‘The Drug’ video now online, full film to follow

3rd September, 2010

You can now watch the full video for The Drug below. A full version of the film will follow including more music from Senior.

“This music video was shot in detroit and involves three girls who are out of place and out of time. we spent a week climbing through various abandoned buildings—a church, school, factory, and crack house. we are extremely grateful to everyone who helped make this music video possible, thank you. please stay tuned for a 10-minute version which features different music from Royksopp’s album ‘senior’, coming soon.” That Go

25 Responses

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  2. Kurban says:

    Old style.

  3. geremia says:

    very scary, man!

  4. Dawd says:

    strange.. but can’t wait to see the whole film!

  5. t says:

    i love it ! i’m thrilled with fascination !!

    after a slight disappointment of what came out from “The Girl and The Robot,” followed by yet another preference clash with “This Must Be It,” i couldn’t quite imagine that a highly repetitive and instrumental track like “The Drug” would be capable of yielding anything at a level of sensation like this !

    i’m definitely pleased with the outcome of this, and ilove the slight resemblance to the works of Martin de Thurah 🙂

    can’t wait to see the director’s cut !

  6. kaven says:

    wow, that was incredibly good. It really is twisted in such a way that it shows true artistry. Good Work!

  7. Andrea says:


  8. TheNobleCause says:

    caaawaazzzyyy guys

  9. iworshipthemoon says:

    This video is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fantastic song aswell 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Nicolas Kern says:

    I’d love to download it 😮

  11. juno6 says:

    Really bad. Sorry.

  12. AlvinGordian says:

    This video makes no sense, but that is the beauty of it.
    Can’t wait for the full 10-minute version! 😀

  13. Ted Weber says:

    Good concept, great job. I’m very impressed with the consistency of your vision in all your work.

  14. kalcoslinder says:

    Woah it’s Gir at 2:23. He survived the apocalypse!

  15. birider says:

    Vraiment bon ! Du beau travail, qui sort des sentiers battus. Continuez à nous surprendre et à nous emporter !

  16. Mel A.M. says:

    Very interesting. One question. I’m curious about the great ammount of symbols present in this video. What’s the meaning of the entire video? And most of all, what symbolizes the cross flying in the sky?


  17. […] Do sieci trafił także wideoklip do pierwszego singla promującego wydawnictwo. Teledysk do utworu „The Drug” znajdziecie w tym miejscu. […]

  18. Samuel says:

    I hope we will have a clip for “The Alcoholic” too : that’s an amazing song !

  19. H4lfWh1te says:

    Love you guys. Your music is amazing, but your lyrics are filled with constant anticipation. Video’s pretty freakin’ sweet…

  20. kid_nouveau says:

    i had “circuit breaker” as my favourite song for years… i didnt think you could top it, but with the drug you totally did… it rocks! its such a fantastic song.
    i love your music in general, its really inspiring, and i never get bored of it, i always find something new in each song. keep going please!!!

  21. CorneliusIII says:

    What a great talent you all have.. Like many, I have been listening to your music for years.. Thanks for releasing another great song to add to my list of favorites from Royksopp.

    Video looks neat, however, it is streaming very slowly 🙁

  22. samer says:

    sorry, but not cool at all.
    “the understanding” was your masterpiece till now.
    junior has couple of great tracks.
    not sure about this one, we miss karen’s voice and the lovely lyrics…
    not my style, hope u make a U turn in ur next album

  23. Manorre says:

    You guys have taste. Thank you.

  24. valkyriepm says:

    Is there any news about the full video? I really liked it and want moreee…..