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12th January, 2009

Phil Lynott once so eloquently said “The boys are back in town”, and never before have those words felt more accurate than now – for us at least. Every once in a while we surface to share our music and shed some light in an otherwise bleak reality. And that time is soon upon us, Ladies & Gents. Our third installment, called “Junior”, will be out on the 23rd of March 2009.

Sounds self centered and pompous, you say? Yes indeed! We’re so confident because this time around we’ve worked with the likes of Robyn and Lykke Li, as well as old time friends Anneli Drecker and Karin Dreijer – hence our enthusiasm!

Below you’ll find an intriguing tracklist over the songs featured on the new album. Oh, and make sure to get our new song “Happy Birthday” (for free) – a fun little piece we’ve made in shameless celebration of ourselves (our birthday was on the 15th of December).

Until then, dear friends…


Señor B + Señor B

Röyksopp ‘Junior’ tracklist:

  1. Happy Up Here
  2. The Girl And The Robot
  3. Vision One
  4. This Must Be It
  5. Röyksopp Forever
  6. Miss It So Much
  7. Tricky Tricky
  8. You Don’t Have A Clue
  9. Silver Cruiser
  10. True To Life
  11. It’s What I Want

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70 Responses

  1. Loving43 says:

    You know…for you album Junior, you should add lyrics.

  2. Senor A says:

    Welcome back, Maestros! Can’t wait to hear ‘Junior’.

  3. forvirret says:

    23th March is gonna be the absolute highlight of 2009 – no the highlight of the whole decade! Looking forward to see you guys on Øya! (Hope you’ll play the Alpha Male-versoin from Molde – fantastic)

  4. kilkwik says:

    Can. Not. Wait.

    So excited for the next installment.

    Will there be any singles before the album hits?

  5. Sae Dam says:


  6. yamfun says:

    I have been waiting since October 07.
    Will Korene and I Wanna Know from Aker Molde on the new album?

  7. koenodokio says:

    I’m wondering what kind of great video you have in mind for “Happy Up Here”. Does anyone know when it will be ready for MTV?

  8. ryandavidchadwick says:

    Hi I CAN NOT WAIT xxx

  9. yoyo says:

    That’s a great track! Can’t wait to ear some more!!!

  10. Jeremy says:

    I am sooo excited. Are we going to get a deluxe version? I pray to the gods we do.

  11. Bjorn says:

    Happy Up Here is amazing, great direction you took! 🙂

  12. Hero_Raymond says:

    The new lineup is looking impressive. I’ve heard Lykke Li on Sirius before and thought she was a good singer. I’m even more impressed now that she’ll be on the new album. I wonder which song she’s singing on…

    Anyway, since I don’t live in a place that is inaccessible to your tours (the middle of Texas sucks for Electronica), I always look forward to your studio albums. Thanks for the good work.

  13. crises says:


    Happy Up Here sounds brilliant.

    We’ll wait for your next gig in Barcelona. 🙂

  14. freshfunk says:

    Nice to see you guys back! Looking forward to the album and live show. For those that want to get an early ticket to a gig in the UK, the band have just been confirmed to play at the Southbank in London in April!

  15. robertfat says:

    Happy up here is fantastic! This song is very similar to the style of Eple but “updated” and…Happy! And I’m sure that this new album will be best!
    But I’ve a request. Please, I’m begging you for a concert in Rome. We can’t wait much longer. Rome needs Röyksopp.
    P.S.: Good work for the site. My compliments

  16. Dagavi says:

    I love your music so much… I cannot wait for ‘Junior’ !

    All the best, and hope to see you in concert soon! 🙂

  17. kkdoo says:

    Happy Up Here is the proposition for Polish Radio Bialystok Charts. Vote now!
    …and visit in the future:

  18. jivehonkey says:

    Thanks for releasing your album on my birthday!

  19. Lily says:

    We’ve been waiting for you guys for so long! Hope you’ve planned a gig in Athens! If not we’ll come and see you anywhere else!

