• bce

    so you really aren’t gonna tour europe this or next year, eh?

  • number1fan

    Guys, come to Brazil!! love your musik!!

  • Alyas

    doesn’t matter, they’ve toured Europe a billion times but have never been to Australia, so about time they make it here! now if only the pre-sale would be fixed to allow purchases of more than 1 ticket…

  • bce

    @Alyas I’m happy for you Aussies but they don’t tour as much as you think, it’s been over 2 years since they played a headline show in Europe and when they tour, it’s mostly a few dates in big cities like London or festival shows.

    Those two either really like to be rare or they’re just plain lazy. 🙂

  • twofortytwo

    @bce — Trust me, you don’t know ‘rare’ until you’ve lived in Australia. We really only get the odd chance of a festival sideshow in select cities, or an extra date or two off the back of an Asian tour.

  • Hendu12

    I wish they would play in the U.S. Ü

  • ruby

    You are the best. Can’t wait to listen to your next album, and please come back to the US soon! Royksopp forever!

  • Alyas

    1) There’s always mid 2012 for you. Röyksopp don’t do Europe winter tours anymore and why would you if you can spend the time in warmer climates.
    2) Again, you have a chance to see them at some festival or by themselves EVERY year, all it takes is a EUR100 Ryanair flight to a country 2 hours away. The closest Röyksopp have ever come to Australia is Japan, which is 12 hours and EUR1,500 away.
    3) I’d rather have them not tour so much and spend their time in the studio. Like them a lot live but LOVE their productions.

  • bce


    Mid 2012? Not so sure about that, heard a rumor that they might release a new album in 2012 and if there’s any truth to that, don’t think there’ll be a Europe tour till after the release of the new album. This might be hard for you to believe but Röyksopp tours rarely even in Europe 🙂 But they play a few festivals every year, not gonna deny that. I really love their productions but live shows are as much as important for me. On a side note, I truly hope they start producing some mainstream names besides their own work.

    After seeing that Aussies are so keen about them, I’m sure the shows will sell out pretty quick and you won’t have to wait for another decade to get a chance to see them live 🙂

  • mcmegan

    I have my tix for Enmore 27 Jan. Cannot wait to see you guys live. This is a dream come true 🙂

  • pauli

    perth 4th feb do it

  • @bce

    Why on earth would you want them to do ANYTHING mainstream? There not so mainstream for a reason… I mean, I have seen what the mainstream has done to underground genres and its very saddening. I have been on the EDM scene for instance since I was practically born and now mainstream pop culture is interfering with the creativeness of it. house and electro and progressive are starting to suck and I certainly don’t want that happening to our beloved Royksopp. I don’t mind the occasional mainstream remix they do but I do not want them to go any farther into it than that. I think personally they should combine there current sound and there old sound into something new. something fresh. Expand what they already have and do something never done before instead of following the top of the pops 😛

  • bce


    What’s wrong with doing something more mainstream as long as they stay true to their original Röyksopp sound? Why shouldn’t they get more recognition for their amazing creativeness?

    Take Karin Dreijer for example, she made a song for a cheesy Hollywood movie but it turned out to be pretty damn good and it didn’t effect her work at all. If it did, would she be able to make one of the weirdest and most experimental albums I’ve ever heard, “Tomorrow In A Year”?

    I’m fully aware what mainstream culture is capable of but they’ve proven that they can make an album like Senior and remix Lady Gaga & Kings of Leon at the same time. Maybe that just me but as long as they don’t decide to work with whoever comes their way and make smart choices instead of trying to be the next Guetta, I’m all in for it 🙂

  • BionikScorpio

    Somebody please crack a window. it’s too hot in here. What’s next? The caps lock button ;p

  • nee

    Royksopp better get use to the caps lock considering they will be spending the beginning of next year with Kayne West…poor boys. Just stay away from his tent…

  • iPhantom

    What are the odds of you guys releasing the “Molde” (Aker stadion) version of “Were you Ever Wanted as a track of the moment/new year? Loved the chords!

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  • jpember

    And what about Perth??? Come on guys… Secret sideshow?

  • ricko

    I know I’m stupid for asking….but what are the chances that Karin Dreijer Andersson will perfom with them on tour?

  • Jim Dandy

    I need more Royksopp D:
    Come to America!
    Also. When are we getting more tracks? Do I smell a new album line-up?
    I’m so annoying right now ;~;

  • Gooby130

    I miss you guys. Post somethin’ new. It’d be great hear from ya

  • quantize

    Thanks for the great show at the Enmore in Sydney…LOVED the new tracks

    Anyone know what the first ‘encore’ track with the cool dubstep wobble noises is?

  • mcmegan

    I am speechless, this concert was amazing. Can’t believe the perfection of your music live. I lived a dream last night. THANK YOU!

  • mcmegan

    1st encore track is “Have another Cherry” according to

  • BionikScorpio

    formula: heavy drums+ heavy bass= dancing fools and crushed toes

  • Ozsopp

    That was one of the best concerts I have been too! Been a huge admirer of yours for ages. It was an absolute treat to host you guys and please feel free to frequent our shores once a year…you are more than worth the price of admission. I think your Aussie following will only grow from this tour.

    Thank you!

    P.S. the heavier bass and the extra layer in Happy up Here were most appreciated! Eple = Epic

  • Vivski

    Waited 9 years to see you play in Melbourne. It was worth the wait!
    Awesome show! Please come again soon. 🙂

  • matucana

    Hi Guys!I when i woke up this morning i realize that i really miss your voice, news and of course your music!I keep on consuming your old Cds and as iPhantom said before I dream about WERE YOU EVER WANTED “Molde”Aker stadion version to be released as track of the month.
    I believe that doing something more mainstream could only give R the fame that they deserve.Love