20 Responses

  1. HappyLeno says:

    That music is AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Skippy says:

    The music is really fine !!!

    Thank you Mr B + B.

    Good luck for the album !

  3. Mothergooch says:

    Loving it. Looking forward to the rest. Tusen takk!

    Ha det!

  4. Kiara says:

    Wow! Jeg likte virkelig musikken, og videoen XD

  5. o_Ogabriel says:

    Wow! Amazing!
    thank you Señor B + Señor B’s.

  6. mattyoak says:

    Anybody else playing this over and over just for the music? 😛

  7. saad says:

    music is nice cant wait 4 da album

  8. Jeremy says:

    Too Cute. I adore this. The song sounds wonderful..I cant wait!!

  9. VK says:

    Sounds like non-alcoholic to me 🙂 Or was it a S.O.B.E.R. mix?

  10. Dominic says:

    I hope ew still get a track of the month :/

  11. Erunikos says:

    lol that was cruel… when the music was getting better… u take it away!! xD Great sound.. I definitely wanna hear more, veeeery good sound. Hope the entire album sounds as great as this beat 😀

  12. Alexey says:

    Exciting sound, it just blew up my morning!
    And also a visual joy)
    Veldig bra!

  13. goolug says:

    Can’t wait to see you in LA again, guys.
    And, yes, the music is awesome! We love to love it.

  14. libellule says:

    You two are really crazy !!! But I really like this !!!
    The music is great !!! Congratulations !

  15. forvirret says:

    What’s funny about your music is that even though I’ve been trying to imagine how Senior would sound reading interviews and such, you guys keep making me surprised/overwhelmed/amazed every single team you release your material. Sees på Akershus festning!

  16. matucana says:

    What a surprise!!!!you really make my day!!simply amazing and ironic!can’t wait for your entire production!

  17. TriDeka says:

    Ahhh this is too much AWESOMESAUCEness!
    Now I’m wondering where the rest of the Adventures in Barbieland is…it’s now saturday right!?

    Impatient TriDeka

  18. Tai114 says:

    Oh wow….. that music is heavenly. You guys…. you never let me down with your music. I am excited for Senior next month! I just wish you’d play a concert in the Seattle area. Listened for years and I’ve never had a chance to see you guys live! I have to at some point in my life or it will never be complete.

  19. Snoop says:

    I’d like a loop-version or a 10 Minute-version of that! woooow!!! relaying it currently^. ^^

  20. kaven says:

    As soon as senior comes out I am buying it. Royksopp has never let me down with their amazing musical talent. SO EXCITED! next time you guys come to the U.S. Make sure you stop by Minneapolis. Lots of fans out here who are dying to see you!