Back with info!

25th May, 2010

So… Regarding the release of Senior. As you correctly have noted, we promised you a release this April. We would like to start by apologizing for any false expectations this statement created. We love you, and we would never purposely misinform you. You see, instead of the release actually happening in April, a lot of other things happened.

Long story short, the toppling of the record industry finally rippled its way into our universe. As you all know, record companies have been having an “interesting” time lately, to say the least. Because of this, to ensure the best possible release scenario for Senior, we have gone through many changes on exactly who we’re releasing it with.

But now it’s all come together.

The album will be released at the end of August. And, even better, for those of you who live in places records are not released on time (and for everyone else too), we will also make the album available here on this website!

All in all, even though the extra wait is boring/ bad/ painful, this should be seen as good news. Senior is a very special release to us, and we would never release it without making sure it was in the best possible hands, when it comes to record companies and distribution. In a way, it’s almost fitting that it being a truly unique album, it would have a difficult start in life.

Best, Señor B + Señor B

Track Of The Month March ‘De Usuahia a la Quiaca (Version RYXP)’

26th February, 2010

Ok people, we promised you yet another track of the month and here it is! This time around you can get your hands on one of the many edits / unauthorized remixes that we’ve done. This particular track is an enticing instrumental which contains a sample from the song “De Ushuaia a La Quiaca” by Gustavo Santaolalla. As with all edits/reworks we do, this edit has been done with utmost respect for the original composer, and is furthermore a completely non-profit thing – done purely for the love of music.

On *Senior* + *Track of The Month*…

2nd February, 2010

“Senior” is now finished. We know we promised to release it towards the end of 2009, but due to certain factors that we cannot control, the completion of the album has been delayed. Until now that is. We do not know the exact releasedate yet, but we hope to get it out some time in April this year (…obviously).

…Aaaand we would also like to introduce our new concept called “Track Of The Month” – a service (provided by us) where fans can get their hands on some free, unreleased & exclusive Röyksopp material.

For more info regarding “Track Of The Month”; read journal-entry called “Look what we found…” (just below this post).

or for

“Nah! I´m not bothered, give me direct access to current “Track Of The Month”, click here.



Track Of The Month is here…

1st February, 2010

…we’ve just cleaned up The House Of RYXP (our home), and in the process we’ve come over some edits, bootlegs & unreleased nuggets from the Röyksopp archives, that we intend to share with you over the next few months – starting now!


25th January, 2010

...we're heading for Sweden to meet up with some old friends, and also make some new ones (hopefully). Not much to say about this forthcoming… More 

…And we’re off..

19th November, 2009

Sitting in my hotelroom in downtown LA, trying to gather myself & my thoughts after yesterdays gig and most heart-warming welcome by the LA-crowd – much obliged, people!

Yesterdays show initated our currently ongoing shenanigans here in the US – tonite we play San Francisco. Good times…