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29th August, 2011

Hello everybody! Yup, when you least expect it, we show up like two happy little gnomes. Bearing gifts. Gifts in the form of music. You see, we know we have been away from this place for a while now, but we assure you: new material is being brewed. Just in case, as an apology of sorts, we have chosen to present you with two tracks this time.

To start off, there’s our edit/remix of The Irrepressibles‘ ‘In This Shirt’. Every now and then we make edits/remixes of other people songs – with no other intention than to entertain ourselves and perhaps use them in DJ-sets etc. Somehow word got out that we were making an edit of ‘In This Shirt’, and main-man Jaime of The Irrepressibles was kind enough to send us all separate parts (vocals/ strings etc.) to make the edit even better. We were even given permission to post the remix/edit here on our website for the world to hear, so thanks to The Irrepressibles…

Secondly, we present you with a new Röyksopp track called ‘Shores Of Easy’. As you know, we never want to dictate how our music is being used, but we feel that this time, a small guideline is in place: this track is best served when calm. Thus, if you are so inclined – we feel that this could serve as a perfect soundtrack to that borderline state between being awake and being asleep – the state where everything seems possible.

…aaand just a little note, ‘Shores Of Easy’ has only been performed once (live on “KCRW”) and due to popular demand we’ve decided to put it up here on ‘Track Of The Moment’. The Track, however, is not indicative of things to come…


Stay tuned!

With much love,
Señor B + B

In This Shirt (WAV)
In This Shirt (MP3)

Shores of Easy (WAV)
Shores of Easy (MP3)

  • You’ve mixed WAV and MP3 up 🙂

  • This track is great, guys 🙂

  • bce


  • bce

    btw, the link for the wav file is actually for the mp3 and vice versa.

  • iworshipthemoon

    I love you Röyksopp!! Thank you for yet another amazing track!!

  • yees! finally! thank you so much.. this track is awesome

  • The mixed-up link (between .mp3 & .wav) is now sorted – thanks bce!

  • bce

    you’re welcome svein! btw, you guys are aware that this post is members only, right?

  • 🙁

  • noizybee

    Ahhhh…. what a great chill-out song… just what I needed. Thanks guys!

  • matucana

    hello Kings of Grace
    It’s a big surprise as ever! Your music is something between waking and sleeping, dreams an reality, shadows and light…
    thank you from Italy

  • shutupman

    Thank you so much for putting up Shores of Easy. I recorded the radio show you guys were on and have that version, but this is much cleaner 🙂

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  • cholter

    Shores of Easy is so relaxing, love it. I wish I could see you guys in Norway, I’m studying abroad in Copenhagen and was so excited to be able to see you guys in Europe but the show is sold out!! So brutal, but I’ll definitely be seeing you guys at some point. Still wakin up every morning to the 2:00 mark of The Alcoholic 😀

  • nee

    Thanks B & B, but just so you know…I’ve been listening to Shores of Easy for months now. I like my unpolished live studio version cause I recorded it during the live web cast…plus you guys performed it in bath robes! That alone makes it more special to me! ;p Along with the live studio version of The Alcoholic-a rare live Senior performance 🙂

    Thousands of miles of road I have crossed with a little help from Shores of Easy…watched sunrises and sunsets…just after a thunder storms…or as a track to put on to calm the husband after a hard day of work…or better yet-in our studio when my sister and I are recreating the internal processes of the earth…in less time of course 😉

    So thanks for writing and performing the soundtracks I choose to live my life by, be inspired from, and all that. 🙂 🙂

  • Doth my ears bewitch me with whispers of Xanadu? The soundtrack to my dreams grows and grows as you produce more heavenly sounds. I love you both. You rule EVERY school.

  • tobazzah

    Please, i want more speed! Chillout is nice but next time more speed guys! 😛

  • bryan

    That readjusted my mood. Much better know, thank you.

  • avevers

    Wonderful. Again.

  • geremia

    Welcome back and thanks for these tracks!

    Greetings from Italy

  • norge

    thank you for a first track)

  • Musincantato

    Thanks! in this shirt wonderful remix!
    “Shores Of Easy” dark trip..

  • strongbadinater

    I bought that In This Shirt remix from beatport a couple months ago, and it still amazes me how nice it is. Good job guys, and thanks for sharing these wonderful tunes with us!

  • You’ve made my day! SO many thanks!! <3

  • Saakki

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I’ve been a fan you from since the Melody A.M came out and seen you live two times here in Finland. Last time this summer at Flow. You keep impressing me and hopefully we will some day hear you earlier material too ( before the Melody A.M ). Can’t wait for your next release! Gotta visit Norway someday too. Seems like a lovely place to reside. Thanks for these free tracks too.

  • Smart Apple

    YES! Thank you! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been working on 😀

  • AncientSkyman

    As always, you two make wonderful music. Synchronicity as your music has captured me over the past few days and here you are with more magik. Thanks for the gifts, they were well received.

