Premiere of the full Senior film here

17th November, 2010

Note: The International Film Channel premiered the full Senior film today, watch it below adn head to to read the full article here.

After seeing this particular work by Noel and Stefan, we were left in that bewildered state which we cherish so much; that confusing feeling one gets when exposed to something unesay yet pleasing. And that’s exactly what we found in their vision – their urban dystopia is dark and disturbing, but in between we catch a glimpse of beauty – to us in the form of derelict (well almost), decaying industry. I guess we felt a kinship to this subject matter as it’s the same kind of expression we dealt with on “Senior”, although we spun it around the other way; there’s initial gentle and welcoming beauty, but underneath lies a lowering dark undercurrent – occasionally discharging malaise from it’s murky depths.


  • Well done heroes.

  • nee

    Awesome video. Awesome Album. I think Senior is some of your best work to date.

  • That was….amazing!!!….made me feel so many emotions…my mind is blown, like…I cant even describe how it made me feel but I can say I feel hazy now….

    One question I must ask is, in the beggining it shows that guy grabbing the girls and throwing them or something…. what was that scene supposed to portray? Beacuse they all seem so messed up after that scene.

  • jlmadrid

    Great engagement of architecture and sound!

  • ‘it below adn head’

    should be

    ‘it below and head’

  • johansss

    OMFG!!!!!!!!! After watching this video 100 times i think a finally got it!!!!!!!! röyksopp your the best.

  • manumusic

    Muy buen video!!!

  • Guy this is amazing. Take me a few views to get it. ART.