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  1. says:

    I just don’t get this one. What’s the big fancy label executive theory behind it? The world is digital and global. This is the kind of move that alienates people because it just does not make sense anymore.

  2. nee says:

    Feeling like the red-headed step child on this one boys…

  3. Um. says:

    Okay, so I thought this was just a delay on Itunes, but now I come to realize that I can’t get the digital album at all? What the hell is the delay? I love your music but come on…everyone has been waiting for this album for months and months and when the release date finally gets here it gets delayed even longer…

  4. toddul says:

    Howard Johnson is right!…this delay is untenable! The only way to make up for this injustice is a US Tour. Particularly, San Francisco, CA.

  5. raventh1 says:

    Big deal, just order it from They’ll still ship to the USA. (I just ordered CD+MP3)

  6. ofnet776 says:

    I am afraid I just don’t get it… Maybe I need more information.