  • BionikScorpio

    hmmm “In this shirt” on the “shores of easy”……. that’s what he said

    very nice ken doll and Svein =)


  • Sofia

    Love you!!!!


    Thank you for that song, incredible imagination. Although my apartment was found drifting peacefully accross the Atlantic Ocean round the South African Cape.

  • you guys are inhuman—looking forward to hollywood

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  • LOS AMO! : )

  • LOS AMO SIN CONTROL! : ) Y me da gusto haberlos visto cuando vinieron a México, sus conciertos siempre son increíbles. xx

  • katrine911

    It inspires!
    Thank you from Ukraine!

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  • bailey0110

    You dudes give alot to us all, thank you

  • you guys rock! thanks for the free tracks….

  • Boomer

    Shore Of Easy… WOW!
    Royksopp, that was amazing!
    Thank You.

  • JenX

    Thank you — they sound great!

  • Alexey

    It’s the best way to spend 25 minutes of lifetime:) Thank u and come back with more!

  • Deetron

    This is my first post at and I has to say BIG Thank you for these gorgeous tracks… In This Shirt (edit/remix) is my favorite – absolute magic…Keep doing it!

  • plainclothes

    Has anyone been able to download the .WAV files?

    They stop at 99% for me. I’ve tried many times.

  • batberserker

    Shores of Easy is 14 minutes of pure greatness. So peaceful and intense at the same time…

    Thanks a lot for sharing this !

  • gracias chicos por alegrar mi mañana con buenas nuevas, espero que vengan a Chile pronto, como un gran fan de ustedes hay muchos como yo que los quieren ver por estos lados, un abraso desde la distancia, y gracias por sorprender con tan buena musica.

  • BionikScorpio

    Good luck on you guys Fashion Night Out D.J set tomorrow. Tighten up and check all the kinks. <3 you -Liz

  • seymorebutts

    In This Shirt – RYXP EDIT is very nice!!! good work!

  • AncientSkyman

    Apologies for posting this here, but I’m looking for the Agent or Representative for Royksopp regarding commissioning of custom crafted music or possible licensing. Please reach out via my forum contact info email address and please delete this post from this thread. Thanks much.

  • Sae Dam

    amazing tracks..
    thank you röyksopp! ^0^

  • awesome tunes 🙂 well done

  • Thom_J

    That’s funny. I liked ‘in this shirt’ so much that i actualy bought is some weeks ago at beatport. It’s one of the best songs i know..

  • Brion Vytlacil

    I started my radio show with your track this week. Thought you would like it.

  • Bigsquid

    I don’t think I’ll ever get enough out of you guys. Simply stunned, awesome work.

  • gaviles88

    I love these tracks of the month…releasing gems of brilliance until you spoil us with an album of perfection. The sounds you guys compose are what my ears were created to hear. Please come back to NY soon!

  • bce

    @AncientSkyman here’s a link to their management’s website:

  • lynvingen

    Tusen takk for at dere gjorde “Shores of Easy” tilgjengelig. Jeg vil lytte på den i bilen på vei ned til LA helgen 22 Oktober. Skal på det fantastiske bilshowet “Car Classics 2011” på Art Center i Pasadena, vurderer nå å utvide helgen til å inkludere et annet fantastisk show i Hollywood Bowl samme helg..

  • Jitta138

    great tracks guys, hope you will give us some more soon !!!

  • You guys are just all kinds of awesome. Thanks!

  • annie

    Really enjoy your music! It helps me to relax, to have a nice rest, and even to dream! Thanks a lot! Greetings from Russia! 🙂

  • juri konradi

    Thanx, both tracks are very good! Will play in dj sets!

  • Lena Holmlund

    Tack såååååååå…(osv) mycket.
    Sånt här måste man älska ^^

  • LIN

    I just can’t get ‘Shores of Easy’ out of my head. Even though it’s 13 min it feels short.. I just want it to continue for ever. Such a great vibe in it and the beats… It’s been on repeat for days now. Also you’ve made ‘In This Shirt’ into a jewel beyond imagination. I love the whole spectrum of variation… full rainbow. Thanks:)

  • ramoseven

    damm damm damm i love shores so much first time ive heard it i was amazed sweet keep on going royksopp you two make some music where alot of people are not ready for i think i want to here u guys on mtv like in the past not that lady gaga crap peaceness from the netherlands

  • Hej Royksopp, awesome tunes and downloads – “In this shirt” is great!

    I’ve been a big fan since the first album.

    Peace and love from Los Angeles.

  • pballasiotes

    perfectly done guys! that beat on in this shirt is the shit!! and shores of easy is just epicly sick! keep the fantastic music and good vibes coming!

  • mcdcrook

    beautiful, beautiful. Thank you!

  • Larie

    Señor B + B. How cute is that.
    Also, you just gave me a track of 14 minutes. I could not thank you enough.

