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  1. likeomgwtfbbq2288 says:

    Oh-so delicious music. That actually sounds a bit weird, considering it’s called Keyboard Milk. Regardless, wonderful video and song! I can’t wait until this is avaliable in the US! Great job Röyksopp, and whoever created this fan made video! With love from Florida =]

  2. trisantelmo says:

    Keyboard Milk is Epic! *.*

    That is why i listen to your music n_ n

  3. matucana says:

    AMAAAZING!The best release of the year!K-milk is sublime!!
    Love matucana ITALY

  4. chakragirl19 says:

    I’d like to see a single for The Fear or a Long, Long Way. I don’t like Forsaken Cowboy. ;P

  5. kris2ffer says:

    Keyboard Milk was awesome

  6. smaknae says:

    Keyboard Milk ♥
    Italy love u!

  7. Senor A says:

    As much as I love ‘Forsaken Cowboy’, ‘Keyboard Milk’ blows it out of the water. Amazing track. This CD single will be the first I have purchased in a long, long time solely to get my hands on a lossless copy of it. Don’t ever stop making music guys. This world needs musicians like you that rise far above the mediocrity that is so common nowadays.

  8. nee says:

    My 11 yr old daughter loves Senior so much, she wants to use some of the music for her animated cartoons on Nintendo DSI flip notes. I told her I had to check with B & B first….Is that ok with you guys? 🙂 ps…love Keyboard Milk!

  9. Guill says:

    Very nice track.Now where are the mixes for Forsaken Cowboy? Will we have a real CDS available somewhere or will we have to buy the CD-R Acetate from someone?

  10. Senor A says:

    Well, so much for my last comment. I can’t tell you how many online music stores I’ve been to, to try to purchase this single, but every single one of them says it’s not available in America for purchase! I don’t know who’s running the show over there at Röyksopp HQ, but you’ve just lost a paying customer for this single. Makes absolutely no sense at all. You have a lot of American fans that want to support you and LEGALLY download this single, but apparently the American market is not high on the agenda. Too bad really. Please try to make this available to your American customers. Thanks.

  11. heirloom says:

    You need to open your own digital online shop and start selling your music in wav or flac formats – lossy files (mp3’s and m4a’s like from iTunes) is killing music 🙁 Will you ever start releasing singles on CD’s again? Think about Singles Box Set that will include all your singles, please (like Depeche Mode did with their singles boxes) Your fans around the world will be really very happy!

  12. aurabar says:

    Hello I am desperate to get tickets for your show in Montreal which is Sold Out! Is there a way I can find or you are not planning to do another show there? I love your music I can’t miss your concert!!

  13. CUBRICON says:

    Keyboard Milk is a great tune! I already bought the Senior CD and like heirloom mentions above I wish I could get a lossless version of Keyboard Milk… in the USA… I’ll pay for it 🙂

  14. EFKO says:

    This one is ny Favourite song of Senior`s album!! Royksopp Forever! Viva Royksopp!!

  15. ediblefood says:

    Please release a cd or flac version! Definitely my favorite song of the year, you should have played this or something from senior at Montreal. Still, it was a great show.

  16. Seth says:

    After waiting over a month for Keyboard Milk to be available in the US iTunes store, I finally went to + downloaded the track for 99¢. Wish I’d done that in the first place. Incredible track, guys!

  17. ajbutler says:

    I finally got around to buying Senior! I love it, cracking work guys. Look forward to hearing more! Particular likes are … And the forest began …, The Alcoholic, The Drug and the Forsaken Cowboy. 🙂