Back once again with the ill behaviour…

25th March, 2011

Alright, we’re currently touring North-America, and so far we’ve been playing our way down the east-cost – starting off in Toronto, Canada and eating our way down south.

Last night we played in Atlanta – and giddy-up now! – they sure know how to party! All the slanderous talk about how easy a gig could turn into a barn-brawl was put to shame as the crowd went hands-in-the-air! Yessir!

As a matter of fact, all the shows have been great – thanks to highly receptive and charged audiences! Why, thank you.!

Right now we’re on our way to Miami – and then it’s off to Mexico – more sun – and SUN, in other words…

…and while we’re at it, we’d like to extend our thanks to the gentleman who passed a 20-dollarbill to our bass-player in Montreal – the good man wanted to pay for the Röyksopp tracks he’d been downloading over the past years – good on you sir!;)

On a different note, let’s talk ‘Track of the month’. Since our focus has been shifted over towards live-shows and new studio-material, we’ve had to put ‘Track of the month’ on ice for now. Since this is a busy time for us, we’ll return with ‘Track of the month’ at a later stage, although with a different name; ‘Track of the Moment’ – so stay tuned! And in the meanttime, brace yourselves for some of our current remixes. Soon to be released are remixes of Kings of Leon, Depeche Mode, and The Irrepressibles! Ah, yeah….

Finally, make sure you tune in to next week. The good people at KCRW have asked us to play a mini-concert in their studio – we’ll play their morning show “Morning becomes eclectic” and present some tracks that will sit well with your breakfast – and we’ll also perform a brand new track – as a token for our appreciation for America! Stay focused, stay safe…

Love and-all-of-that,

Señor B & Señor B

29 Responses

  1. nee says:

    Thanks so much again for playing in DC. My sister, cousin (who is now a Royksopp convert) and I had an awesome time (best show I’ve seen at the 9:30 Club since Kraftwerk in 05) and we hope you guys did too!!! We tried to show our enthusiasm…and we are glad you felt it 🙂

  2. iworshipthemoon says:

    Dear Röyksopp and Anneli:

    I love you. There are no adequate words to describe how perfect your performance was. Anneli’s angelic voice was flawless.
    Awe-inspiring, astonishing, or breathtaking only scratch the surface of your perfection. I was the one at the Montreal show, front and center, with the huge smile on my face. 🙂
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for coming to Canada! And thank you thank you THANK YOU for playing Sparks!! Truly a Masterpiece!!

    I hope I have the opportunity to see you live again someday!

    Sincerely, your adoring fan,
    Kyle 😀

  3. says:

    Loved the show in Brooklyn!!!! Thanks very much.

  4. bce says:

    kcrw show is on wednesday @ 11.15 am

  5. myry_shopp says:

    I love Svein

  6. Sean says:

    Saw you guys at Ultra last night(your the only reason i went ;). A lot of us were kinda disappointed you didn’t play ” I Wanna Know” !?! You also shied away from Senior! All in all though I have no true complaints IT WAS GREAT TO SEE YOU !

  7. Can’t wait for the remixes! Have a blast in Mexico. Arrrriiiibaaaa!

    …and what about giving away (a) free remix(es) as T.o.t.M., such as:

    Sorry for this onetime selfpromo 🙂

  8. nammodnar says:

    Thanks for the great moments in Atlanta- I was there with my hands in the air! Enjoy the rest of your current tour and please come back as soon as you can…


  9. mcdcrook says:

    The show in Atlanta was amazing! Everyone was blown away. Please come back soon!

  10. kp says:

    i cant wait to see you guys again tomorrow but unfortunatly i didnt realize the tickets i bought are for seating upstairs im so sad that i wont be able to dance downstairs with you guys….any ways im still excited

  11. shutupman says:

    Amazing show you guys, caught it in Toronto 🙂

  12. CoconutMilkCat says:

    I’m still so upset that missed you guys in DC. *cries*

    I hope it was a lot of fun for everyone and I get another chance to see you guys.

  13. obp says:

    Thanks for rocking LA!
    My boyfriend and I have been to many of your concerts here in LA and NY but separately. This was the first show we attended together. Loved it!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I was not sure where to put this since you guys don’t use twitter. I’m so glad I was able to see you all @ the 9:30 club in D.C. on March 23. I really had a great time It didn’t hurt that I was in the front. I wanted to meet you all and I could have but I got there 30mins after you all got off the bus and went in maybe some other time. I hope you all come back to D.C Soon. I was one of the few AA girls there but I had a great time. I got some pics from the set if you all want to see them you can goto If it is you that read this to: Torbjorn Hello Hunny stop hiding behind that korg and Muah <3 to Svein thanks for the charisma and this light cuff is hot I want one of those. To the both of you all be safe in your travels and keep making great music as I will continue to support.

  15. Agneska says:

    and where are photos of the shows?

  16. Mel A.M. says:

    Hi guys!
    Any news about coming in Italy again touring, maybe this summer?
    That would be absolutely great!

    See ya!


  17. malibu_beat says:

    im so dissapointed that you failed to visit vancouver. you were so close!! i was actually considering frlying down to san fran, to see you – but it would’ve cost me about $1000.

    please come back soon, and play for us here.

  18. TheNobleCause says:

    thank you for playing in montreal
    i drove all the way from boston just to see your show because new york was 18+
    it was incredible and probably something ill never forget in my life
    thank you for exisiting and i can’t wait to hear your new stuff

  19. Elizabeth says:

    You all should @ least play “The Drug” live off the senior album. the groove is on the same level as “Remind Me” It’s a track you can dance on especially when the drum beat comes in =) just a suggestion. I think the other fans would agree.

  20. olenka says:

    Please come again to Los Angeles or maybe I will go to your city. I read about your home town Tromso and now I am dreaming to visit it. It is so beautiful. Are you playing in your hometown at some club regularly? By the way, it was nice meeting you Tor, Anneli, and the crew, backstage after the show.

  21. Mrs Barbie T (Ken) Brundtland baby mama says:

    I don’t know how the rest of you all celebrate 420 day but when I got home the hard copies of the understanding, junior, and senior were waiting on me in the mail so right about now i’m getting high off the music. on a scale of 1 to Bob Marley(Fried) I’m Friiiiiied!!!!!! hahaha

  22. Mrs Barbie T (Ken) Brundtland baby mama says: where is the competition??? My Boys snatched the diamonds off the crown with this one this is the best remix of Eple ever. I have played this like 7 times already. there is no Electronica band seeing them not now not ever Royksopp you have stolen the heart from my chest. I swear you have. Can you all please make a version of this as “track of the moment” no forget that we need another live album Please =) I don’t think I have loved any band this much since The Fugees and N.E.R.D also can you all put some more junior sweat shirts up


  23. Iceis says:

    i missed you guys when you came to Miami ! :[[[
    please try and come backk!! you guys are loved down here !! xoxo

  24. rockmouseman says:

    I found out about you guys a few months too late ;(
    Look forward to you coming back to the States, or getting a bunch of cash and going to Europe 😀

  25. roos777 says:

    I had the chance to see you guys in Montreal last may…
    Thanks. Once again, it was PURE satisfaction 🙂

  26. sara79 says:

    if you’re aching for SUN, come back to Dubai 🙁

  27. Handon says:

    Hi! I’m 14 years old from Slovenia. Me and my brother are really hoping you will come here (or somewhere near like: South Austria or maybe Croatia). Looking forward to it :)!

  28. Smart Apple says:

    New studio material? 😀

  29. BigDuck says:

    Saw you guys in Brooklyn for the first time, everything I had ever dreamed of!
    Thank you for the best night of my life! 😀