Happy Birthday Röyksopp!!

15th December, 2008

Röyksopp are celebrating their birthday today! Download ‘Happy Birthday’ Free: MP3 (320kbps – 9.6mb) or SendSpace

Friends Birthday? Send them ‘Happy Bithday’:

Happy Birthday

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24 Responses

  1. […] find an intriguing tracklist over the songs featured on the new album. Oh, and make sure to get our new song “Happy Birthday” (for free) – a fun little piece we’ve made in shameless celebration of ourselves (our […]

  2. elleerre says:

    I love this song!!!

    dudes, I can’t wait shipping me the preordered album 🙂

    have a beautiful day!

  3. barrettsyd says:

    Hey great song!!

    your music is fantastic!!
    have a great week!


  4. alvaro2k9 says:

    hello and congratulations! and i can´t wait to hear your new work and its´remixes , saludos from Montevideo (Uruguay).

    Come to visit us !

    Your music is the best !

  5. You guys rock. Thanks for the free track!

  6. Mikeleus says:

    Happy late Birthday!

  7. Loving43 says:

    There should be a longer version of Happy Birthday! It’s just so great!

  8. M R Period says:

    This is FUTURISTIC.. I’m a big fan. Can’t wait until “Junior” drops in stores. Even though I’m in the U.S. I play all your music faithfully. 🙂

  9. […] to offer, get your hands on the free mp3 download of their new track ‘Happy Birthday’ here. Norwegian electro outfit […]

  10. […] still, you can download a free MP3 of the track they have made to celebrate 10 years together, from […]

  11. […] plus, et pour fêter son anniversaire, le groupe vous offre en téléchargement gratuit son titre Happy Birthday ! Vous avez aimé ? Partagez cet article […]

  12. […] still, you can download a free MP3 of the track they have made to celebrate 10 years together, from […]

  13. reusol says:

    this is amazing and i cant wait for the new album.

  14. Lukasz says:

    Happy birthday!! Today is my birthday, the greatest present for me is that Yours new album at morning will be at my music shop:))) I can`t wait morning:)

    All The Best Royksopp !!!


    In polsich Royksopp is Purchawka :))

  15. Puffyfluff says:

    You guys rock. I love this song. I am buying Junior tomorrow…

  16. candelas says:

    Felicidades Röyksopp!

    It was only until recently, that I joined as member (BTW being from Mexico, during sign up it was odd to select South America as the best alternative for country). Anyhow, I’ve long been a fan of your music and like others, I wish you the best.

    Cheers from Seattle!

    p.s. I just got Junior and it’s great. I mean, I still need to listen to it more and figure it all out; but I can say that the first impression is delightful.

  17. 5 July It’s my birthday!! I’m gonna turn this on all day long!! =D AWESOME TRACK!!
    <3 from Alkmaar, Holland!!
    P.S. When does “Senior” come out?!

  18. CPrules says:

    it’s always a lot of fun to send this to a friend as a birthday welcome!!! 🙂

  19. Queixa says:

    The file is gone. No more Happy Birthdays. 🙁 I also had been sending the link to friends on their birthday.

  20. Deep Space Hero says:


    ….It better be because you’re putting it on Senior.

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  23. dreecnai says:

    just found this one again, missed downloading this one back in the time.

    lovin it !!!

    cant wait für senior