Track Of The Month November / December: Le Cantique de Noel

6th December, 2010

Wait a minute, just one ‘track of the month’ for both months?

Ok, please allow us to explain: A separate track, initially destined to become ‘track of the month’ November, HAS been made. However, an unexpected opportunity rose, and after careful deliberation we decided to not to use it as a ‘track of the month’ November. All we can say at this point is that we are going to use it in the future. Sorry about this, but we assure you that it is for the better in the long run. That has left us with just one track for both November and December. We hope you understand.

Now that that’s over with, let’s get to the good stuff. This time around, on the receiving end of our special treatment we find an instrumental ‘harp only’ version of a well known Christmas song; the very old-school Le Cantique de Noël. We went to a strange place with this one, fusing drums, choir and SFX together to create a version that perhaps is a bit like what a person in the early 1970’s could imagine Christmas music would sound like in the future. The future, like in 2010.

So, we hope you like it, and whatever you do this season, HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM RöYKSOPP!

  • Thank you guys! Insane and fantastic sound for xmas. 😀


    Wonderful track, Happy Christmas all 🙂

  • Mexican_Tushkan

    Thank you. Very good!!!

  • thank u ♥

  • PalacePlayers

    Goosebumps as always, heroes! Looking forward to hear the “lost” november TOTM, sounds like you hit gold there.

  • wilfrid

    You are the best !!!!

  • Martin42

    Röyksopp, this is great! And on the contrary, you’re making me excited that there is more to come sooon! 🙂

  • matucana

    Amazing track!! I Wish you a very good christmas holiday and 1000 Year of Royksopp’s gracefull music for for you and for all of us!!
    Thank you from Italy

  • Videon

    Very Vangelis-esque. Nice one!

  • seang1979

    Ha! I used to hear this song in church when I was a kid. This is way better than the church choir version. 🙂

  • DJ The Fade

    Epic As Always Guys..
    Happy Holidays to You Too ! 🙂
    Love You Forever Torbjorn and Svein,

  • redroy

    This has always been my favorite Christmas song, now I have the perfect version of it. Awesome!

  • Wish there could have been two tracks but really in all honesty this is worth waiting an entire month for 🙂 This put me in a different type of christmas mood…A very mysterious christmas mood. Thank you for this!!! I love how it has a very Senioresque feel to it. It fits in with Senior very well and for the time of year it is now well…. Let’s just say this version of it suites my emotions and probably my christmas this year. Thank you so much for this. I cant wait to hear the track you had prepaired us for November when you decide to use it. I wish I could have had a TOTM for my birthday but this makes up for it. A Birthday and Christmas gift in one. Though, I had an idea…why not make a small original track to give us all on Christmas day? 🙂 Like an nice little thing to look under the tree and say “SNOMG there is a gift from my dear friends Svein and Torbjorn under here!!!” and be able to thank you for it when we see you again. its just a thought, but it sure would put a smile on a lot of peoples faces. Though I dont want you to over work or anything. I understand its the holidays and im sure you wold rather both like to be with your families N’ stuff. I wish you both a merry christmas a bit early in case I dont get to come to the site for a bit.

    Dominic 🙂

  • AlvinGordian

    Happy Holidays from Florida, US! 😀

  • AlvinGordian

    I’m excited for this ‘mysterious’ track. If it’s as good as you guys make it seem, I completely understand the situation. But I must say, this holiday track is phenomenal! Royksopp should consider making a holiday album. xD

  • Smart Apple

    The end reminds me of the ending to “Dead To The World”….

    Finally new TOTM 😀 Love it

  • VK

    No…no…no…november? Like in that 80’s song – You “Save The Best For Last”?

  • Frida Frost

    Thank you! 🙂

  • iworshipthemoon

    Thanks again Röyksopp!! Merry christmas!

  • noizybee

    Thank you for this wonderful song! Starts a bit cheesy but then… synthgasm!!!

  • Ohhh! Lovely song… what a beautiful track… Amazing!!! I loved this Christmas gift! Thank you, Röyksopp!!!
    I Wish you all the best. Merry Christmas! 😀
    Bye 😉
    Feliz Natal!

  • kungam

    Thumps up!

  • edarg

    Thank you guys, for every song you made…………There’s so much love in your music………….Happy Hollydays!

  • Wonderful! Thank you Royksopp for this great, little gift! Love you! <3

  • Ou, yes! HAPPY CHRISTMASS to you all! Let this time to be the best.

  • Charlie-Brown

    I agree with you ! That sounds exactly like someone in the 70’s could imagine the sounds of the future. This is so peaceful to listen. Thank you Guys ! I wish you a beautyful Christmas…

  • leslieriquelme

    Thank you!!!!
    P L E A S E C O M E T O C H I L E !!!!!!!!!!!

  • azfan


  • I love this tune so much better without the holy lyrics!

    Thanks RöYKSOPP 🙂

    Have a great festive season!

  • Ah, all of a sudden I’m in Xmas mood!

    Awesome job!

  • Thanks a lot fellas!
    Hilsen fra din Nr 1 fan på Bolga. 🙂

    Ønsker dere begge en riktig God Jul!

  • erling

    Super! Brukte dere CS80 på den her?

  • goolug

    Shit, this is incredible.

  • manumusic

    Thank you guys!!!! Very Very Christmas and Very happy new year!! Best wishes from Argentina!!!

  • You guys create just pure acoustic magic!

    Thank you sooo much for (not only) this wonderful track .. Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones ..

    Glædelig jul

  • eplepolo

    Amazing track for this difficult christmas, congratulations for make good sounds!! Glade Jul!! och gott Nytt år!!

