Röyksopp’s Adventures in Barbieland

9th August, 2010

We had a vision, and in this vision we saw ourselves as a sleeping hobo and an old man respectively. The following is a vivid depiction of some of the events that occurred during an intended stay in Barbieland. And remember, It’s a true story….

Directed by Andreas Nilsson

Track list from video:
…and The Forest Began To Sing
Coming Home
The Alcoholic
The Drug
Senior Living
Forsaken Cowboy

42 Responses

  1. rafaelseraine says:

    Ooooow!!! That’s cool!!! I’m very ansious to listen this CD! Very very ansious!
    Röyksopp adventures in Barbieland is very fun!
    I like very much of your songs!
    Hugs and very successful, everytime (sorry my poor english, but I don’t can let of the comment about this! ^^)
    Brazilian fan!

  2. Skippy says:

    The video is fiiiiiiine, thank you !

    I wait this album as … your previous albums !

    Kisses from France

  3. luismaria86 says:

    Guys! this sounds fantastic!
    I cant wait 4 Senior, please we want to know the first single now! 🙂

    Hellos from Buenos Aires!

  4. chhillout says:

    boys, this is absolutely wonderful. i love the video and sound clips are amazing. i look forward to the release.. cheers from American east coast

  5. Chinick says:

    Genius. You two are completely genius.

  6. Allies says:

    beautiful video!! the barbies remind me of the karen carpenter story ‘ superstar’.. although this video is not depressing like superstar!!

  7. Alexey says:

    Hummm, this is really outstanding! One small window into deep and colourfull fantasy world of your music… Thank you for this presious gift, guys! It’s really worth to be waiting this fall)))

  8. bgunn says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant. There’s no end to your artistic talents, the music is just so good.

    The Alcoholic sounds dark and haunting, like some of your very best early stuff, can’t wait until Sept 13th now!

  9. VK says:

    Guess Senior Living will take my heart away…
    Thank You, seniors B+B. Must be very comfy in Your Röyksopp HQ 🙂

  10. guys.. i dont know how to name what i feel while watching your vids and of course listening to your music… there are no words to name it)
    just want to say THANK YOU

    and hello from Ukraine;)

  11. halex says:

    Yes, yes, and more yes. 🙂
    The excitement is building!

  12. matucana says:

    Absolutely brilliant!your music is what i would create if i was a musician! You’re music is fitting with my mind and my soul! thank you!

  13. lastname86 says:

    That fragment of Coming Home stirred emotions I never thought I had

  14. thomas70 says:

    geil, geil, geil…!, besser geht`s nich, i hope you guys come to germany!!, please.. the concert last year in hamburg was great,
    best wishes from germany to seniors B+B.

  15. langotriel says:


    fra norge / england

  16. […] (kalend, wit haar) en Svein (slapend, lang haar) van de Noorse dance/popgroep Röyksopp hebben hun nieuwe cd Senior opgenomen in Barbieland, thuis bij Stefan (achter de typmachine) en […]

  17. picatso says:

    I believe in you, Royksopp. I can’t wait for your next soundtrack to my dreams.

  18. DJ The Fade says:

    Absolutely Wonderful As Usual From Svein and Torbjorn 😀
    Senior is Absolutely Heavenly For My Ears, Especially “The Alcoholic”, It’s Fantastic 😀
    Best of Luck Guys,
    Love You Forever and After Forever,

  19. kris2ffer says:

    Kul video. Gleder meg til Senior.

  20. 51M0N3 says:

    I’m a pet shop boys fan but I think you are the best new electronic band existing! I love your music and it seems to me this new album sounds very good and interesting! I can’t wait for it to be delivered to music shops too 🙂 Hope to see you playing in Italy as soon as possible..

  21. ellicastle says:

    Love you guys and your music! Nothing like it! Forsaken cowboy is amazing!!

    Can’t wait until you visit MTL!

  22. havanagirleyes says:

    Can’t wait to have Senior in my hands.
    Please, come back to NYC, I keep missing your concerts and I’m so eager to watch you live!

  23. Nitrix says:

    How do you get that creepy 70’s look to your video? Amazing. Pictures on the wall just like the Eple vid.

    I assume you find Barbies as creepy as I did as a child????!!!!

    For me, the best part of your music is the simple bass along with the electronic, phased strings – gorgeous!

  24. Xowii says:

    Hello!! Very funny videoo!! I liked it! It’s very original!!!

  25. Camy says:

    Pena que não sei falar inglês, porem mesmo assim deixo aqui minha mensagem………..não vejo a hora de estar com esse album em minhas mãos!!!!!!…..estou fascinada por esta musica em que as barbies fazem ginástica, muito boa……
    milhares de beijos e um ola do Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. yoitsjenn says:

    absolutely fabulous! i cant wait to listen to the whole album!

    peace and love from california!

  27. Mc128k says:

    Wow, cool video
    a little odd.. and weird (they don’t show such things in local TVs), but very nice.
    The music is Awesome.

  28. FollowMyRuin says:

    It is to die !!!
    I won’t be original again this time : you guys are genius..
    thank you! …and please start your tour asap!!!

  29. ozanavcigil says:

    röyksopp s like a virus ! infect in your body ,in your brain and in your soul ,in your everything . if u have this virus ,u can never go back again . it will change your understanding ! u will start to see the real world ! hmm .. i want to thank you guys for this virus to help me to see the reality but u have side effects !! 🙂 like ,cant sleep whitout listen to u …
    so the new album s so haunting , i m afraid listen to it ,dont know how i will do whit the side effects . respect and to much love from IstanbuL ….

  30. Spexonik says:

    Can’t wait for the new album.
    At the moment my favourite track is Alcoholic (absolutely amazing atmosphere with this mysterious sound).
    I am buying definitely the new album 🙂

    P.S. – Wish to have the instrumental version of – The Girl And The Robot.

    All the best Svein & Torbjørn !

  31. jonny says:

    Oi, har hørt amonitaen er god i nord. Men det der må ha vært raffinert. Kvit reinsdyr eller? Utfording og ta på gitar.

  32. Röyksopp ustedes son geniales su video es muy bueno e interesante son mis artistas favoritos un saludo grande desde Bolivia

  33. […] de dois homens de idade avançada em bizarros divertimentos com Barbies. Melhor explicado nas palavras da dupla: “Tivemos uma visão, e nessa visão vimo-nos como um homeless e um velho, […]

  34. […] de lo que se viene, Röyksopp subio a su página de internet el sencillo The Drug, así como un video bastante extraño en donde aparecen los dos integrantes como un par de ancianos muy simpáticos. from […]

  35. Piurda says:

    oh my two angels returned to make me happy… ^.^

  36. daniela says:

    i just have to follow you in your tour, hope to see you soon in italy

  37. pjcurme says:

    Hey guys- Greetings from Minneapolis, MN, USA! How bout coming to play at 1st Avenue, musical birthplace of none other than Prince?!?!? Never seen you live, although I almost flew to NYC last year to see you. Looking forward to whenever that happens!

  38. Eplemosen says:

    This is so hilarious.

  39. augusta says:


  40. AFKAN says:

    Well I’ve watched and listened at least a dozen times now, and the melodies are just so haunting. I simply can’t wait for this album guys, I don’t think I’ve ever wished the summer over so quickly 😀

  41. Kurban says:

    Just amateur performances.

  42. Flagmo-T says:

    Great Job guy’s as always.. Crazy Ya, but in a good way :O)