Track Of The Month January: Stronghold

7th February, 2011

Gem O’hoy!

This month’s Track Of The Month is truly a gem, if we might say so ourselves! It predates Melody AM, and was long a hot candidate to be part of the album itself (Melody AM, that is). We could, however, not find space for it back then, but – with Track Of The Month and millions of hungry fans to feed, this is the right time for the track to shine…

Other intriguing trivia:

  • The track is called Stronghold
  • It was recorded on a demented Atari & an Akai s1000
  • It was also recorded on an empty stomach
  • Stronghold was one out of nine tracks on the infamous Jesudas LP which we gave out to friends around 1999. This highly sought after item (again – if we might say so…) contained 9 tracks that didn’t make it on to Melody AM.
  • Jesudas was given a lot of praise in extremely closed circuits (mainly friends and fellow musicians) in fact, so much that a thirteen-track version also got made & thrown around town. This version, though, was released in extremely limited amounts only 6 CDs were made…
  • Yes, all of the above is true.

misters B + B

P.S. Due to the “semi-unfinished” feel of the classic version, we took the liberty to completely rework the second half of the song in order to bring it to full completion. Also, we are not really sure if this should be track of the month for January or February. We have something in the works for February – but we cannot promise anything right now (times are getting busy again – and that’s a good thing).

43 Responses

  1. DrogueDouce says:

    awesome lads!

    Thx 4 sharing!

  2. heirloom says:

    Can you let us know the other tracks names from this LP please?

  3. luismaria86 says:

    this song is a precious jewel! thank you so much guys!
    hellos from Argentina 😀

  4. valkyriepm says:

    “Jesudas”… You know we want it….

    Any plan of a DVD in the future?


  5. iworshipthemoon says:

    A true gem indeed!!
    but sadly, neither the mp3 or the wav link is working 🙁

    And, OH MY GOODNESS. You’ve been keeping 13 unreleased, nearly unheard tracks from us?!?!?!
    I just hope the world will get to hear those some day, when you decide to release ‘Jesudas LP’ 😀 😀 😀

    Also, I’m extremely excited to see you in march!!!!!!!!!!

  6. matucana says:

    3 minutes ago I was at home fighting with a bad flue… now is a sunny day!I look at your site twice a day to be update as soon as possible about your work and nothing can be compared to the surprise of this…jem of course!!!This night, i know,I’m going to dream Jesudas, a hat full of stars that definitely have to be famous!!!
    Thank you

  7. bce says:

    cannot wait to hear the other tracks on that jesudas lp!!

  8. NightSonnett says:

    Thank you so much!!! You made my dismal night quite bright! Can’t wait to see you in March!

  9. JunkstyleGio says:

    Thanks you guys! This is totally awesome!

    This is such a gem. And you have keeping this from us for so many years?

    Shame on you! 😉

  10. nee says:

    The difference between friends and fans is that fans will help you to put money in your pockets. Friends help you take money out of your pockets. So with that being said, release Jesudas to us 🙂 Help us, help you.

  11. Andrea says:

    wow!!! Excellent as always!! Thank you so much guys. You made my day… See you in march!!!

  12. Spaceboy says:

    Amazing, again.
    Thanks Señores B + B
    And remember, come to Chile, we’re waiting with a present (it’s not a joke, eh)

  13. trisantelmo says:

    I really like it! It sounds like “senior” =D m… “Jesudas”?

    Thank you! n_ n

  14. Pdickens says:

    Man, that Jesudas LP must be rare indeed; not even Google has any clues about it.

    You know we’d love to hear it… fingers crossed that’ll happen someday.

    And fingers double crossed that one day you’ll come to Chicago! I was so excited to see you guys are doing a small US tour, but alas, not leaving the coasts.

  15. rscheid13 says:

    thanks for sharing this! but the links don’t work…

  16. tomasbarao says:

    Personally, I prefer your last works, like The Understanding, Junior, and the first Tracks Of The Month. But it’s cool to know how it started!
    Just a note: the old SoundCloud player was better. XD

  17. dreecnai says:

    again and again. cant wait for the track of the month. thx guys !!!