  • it is not easy to make a track everymonth. of course we understand you no need to apologize:) we always love ur music, you go guys!

  • saad

    the great feeling of rising

  • Growlgrowl

    Nice one guys…Videon is right…very Vangelis…in a good way 😉

  • Holly and Ivy

    Sounds like a dazed or confused Jean Michel Jarre. Can picture him slumped over his keyboard after slurping too much pre prandial sherry. All in all the perfect Christmas number, well done you crazy diamonds xx Zut alors!

  • Rubs

    You guys are amazing! You two know how to surprise your fans! I think it’s great that you waited a little longer for this TOTM because now, while waiting for another masterpiece, I realized how much I adore your music! Hope to see you in Holland soon!

  • Rupit

    Sometimes I ask myself if you could get any better… dumb question really.
    Thank you for your music!

  • Rudolf

    So obviously you had this song, but then realised you want to use it commercially in a future album or single, I’m guessing. I look forward to it on your future album! 🙂

    Thanks for this one and happy Christmas!

  • Babelicious

    CAN’T wait to see you guys live in TO next March. Counting the days…
    Keep up the gReAt beat !!! Love from Canada xxxx


    PLS Spoify it !

  • bgunn

    Loving this, as all of your stuff! Very christmassy, but in a nice way 🙂

  • Reiche

    I’ve never been one for Christmas songs outside maybe a few days before, but I think I’ve found one I could listen to year-round.

    Thanks a ton!

  • dreecnai

    I love u guys !!! (the music way 😉 )
    every month the same reason why ure my fav “band”

  • Go jul folkens! Modern træng nå ny julemusikk før eg blir gal. Detta passa fint! 🙂

  • ivionday

    this is a hit! get it on the radio!!

  • thebisonx

    Awesome tune! Happy Christmas from Canada!

  • darb_rendnil

    You guys are the best. Not only have you given us Senior this year, but an entire album for free! There is no one like you in both your creativity and your heart. Happy Christmas!

  • davidgx

    joyeux noël et merci pour cette jolie mélodie Röyksopp
    merry christmas for all from france

  • nee

    I know that the Nov track was really a remix of a-ha’s Scoundrel Days ;p (best album or best album ever?) Thanks for the holiday tunes guys!

  • sounds like midi. and Jean Michael Jarre – but it’s all good

  • yuufee

    DOOOOD! this is immensely epic. I feel like I’m on some kind of psychedelic Christmas adventure!!! This is storming it’s way onto the playlists this year.

  • Que buena cancion ustedes röyksopp son los mejores ahh y feliz navidad y buen año nuevo para todos…

  • Maurits

    Goosebumps and tears to my eyes. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT
    You guys are the best. God jul och gott nytt år killar. ni är bäst!!

  • This is so great! Please make a version that lasts a whole day long, I’m starting to get tired of pressing repeat on this one 😀

    Merry xmas

  • Guybrush

    Once again you amaze and please your fans with a great download. Thank you so much, this is a wonderful piece of music. I wish the both of you a very Merry Christmas 🙂


  • YEEEESSS!!! I love this song, and then the greatest band remixes in their style.

    Thanks alot guys!!

  • muzictrash

    No worries! The Xmas tunes is wonderful! I’m excited to hear the other tune one day. When you guys release it, maybe you guys could let us know that it was meant to be released back in November?

  • HerveCo

    Lovely like all what they do. Thanks, nice Christmas gift.

  • Ady

    Love it. Merry Christmas Guys.

  • michellka

    so peaceful 🙂
    thanx guys, Merry Christmas for all 🙂

  • tony delamere

    Nice one lads have a great Xmas,

  • This is absolutely beautiful, you created a fantastic version 🙂

  • pjcurme

    Creative! Come to Minneapolis!!! Play at the club that Prince made famous, 1st Avenue!!! PLEEEEEEEASE!?!?!?!?

  • rickerbilly

    Absolutely amazing! I love everything you guys create. It energizes my soul!Thank you very much for sharing your awesome talent with us.

    -Eric in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

  • My favourite Christmas song by my favourite band. How appropriate. Thankssssssss a billion, guys. You got me more into the Christmas spirit than the Gleeks.

  • helen wilson

    Hauntingly beautiful……..

  • geremia

    merry electronic xmas! 🙂

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  • Jorel

    I love your sound…Merry Christmas guys…Thanks from (Athens)Hellas…

  • koenodokio

    Wonderful Xmas song! Also Merry Christmas everybody!

    I would like te make a request for the next song of the month. Last time in Amsterdam you guys played an upbeat haunting remix of So Easy. That was probably one of the best moments of 2010. So that would be a great next song of the month….. pleeeeaassee 🙂

    Good luck in America and enjoy New Year!

  • winjer

    thank you lads so much- enjoying your ‘prezzie’ intensely~


    take care and promise to remain forever inspiring! XD

  • DrogueDouce

    Simply amazing… as always!

  • Scorpion

    You are the best, really you are the best, no change.

    Un saludo.

  • znila

    This was absolutely beautifu!

  • shadowman

    a very nice christmas-track! all the best for 2011 and for your US-tour!

  • bce

    does this unexpected opportunity got anything to do with the depeche mode or kings of leon remixes that you did for them?????? 🙂 🙂

  • Guill

    Tricky Tricky (the remixes) is in iTunes already! no sign of a cd single or CDR acetate yet.How disappointing Wall of Sound!

  • tweetwang

    Hi, can you make this song a free download again? The links don’t work anymore. 🙁