• bce


  • BionikScorpio

    you know you got my vote, loves. Lets get it!!!!!!!

  • nee

    That list looks like the Artist list out of my I-Pod.

    Love you guys like the air I breathe…however, Kraftwerk is a hard one to pass up…and I think you would agree with me ;p

  • bgeddy

    You guys get my vote – no one comes close – good luck.

  • iworshipthemoon

    Royksopp, You are LEAGUES better than anyone else, You get my vote for sure!!
    <3 <3

  • Sordidclot

    My vote is placed 🙂

  • BionikScorpio

    I know you guys probably won’t see this in time but can we get a “CLEAN SWEEP” or a “BOYS” play at the Hollywood bowl show. it would be greatly appreciated ;^*

  • Senor A

    For Mixmag to have included you in this poll is fine and everything, but you guys are so much more than just a “Dance Act”. The very term used in regards to the music you make, makes me uncomfortable. Having said that, my loyalty to you guys knows no bounds, so I will vote for you, of course, knowing that you defy that ridiculous label and inhabit a magical, musical genre all your own. 🙂

  • pballasiotes

    Yep!! so stoked for the hollywood bowl show!! its gonna be the best show of my life! play some of your favorites for us 🙂

  • JuliusHerfel

    veldig bra!!!