• nee

    Any US East Coast dates? If you need a venue, I can provide one.

  • Senor A

    PLEASE, in the name of all that is good and holy, come to Seattle!!

  • bce

    Any more dates coming?

  • alipanda

    Washington DC is beautiful in the spring…lots of Cherry Blossoms…have venue, accommodations and all food and beverage , two monotrons, kaossilator and microphone…all you would need …not a problem. Open invite!

  • yessy.d.gotcho.face

    YES!!! This totally made my year! I’ve loved you guys for forever! I can’t wait to see you!!
    Btw, I’m only going to nocturnal to see you guys.

  • césarmoz

    You guys have a BIG debt with Southamerica!

    We waiting for a loooong time.

    Me @CesarMoz

  • Snow

    Vi trenger en konsert i Norge snart også – og ikke bare sånne 45-minutter lange festival-gigs. Dere var jo på Slottsfjell i fjor sommer, men dere må komme tilbake og spille en konsert på et lite og intimt sted som heter Total i Tønsberg. Dere har masse fans i Norge også, ikke glem oss ;)Nå trenger og fortjener vi også en liten dose live av Röyksopps vidunderlige “drug”.

  • Bigsquid

    Wouldn’t be able to make it, but just glad to see you guys are still kicking. More updates as to what you’re up to would be excellent!

  • Sae Dam

    please come to Korea this summer!

  • kittyrage

    I’m from chicago, and I’m seriously considering driving 18 hours to this just to see you

  • Have my flight booked and I have front row tickets! I can’t wait to see you guys!

  • sjoerd82

    It should have been:


    A whole lot of nothing

    Other artists


  • Gnawh

    Will Royksopp be playing on friday (27) or sat (28)? They’re listed as ‘phase 1’ but its really not clear if that means its phase 1 of the announcements or if they’re playing on day 1

  • James

    Come to Denver, CO please.

  • I simply can’t believe I’ll see you guys live. I’m from Moldova, and I’m sure it’s impossible for you to go there for a concert. Now I’m in Austin, Texas, which is around 20 miles off the nocturnal fest place. Dreams are coming true, indeed. I’d like to take a picture with you guys, but I don’t know how.. 🙁

  • JUV

    When Southamerica?

  • gonycat

    heeeey I’m so happy to know than you’re coming back to Mexico, is the second time for me, I hope that could be possible hear “you don’t have a clue” in your playlist… I know, is such a very big favor but I realy love that song. Love you guys, you’re amazing!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Texas.

  • PLEASE PLEASE Come to the U.S. I know America is blowin’ it right now.. but a good percentage of us are not terrible.. and we LOVE Royksopp. Play Chicago! Seattle! Portland! San Fransisco! New York, and MILWAUKEE haha <3

  • djpants

    i just wanted to thank you guys SO much for finally coming out to Texas! i’ve been a fan since i first heard Eple all those years ago, and i was so stoked to finally be able to see you perform live. you did NOT disappoint (and how amazing was the weather that night?!). please please please include us again when you tour next, and PLEASE include those new tracks you threw down on your next album. that second, chunky, dirty, breakbeat kinda track… i can’t get it out of my head 8)

    keep up the amazing work!

  • I was right on the fence in the very middle. It was an EXCELLENT performance. I still can’t believe I saw you guys! THANK YOU!

  • biochip81

    What about Brazil?? We need to see you before the end of 2012!!!!!

  • BionikScorpio

    Happy Birthday to the handsome Torbjorn Brundtland! and may you have many more. <3 -Elizabeth

  • Happy Birthday to T and sweet Svein too.

    Maybe you’ll visit South America next year. I can assure you that you’ll never forget the experience.

    Love from Chile. YES, LOVE FROM CHILE!

  • Is there a schedule in where we can can see where the next visit will be ???