  • dreecnai

    with the in this shirt rmx u made my day, week, months.
    holy cow do I love it. fav track nr 1 at the moment.

    I was kinda freakin out (positive way) seeing new free tracks
    since no track of the months were posted for a long while…

  • It would be great if you also could put these “goodies” available on Spotify… If possible?


    Excellent tunes and both being played heavily on my MP3 player.

  • uk40

    thanks for free download 🙂


    Hello from Greece. Shores of easy is amazing!

  • lemigo

    Great tracks:-)

  • manumusic


  • Kunne tenke meg denne og Le Cantique de Noel på Wimp.

  • salsabila alhabsyi

    hi torbjorn & svein! i’m waiting for you all in Jakarta, Indonesia. i’m so glad to hear if you’ll come to my country on 8 February 2012. i’m already buy the ticket so i’m just waiting!! :*

  • wavefoam

    love you guys. love ur music. love your existence.

  • Vieon

    Hi guys! Absolutely wonderful stuff, I’m pretty sure that your remix of In This Shirt is one of the best remixes you’ve ever done – that and the mixes of Electric Counterpoint maybe?

    I do have a polite request though – Sparks is one of my very favourite songs of all time. Would it be possible to make the original acapella vocals only version available so we could have a go ourselves at remixing it?

    Cheers once again for the awesome music!

    Matt (from the UK, but I saw your show in Oslo 2010 at Akershus Festning – amazing show! Please come play in the UK more often =])

  • linkwize

    Might have thought that, especially after a trip downunder, there might be something new emanating from Señor B + B, like maybe some sign of an afterlife but no we are in limbo post ‘Senior’. Surely that would be a sad way to go out?

  • We Want More New Pieces Of Royksopp Art, like NOW! :))

  • Mr.Medina

    You guys are Pure Musical Genius. I mean that in the most sincere way.

  • I am Royksoppoholic !! I still want mooooooooooore! I am a Royksopp junie! 🙂 I am Royksoppoholic !!!

  • Fantastisk, gleder meg til til neste album.

  • Guill

    Still no sign of a lossless copy of:

    Remind Me (Tom Middleton’s Cosmos Dub)
    Poor Leno (Sander Kleinenberg’s Northern Beach Dub)
    Sparks (Roni Size Instrumental)

    It is so easy to get those files on a computer and upload them for us.
    C’mon mister!

  • Guill

    Loved Shores Of Easy very mellow & atmospheric.

  • Senor A


    No disrespect player, but what makes you think they should be urgently scrambling through their files to give us (and you in particular) 10 year old, officially released remixes of tracks that we’re all familiar with? OTHER artists’ remixes at that!

    Bro, those songs are easily tracked down. They aren’t hard to find. Support RYXP and buy them from iTunes or somewhere else. Does that sound possible?

    What’s cool about TOTM is the opportunity to listen to never-before-heard songs from the guys. Songs and edits you can only find here. We wouldn’t want to waste an already rare TOTM event on an old Tom Middleton remix, would we?!? 🙁

    Not trying to jump all over you about it, but I just had to say something after seeing so many of your posts asking for the same thing! 😉

    BTW, you do know Röyksopp is a duo correct? Probably just a typo when you addressed them as “Mister”…

    Speaking of TOTM! What happened to you guys?? Hopefully you’re brewing up something smooth & tasty! 😉 We need some new summer-time hot tracks from you gentlemen asap! I need to cleanse the palette of all the mediocre dubstep that’s infiltrating!! 🙂

  • Guill

    To Senor A,

    The tracks I’ve mentioned were not available on a digital media officially.only Sparks (Roni Size Instrumental) was officially released on a 12″.
    In our days of digital downloads it’s very easy to upload them on any store that sells lossless formtas.I’ll be happy to buy them.
    Wall Of Sound is not interested in back catalog.I’ve contacted them several times.
    I want quality files not mp3’s at 128kbps or AAC at 256 (iTunes).
    I buy my music in physical format (CD/12″) and digital as well (FLAC/AIFF) (Tricky Tricky Remixes) (Forsaken Cowboy) and several others till I got my hands on the CDr’s.

    You don’t have to tell me to support Röyksopp because I buy all their material.


  • pballasiotes

    Royksopp, you are the best!

  • bce

    It’s been a year since your last TOTM, don’t you guys think it’s time for a new one?? 🙂

  • I agree with bce

  • linkwize

    Not much point to a social media space without sociability nor any new media… Becomes a vacuous absence…

  • kekropos

    thanks a lot for these 2 beautiful songs. Great great music. I adore your music. I do hope you’ll come someday in Munich, Germany for a concert. friendly yours !!!

  • Guill

    Apparently touring takes a lot of time and is also where the $$$ is these days.
    No time left for anything else don’t you think LINKWISE?

  • Alex_Cruceru


  • aleksandarvinaria

    You are illumination for my soul !!!