Track Of The Month September ‘Malangen Fra Bruhodet’

2nd September, 2010

A strange name for a track, perhaps. But, dear readers, it really is a strange track. It has some obvious shortcomings, we’re not gonna lie. It shows some promise, then fades away. We found it on a floppy disk lying between some rotten fruit and a bag of dead skin.

Still, we enjoy it, and it is our most humble hope that you can enjoy it too!

Best, Señor B + Señor B

  • Kjempefin, gir meg en rolig følelse 🙂 Utrolig morsomt å se dere på festningen forresten! 😀

  • VK

    Does it have English translation? Or anyone can translate it his way? 🙂 Mine would be: Guys, floppies are 19th century, let’s have a few modern tracks on some lost blurays in October.

  • Guill

    Apparently the RYXP might be really messy huh? where are the Remind Me (Tom Middleton Cosmos Dub) & Sparks (Roni Size Instrumental) mixes we asked you to get well clean & polished?

    ta ra!

  • Spaceboy

    Excellent! I really enjoy this track.
    Remember, come to Chile!
    Thanks señores B + B

  • Haha, you should have posted it, when it was the beginning of the summer. Listening to it now, has this feeling of everything passing away… Why does everything have to end so quickly?! Thanks for the upload 🙂

  • thank u so much. i really like it 😉

  • It’s rainning a lot here, in Buenos Aires. This track makes me fly through the window, into the rain.

    Gracias Señores Queridos 😀

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  • nhojnat

    English: Malangen From Bruhodet?

    Royksopp is scarily good with Senior. back to black now

  • Rina

    I have been playing nothing except your music for the past week or so out here in the middle of nowhere in hot sunny France! Thanks for this gem of a track – I am very excited for Senior too!! You guys rock 😀

  • This song is the feeling that you have when smiling at a beautiful last summer sunset and a beggining of autumn.

  • This tune is soooooo relaxing… I love it. <3

  • Me encanta… Loved it!

    But then again,

    …then again…

    I’ve been a RYXP fangirl since I was 16 back in 2001 with Melody AM.



  • leslieriquelme

    Spaceboy te conozco??? parece que sí, únete al grupo de facebook “Queremos a Royksopp en Chile”

  • rodolforam

    Really nice track!!!! I loved it!! Thank you, guys 😀

  • Brandon4629

    nice sounds like a tropical space song. 🙂

  • bag of skin? that sounds appealing… I am so ready for senior.

  • The title translates to “Malangen from the bridgehead”. Malangen is a fiord near Tromsø (Röyksopp’s hometown) and also a peninsula with the same name. The bridgehead usually refers locally to the Kvaløya side of the Sandnessund bridge between Tromsø island and Kvaløya island.

    Here is a picture of the Sandnessund bridge:

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  • LindaLR


  • LindaLR

    I REALLY LIKE IT!!!! makes me feel on the beach ohh yehhhh!!!

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  • LazPalmiqum

    Röyksopp please put Fat Burner as the Track Of The Month October!!

  • ramoseven

    dammmmmmmmm this is so sick i like this alot its a so damm addictive song how come i never heard it respect from holland

  • Guill

    Nice track indeed!Now where is the Remind Me (Tom Middleton Cosmos Dub) as WAV for us???

    Does anyone read this? guyz?

  • Guill

    The mix for The Drug is on soundcloud!

    The Drug (Hannes Fischer Remix)


  • LazPalmiqum

    No More track of the month?

  • Martin42

    Please can you make Meatball as track of the month for October??? Thanks!!

  • Marcelino

    About Malagen, f*cking beautiful.
    And thanks to both of you guys (R) for all the great music you have given us since Melody AM.

    Antofagasta, Chile

  • Marcelino

    About Malagen, beautiful.
    And thanks to both of you guys (R) for all the great music you have given us since Melody AM.

    Antofagasta, Chile

  • iworshipthemoon

    No more track of the month? 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Well it was amazing while it lasted. Every track you’ve released was amazing, I can’t beleive they were not on an album. Seriously, all of the songs are amazing. I especially love Electric Counterpoint III fast, and This Space.

    Love you Royksopp!!

  • Amo cada sonido de ustedes, gracias por todo lo que entregan.

    I love every sound you, thank you for what they deliver.

    Chile is waiting

  • That’s my loveliest track of the month ever 🙂

  • fdyrgk

    I love this one. So delighted I came around here. Thank you 🙂