    Beautiful music…

  20. starla311 says:

    “Happy Up Here” is really a wonderful song – it’s got me drooling for the whole album! 🙂

  21. altered says:

    glad to hear from you again, guys!1

  22. Orbital316 says:

    SO EXCITED for the new album!! The website looks great guys… so good to have you back! Come to New York soon! 🙂

  23. martinolli says:

    amazing song !!

    i hope you guys come to mexico 😀

  24. downtownbrown says:

    When are going to play Detroit?

  25. llerbero says:

    mexico or miami 😉

  26. dejavuh says:

    Is great to have you back again I hope you can come to Mexico once!!!

    Have a great day, wonderful Album Junior by the way!


  27. markitekt says:


  28. sc597 says:

    Can’t wait for the album. Guys, come to Glastonbury this year, please please please!!!!

  29. clinicalhoi says:

    ‘Happy Up Here’ sounds great!
    I am so pumped for the new album~ March 23rd and on is going to be the best~

  30. sc597 says:

    New site looks good. But no email validation for new accounts? Isn’t that asking for trouble with spam etc? Anyway, hope it works out well.. and hope I can work out this dashboard system at some point!!

  31. Danzinio says:

    Loving the new site, loving the new songs and cant wait for the new album!!!!

    You guys never disapoint!!

  32. erolisk says:

    Royksopp the best electronic group alive.
    I love your music
    Greetings from morocco!

  33. Mark says:

    Thanks for the new album Röyksopp! 😀 I love you!

  34. Mark says:

    I’m so happy and excited about the release of Junior. Thanks Röyksopp!

  35. steveofshrops3478 says:

    Loooooong over due… you guys are back!

    I can’t wait to hear your new stuff.

    Just make sure that somewhere in England is on your list of venues for your upcoming tour!!

  36. Cormac says:

    Ah WOW! I haven’t been this excited about a new album since…..EVER!
    Listened to Happy Up Here and I LOVE it. Classic stuff.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    And please please please come to Ireland when you tour the album. I have yet to see you perform live 🙁

  37. Etzuar says:

    Oh, love the song!
    And the website is great ^^
    I’ll be waiting for you at Spain… ;D (or at some other near country if you’re not coming… ^^U).

  38. jazzvandal says:

    I really enjoy your music, Im from Mexico,
    come to Mexico on your next tour.

  39. onitorment says:

    Happy Up Here is fantastic! Can’t wait for Junior! Love you guys! Love the site! Very excited for Röyksopp and for the returning guest artists!

  40. FROM ITALIA!!!

    Siete grandissimi!! Vi amo!!!

    Happy Up Here è bellissima – wonderful song
    come tutte le altre!!!

    We’ll wait for your next gig in ITALIA!!!!

  41. Loving43 says:

    Come to Houston, TX for a concert! It will be awesome!

  42. Loving43 says:

    Also, there should be a longer version of Happy Up Here. I just think you guys are the best band ever!

  43. Ida says:

    Hey guys, love your is rare to hear something original, clever, witty and catchy at the same time:-)…so come to Prague, Czech Republic, pleeease…plenty of lovely people here waiting;-)

  44. badlmilman says:


    I´m becoming daddy and will have the luck to listen to your 3rd masterpiece, dear senores!

    Greetings from the Airport Nuernberg in GERMANY!

  45. sunxez says:

    soooo looong waiting for new songs from you!!

    I can’t wait for this Junior!

    Please! come to Barcelona, Spain!

  46. spiros says:

    Athens? , what about Athens? When again?
    Love you guys!!! Great Music. Unexpected feelings and reactions on each song of yours!!!! Keep it up!

  47. dgtlibellule says:

    sound’s just as good as Melody a.m mys favorite album for years !! so happy you’r back !!!!!!
    I saw you in France few years ago at the “vieilles charrues” festival in Brittany, it was just wonderfull !!!! I hope you’ll came back soon in France !!!

