6 Responses

  1. VK says:

    Listening to it right now. Hehe, Svein I share Your desire of some nice lips to kiss 😉 But wouldn’t dance to 150 bpm, oh no

  2. Alyas says:

    Keyboard. Milk. Yum. Must admit I like it better than any of the tracks on Senior. But maybe I’m still too junior to fully comprehend them.

  3. iworshipthemoon says:

    Ah!!! I missed it 🙁 I only just found out about this now, I would’ve loved to hear you guys.

    At least I’ll be seeing you in March!! Hope you have a good flight over to Canada 😀 see you in MTL 😀

  4. halo3grunt says:

    OMG! wow i cant wait!!!!! Gonna be epic to hear this!

  5. bce says:

    bruce lee?? good choice!! 🙂