t like it because I think its too dark and it reminds me a lot of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, which I absolutely can’t stand. I think all it needs a touch more more lighting and it’s going to be fantastic. I’ll still buy the album.

  • forvirret

    Absolutely love it. This is the kind of cover artwork that people doesn1t quite understand at first sight, but praise as a classic some years later. Og jeg får Melody A.M.-vibber!

  • Sae Dam

    so scare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frankie1976

    Oh no this really isn’t my thing. Great music deserves a great cover.

    I just posted a comment on another post about these, but I really think they are great:
    Royksopp Inspired Cover Art

  • no… why?

  • MissMarvel01

    Thank you for responding to my request of providing us with some of your artwork! I am very intrigued in how the masterpiece as a whole will turn out! I also love the contrast of this album when compared to Junior. I definitely get the vibe that Junior is more vibrant and loud while Senior is more introverted and reserved. I cannot wait till more previews come our way! Is it possible if you can begin to reveal your collaborations? I love everything you put out and I am very excited for your newest piece of “art”!

  • RaulRoque

    Really good! I don’t know what is on the top of the cover yet, seriously… Looks like a monster, with the eyes and his teeths. But, looking better, it’s both of you, just below the heads (but I only discovered that because one above commented about it).

    This cover remembers me the one of Pet Shop Boys in 2006, “Fundamental.” And the opposites Junior/Senior, also allude me Yes/Fundamental. One was colorful, white and catchy. The other one was obscure, dark and more serious.

    I liked “Junior” but somehow it becomes irrelevant to me with the time. Although I still like to listen to that every now and then. “The Understanding” is still my favortie. What do you think of a “Alpha Male (Part 2)”? Hahaha. Just kidding… It’s a concise album for me. And, as “Senior”, has connected tracks, what, for me, is brilliant! I love records like that.

    Oh, it always remembers me “What Else is There?” and “Circuit Break.” The transition between them is unbeliavably amazing!

    There will be vocals in the new album or only sound? Or something which looks like both of them at the same time? Hahaha.

    Greetings from Brazil!

  • soon

    The whole atmosphere is dark and nice….but the font…is that joking? toooooo undesigned and tells nothing. I really think changing the font will do better.

  • iworshipthemoon

    I was expecting something with a little more color… but I guess Senior was aiming for a sophisticated and wise look to match it’s sound?
    and Hahahaha I didn’t realize that the two faces were old-Torbjørn and old-Sven!!

    I am very eager to hear this album!!!!!!

  • koenodokio

    Not that it’s horrible, but that font isn’t appealing, inspiring or senior at all. It doesn’t connect to the site as well. Like the picture though.

    Leslie David again?

  • VK

    …and back side much darker – so noone will see any track names! 🙂

  • Wow! Gross!

    Please a little bit of the 1st single!!!

  • RaulRoque

    Seriously, only on my other computer, which is more brighter, I saw the two faces in the dark!

    Before I was only seeing darkness… I thought that the thing up there was you.

    I forgot to mention that I also think that Röyksopp is one of the best electronic acts of the past decades. I listened to Back to Mine of yours and has a great similarity to the one of the Pet Shop Boys. Mainly the CD of Chris Lowe (“Dirty Talk” and “Take a Chance”). Do you like them? Do you want to do some collaboration someday?

    It’s funny how many artists that I like are connected with each other. Röyksopp with Erlend Oye, Erlend Oye with Kings of Convenience, Kings of Convenience with Jens Lekman, Jens Lekman with Tracey Thorn, Tracey Thorn with PSB…

  • terrible! Change it before it’s too late!

  • kjellmaster 9000

    The cover is creepy awesome and I’m definitely looking towards the dark side of Royksopp. I can only guess what the first single will sound like, but I’m sure I will literally be blown out of my chair and require medical attention. JA!!!

  • nee

    i care not about the cover…just get me those frequencies….

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  • damnruckus


  • dblank

    My friend thinks that the whole Senior album is a Royksopp joke and does not actually exist. This only made him think that even more. Regardless, we both had a good laugh when we saw this… We thought it fit Royksopp’s sense of humor perfectly. Well done. I trust in Royksopp, unlike my friend, and I think it is going to be a great album. 🙂

  • qas

    I really like the idea and the look of it , but the font bugs me so much. So yeah, I really couldn’t help but try to make some subtle changes that I think would really make it look A LOT better (mainly because I am a fucking dork):
    nice and clean

  • FollowMyRuin

    I really really can’t wait to hear and see you on stage with this new album.. and I hope that you’ll begin your tour this time (!!) by Paris..anyway I’ll follow you again in another city! love u!

  • Wishnu

    Usikker på skrifta, som en del andre, men resten er nydelig, og man begynner og få en snikende hint om stilen på plata! Det er min hösts soundtrack (og garantert mange andres) dere har laget, og jeg er overbevist om at Senior vil underholde mine sanser og inspirere meg lenge fremover. Dere har gjort, og vil utvilsomt fortsette gjöre meg stolt over og ha norsk pass, tross at jeg sveket landet for söta bror i öst för jeg engang hadde mulighet til og velge selv. 😉 Takk for at dere er RYXP, og slutt aldri med det!!

  • Julien

    I can’t wait for the new Röyksopp album Senior! I come from France & Switzerland but I will be in Sweden when the album will launch, next to Norway, your country !

  • noodz

    It definitely is not slick or modern in appearance. It does look rather stale and dated…as though an old man with bad eyesight took the photo, chose the typeface and did the design. Which leads me to believe it’s perfect for an album titled “Senior”.

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  • Ward

    What? This font is shit! And the stupid thing is: I know you can make pretty ones, like from ‘The Understanding’.
    I love you, but why this font, Röyksopp? Why?!

  • Tim Bonvallet

    This is terrible design. It looks like a cell phone photo with text put on it with Microsoft Word. Junior was so awesome and quirky; this is just… depressing. Can you please Röykstopp with the terrible design choices?

  • Not every cover art has to be liked by everyone. It is important that the cover art reflects what the music is like, and I think Röyksopp thought about that when they made this.

  • johns

    Don’t like it – but love these covers inspired by the music:

  • Guill

    Very nice album guys!




  • Guill

    The cover art in iTunes is very low in quality there are problems where the names are.please send them a new one.I believe now all cover art is not scanned anymore.



    still no sign of Remind Me (Tom Middleton Cosmos Dub)

  • Metoksipirazin

    i cant belive no one came up with the idea that this pic remidns of a main bad guy in TWIN PEAKS, the longhaired evil Bob.

    and ive read that RSP are inspired by Lynch as well as TWIN PEAKS.