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  1. bce says:

    Hope this is an indicative of a new album!

  2. matucana says:

    Wow I can believe it! It’so good to hearing from you!

  3. matucana says:

    It’so good to hearing from you!I think this will be a great collaboration!

  4. gibson says:


  5. Guill says:

    Not keen on that song.Hope the remixes to surpass the original.
    The same way The Girl And The Robot did.

  6. BionikScorpio says:

    Tore!!!! Is that you?=) Still patiently waiting on the music.

  7. alexvox50 says:

    we need a new album right now please!!!!

  8. bce says:

    Btw, “Running to the Sea” is nominated for “Song of the Year” @ P3Gull and the winner will be chosen by public votes. I thought you might be interested 🙂

  9. Denton Spudboy says:

    Lads, I assume you two are busy. Hopefully, you’re happy, having fun and not worn out; if so…I hope you guys throw together another full album! Please re-invite Anneli! Your four CDs have resided in my car for years, listen to it to and from work every day. I binge on your creative, emotionally dense artwork. You guys – get your butts to Texas! You want more sun? Bring your skin and it will toast! ha haaa FYI – I’m Nordic in origin, but a Texas boy. I am so enthralled with you and your country. I want to travel over and visit. Continue on, boys!

  10. Guill says:

    The Remixes are nice,smooth.even the ones that kept the vocals as the Villa Remix for instance.Good job! remixers/producers.