The Drug for a Norwegian Grammy

15th February, 2011

Yep, what bce says is correct; the video for “The Drug” has been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannsprisen).

The award is given to the band who’s given the most votes online (that’s you people), so here’s your chance to “repay” us – give us your vote, and we’ll give you more free tracks 😉

Oh, and tell your friends! Thanks for reminding us bce – and thank you all for voting!

Here’s how: the link below will take you to the voting-page. Tick off “Röyksopp – The Drug” and insert a valid email-adress (in the white box saying “e-post”. Then simply press the red button (down right) saying “stem”(norwegian for “vote”).

Thanks again!

16 Responses

  1. bce says:

    c’mon guys let’s vote for röyksopp!! 🙂

  2. iworshipthemoon says:

    Your video for The Drug absolutely deserves to win. I voted 🙂

    PS: I love you, Röyksopp.

  3. Snow says:

    Blackmailing works 😉 You have my vote

  4. Snow says:

    BTW: Are u attending og perhaps performing? If u are I definately get tickets 😉 What a day!!!! Ladies 30k in Homenkollen and then Spellemann 🙂

  5. Nevena says:

    I just pressed “STEM”!
    By the way, Senior is the best.

  6. Jeremy says:

    I voted!! Cant wait to see you again in March for the NYC concert

  7. trisantelmo says:

    From Spain, a vote =D

  8. Jitta138 says:

    +1 for Röyksopp!

  9. leslieriquelme says:

    i m listenning tO APLE and I LOVE YOU! !!!!!!

  10. leslieriquelme says:

    COME TO CHILE !!!!

  11. heirloom says:

    Done! Hope you win! Another hope that somehow you’ll be back to Saint-Petersburg, Russia 🙂

  12. remindmeagain says:

    Here’s another vote for Royksopp! And here’s to more tracks like “Stronghold”

    And I’d like to vote for the release of the 13 track version of JESUDAS LP !

  13. ignacioaliaga says:

    hey, when are you coming to argentina?

  14. kaven says:

    I voted! l also just bought me a Royksopp Vinyl! I LOVE it. hah