The Drug…

11th August, 2010

The Drug CoverThis highly synthetic drug is the latest craze. Gentle and appealing at first. Repeated use will result in severe personality distortion. Hear that little sound in your head? That ever decaying little “melody”? ..That’s your mind going…

Ahead of the Senior album release Röyksopp have prepared The Drug a sublime slice of electronic music that becomes devastating with repeat exposure! Listen in below or download from iTunes and most other digital stores now!

54 Responses

  1. Jelmer says:

    Off beat feeling rocks. Cheers from the Netherlands.

  2. matucana says:

    I’m ipnotized!!this is the new dope that i just can’t get enough!

  3. Max3D26 says:

    Good Job – Quite similar to ”Take your time” – (LOVE BITE)
    anyway I LOVE YOU THE SAME…In JULY 21 OF 2009 I WAS IN TROMSO onto YOUR trace..were have you Been Than?… Bye

  4. luismaria86 says:

    This is My Drug guys! :shock:
    Cant wait!

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  7. elsis says:

    elegant beats…

  8. [...] to be shared from the record, entitled ‘The Drug’, can be streamed on Röyksopp’s official site.Check out the album tracklisting below:01 … And the Forest Began to Sing 02 Tricky Two 03 The [...]

  9. Gabry777 says:

    Cool! Love it!

  10. [...] lojas no dia 13 de setembro. Para quem não agüenta mais esperar, a banda acabou de colocar em seu site a faixa “The Drug” para streaming. A página descreve a canção como “uma sublime fatia de [...]

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  12. [...] (no word on a U.S. label yet). They just posted a track from it called “The Drug” on their website, and you can stream it [...]

  13. ScottR says:

    What… no iTunes USA. We need to work on that. :)


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  15. mtb0minime says:

    September 13th can’t come soon enough!
    Great work B+B

  16. Dominic says:

    I cant get it on itunes usa :( can someone help me out mabey share? :) I would love to add this amazing single to my collection and spread the word to the american fans :)

  17. Ewout says:

    As usual, I find myself in a Landscape of Trolls, Fjords and a lot of space and fresh air. If Junior is all like this….. It wil be in my car permanently like your previous albums also did.

  18. vkindustrial says:

    Ez eléggé középszerű és jellegtelen volt. Semmiféle Röyksopp motívumot, stiláris jegyet nem találtam benne, bárki készíthette volna felőlem. Ha ilyen lesz az egész album, azt hiszem, megmarad a pénzem. :(

  19. Jokke says:

    Great!! :D

  20. Forwox says:

    Stunning! This is my drug! Royksopp <3<3<3

  21. Sibi Gauer says:

    Lovely as usual. Alchemists, what they are.

  22. lassa says:

    Sorry guys, but this just doesnt get me in the Royksopp mode ):

  23. ashogo says:


  24. sgt.chill says:

    Can’t wait for this album, absolutely loved Junior, I think Senior will be even better. You’re a bunch of genius guys, keep up and hope to see you in Italy soon.

  25. sixfootbrit says:

    Please bringy to USA!!! Addicted and in need.

  26. Xowii says:

    Very nice song!!! I liked it so much!!!
    An it is gentle! :D

  27. scanales says:

    mates, this needs to become available in the US

  28. escandinavo says:

    that’s why i love your music!!! every motherfuc**ng track rocks!!!! mexico wanna see u here again!!! come back soon

  29. thebisonx says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album! Cheers from Canada.

  30. Herzraser says:

    mesmerizing off beat bass line with chilling electro beats and a nice decaying little melody which fades away (in amnesia?) – well done!

  31. Skippy says:

    Juste amazing :D

  32. mancreject says:

    This is pretty FUCKIN’ GOOD. God bless Scandanavia!!!!

  33. themu5ic says:

    on repeat indeed.

  34. [...] and Asia on Sept. 13, there’s no word on US release date as of now.  So, hop over to their website and check out the single, “The Drug,” and wait impatiently for the [...]

  35. votta says:

    Wow you guys completely surprised me with this one… it’s oozing perfection!

  36. [...] made it available to stream on their website, but I got an embed posted below. This is how the band described “The Drug” This highly [...]

  37. sidek says:


    Egyet értek. Elég semmilyen ez a szám, bár nekem azért kellemes. Persze egy Röyksopp-tól nem csak egy kellemes számot várnánk.

  38. sidek says:

    Amúgy hihetetlen, hogy itt mindenki mennyire el van ájulva tőle.

  39. pballasiotes says:

    I played this song for my psychologist and he said it will be the end of me. I told him it will be a most epic ending. This song is a masterpiece!! I cant wait for the 13th, Senior is gonna be so nuts!! Excellent work guys!

  40. Dubravka says:

    i-dosing :))))

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  42. marbera says:

    No puedo creer que me sigan sorprendiendo despues de tanto tiempo escuchandolos!! Saludos desde Argentina…

  43. elaotse says:

    Esta genial; una mezcla de beats nuevos, un toque diferente en el estilo de Royksopp!! Cuento los dias desde que anunciaron la venta y ya casi estamos ahi, sep 13!! Son los mejores Royksopp!!

  44. VideoBIT says:

    Nice work, guys! I love your music! Röyksopp forever!

  45. VK says:

    No offense boys, but there are some things my heart doesn’t belong to – especially Tricky on Junior, Your TOTM July and this (Drug, I mean). But…
    Senior Living gives me feelin’ that I don’t happen to know yet – to the sounds of it I’m already old, and my memory pulls out fragments of my youth: a girl I was in love with, boys from my class, my first tape recorder, and my parents – young and looking forward to the future of their elder son…
    Truly a masterpiece. Thank You! VK

  46. ashdeath says:

    Wowww, the tune looks so amazing, i’m waiting for the full album!!!, cheers

  47. Patriste says:

    Avec un bon casque, ca fait tourner la tete…

  48. koenodokio says:

    Will there be a video for this song, or for one of the Senior songs? I’m so excited for the whole album! Love this new dark wave of music.

  49. [...] canción puedes comprarla aquí, mientras que el álbum completo por acá. Sólo recuerden que no saldrá sino hasta el 13 de [...]

  50. seymorebutts says:

    Mais uma vez bom trabalho. Novo álbum e parece não desapontar! Mais um fan em Portugal que vos vai continuar a ouvir e esperar impacientemente pelos novos álbuns à medida que vão saindo!
    Good work again. New album and seems not to disappoint! More one fan in Portugal that will continue to listen you and wait impatiently for the new album as they go out!