  18. FJS says:

    Nice one! keep it up

  19. murcielago69 says:

    Excellent work as always Señores!!! … This track made my day 🙂 by the way, how could you wait more than 10 years to share it? Saludos from Mexico 😉

  20. treynorm89 says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying this new/old track! Do you mind if I play it on my radio show?

  21. Mags says:

    hey guys…!!! Talking about ‘Melody A.M.” era I thought about some other exclusive stuff from you.. I heard some time ago that you had recorded a vocal version of your track ‘Come’ would be amazing to have a chance to hear it..
    xxx… Mags..

  22. remindmeagain says:

    Fabulous track! You should definitely release the 13-track JESUDAS LP!!! 😀
    For all those fans who’ve wanted “Melody AM 2”, this album would be a bestseller.
    One of the best in the TOTM series. Thank you so much for the free music!

  23. Guill says:

    Now we want:

    Remind Me (Tom Middleton Cosmos Dub)
    Sparks (Roni Size Instrumental)
    Poor Leno (Sander Kleinenberg´s Northern Beach Dub)

    Great track btw!

  24. manumusic says:

    Thank you guys!!!

  25. Dimard says:

    One Joy… very good…. I like this song

    Should publish the LP, even if each month .. or sell only of the community

  26. mnlduran says:

    wow!! this is an amazing track!!! I can´t wait to see u guys here in Mexico city.. i have my tickets!!!! 😀

  27. Mikeyt75 says:

    I cannot stop listening to Stronghold!! Very appropriate title. Please release Jesudas!!!

  28. BRSNBL says:

    you could listen to this all day and your ears would still be happy.

  29. bce says:

    and did you guys know that your video of “the drug” is nominated for best video in norwegian grammy awards (spellemann). everyone can vote so maybe you should post a link for fans!

  30. blondie says:

    link to wav file still not working

  31. Svein says:

    Yep, what bce says is correct; the video for “The Drug” has been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannsprisen). The award is given to the band who’s given the most votes online (that’s you people), so here’s your chance to “repay” us – give us your vote, and we’ll give you more free tracks;) Oh, and tell your friends! Thanks for reminding us bce – and thank you all for voting!

    Here’s how: the link below will take you to the voteing-page. Tick off “Röyksopp – The Drug” and insert a valid email-adress (in the white box saying “e-post”. Then simply press the red button (down right) saying “stem”(norwegian for “vote”).

    Thanks again!

  32. bce says:

    you’re more than welcome 🙂 and c’mon guys let’s vote for röyksopp!!

  33. kanadian says:

    I love you Royksopp! See you in Montreal on March 19 😀 ox

  34. derwege says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful song!
    But you know, we will keep on begging from now on to also share the rest of ‘Jesudas LP’… 🙂

    Hilsen fra Hamburg!

  35. Smart Apple says:

    This is quite good actually…

  36. corduroy says:


  37. db2xs says:

    maybe you should release these elusive and rare tracks every month to everyone who would definitely appreciate it–me included 😀

    can’t wait to see you guys in san francisco at the end of march! snatched up tickets as soon as the dates were released!

  38. norwayrc says:

    Dear B+B,

    This kind of gifts are really appreciated, not everyone gets these jewells from your favorite band, I rather call`em gifts instead of free music since yours is absolutely priceless.

    Thanks for your music and what you make us feel along with every track!!

    See you on march, in Mexico City `cause you`ll see me jumping and singing frontline all the time!

  39. redroy says:

    Love the track! Freak’n amazing, as always.

    Just curious though, has the “free track of the month” been on hold? Or am I missing where they are going? Thanks!

  40. SabrinaCat says:

    great track.
    would love to know what the demand is for you guys to come out to South Africa.

  41. elludiu says:


  42. cc says:

    Next track of the month should be Svein singing Remind Me as seen on this video: I made the link to skip to 5:51.

    He does it beautifully. Am I right? Yes.

    Yours ever.