  48. Alix says:

    I’m really happy with a new album coming and new unexpected songs! great work with “happy up here” you really make people feel happy with a song like that xD
    Any plans of making a concert in South America? I know you probably won’t come here in Paraguay, but I’ll do my best to follow you over South America and through your website 🙂

  49. Annette says:

    Hurrah! 😀 21st of august at Pstereo – Marinen Trondheim! 🙂 Getting my ticket now – countdown has started:) It will be magical I know
    Best of luck for the realease of Junior – xxxx from one of your most loyal fans

  50. totter says:

    The new song sounds great, and I am eager to hear the rest. I know you’ll be back in the States touring, so don’t forget your loyal, passionate fans here in Seattle. Both of your previous shows, at Chop Suey and then later at the Showbox, were wonderful. Thanks, guys! Give a shout out to Erlend, too!

  51. badlmilman says:

    Please, please, please give us your live dates! I´m checking the event section every 20 minutes! What a wonderful year!

  52. pilly01 says:

    come to austria!

  53. Carol says:

    You´re great!
    I love your songs! Thank you for this new album and for comming back!
    Remind me! PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. For years I use nicknames on msn Royksopp Forever. and now? 5 track of the new album is called so? ahahahahahahah i love you!

  55. yggdrasil says:

    sooooo pumped for it >_<

  56. Vaki Star says:

    Love your music and I’ll ask too- please come to Serbia (Exit festival- Novi Sad). Love you!!!

  57. RoyksoppLove says:

    I love you guys!! I’m sure I’ll never get the chance to see you live, but it would be so awesome 🙁 Please come to USA, south-east, anywhere!!

    Can’t wait for “Junior”!! 😀

    Lots of Love!!

  58. Erosiccu says:

    Happy up here is unbelievable
    and i don’t know if i will be able to see you guys in concert but damn if that can happen
    you guys are amazing thank you so much

    cant wait for Junior

  59. erwina says:

    excellent, you have chosen to realise your splendid new album on my birthday. how very kind!

  60. prowlcat2000 says:

    Wow guys can’t wait for the new album..Junior …You made the New Year seem so much brighter 🙂 Love your music !! Wish you could surprise your canadian fans and come to Montreal some time ????? Take care and enjoy it all you deserve it !! hugs

  61. […] can no pre-order your copy of the brand new album in the […]

  62. iikyaan says:

    You guys are fantastic – looking forward to your (hopefully: please please please) touring the States. you’ve never toured Indianapolis, but that’s okay – you guys always come through Chicago, so i make the 3 hour commute every time! first time it was me and 2 friends, second time it was me and 3 friends…

    so this time it will be me and 6 friends – see you there!

  63. Puffyfluff says:

    I am going to throw a party when this album comes out!

  64. Long overdue but so well worth the wait.

  65. dauzman says:

    hiii. I very take a fancy to music all of you. uhm when all of you come to Indonesia??? my country is state which is very fascinate. hehehe ^^. I will await all of you play at here. OK

  66. astrolab says:


  67. kkdoo says:

    Happy Up Here on the 1st place Polish Radio Bialystok Charts!! Vote now!
    …and visit in the future!

  68. AVOaW says:

    I’m very excited and happy about your newest album. I’ve been a fan since Royksopp began. I can chronicle my life based upon your albums and my listening to them. This newest album is going to be my “break-up, move on, do what I want with my life” album. Can’t wait. Going to UMF next month. Wish you were there.

  69. Röyksopp – Junior (3rd Album)…

    Norwegian duo Röyksopp will be released their third album called “Junior” on 23.03.2009

    Below you’ll find an intriguing tracklist over the songs featured on the their new album.
    Röyksopp ‘Junior’ tracklist:
    1. Happy Up Here
    2. The …

  70. jojo_irl says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    I’m so freaking happy, this makes my year. Thanks for making this world sunny. Please come to Ireland soooooon