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  1. Loving43 says:

    Ohh…and that also includes the song “Curves” too.

  2. Loving43 says:

    Dang it! I forgot. Also Nok E Nok.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I love the artwork, it is fresh and very retro. Cant wait

  4. Dagavi says:

    I can’t view the image – has it been taken down? 🙁

  5. Allegra says:

    I am French but I love you!
    I pressed that “Junior” was released in France!

  6. Paradox says:

    Is this the first album with your guys’ picture on it. I know you were in the background of The Understanding, but that wasn’t exactly hard to see.

    From what i have heard, sounds great. Will it be available on

  7. New Röyksopp Album…

    Röyksopp, my favorite band, have recently announced their new album cover, Junior.
    And their newly designed site has a flash player in the menu, and you can hear some of their new songs. Happy up here is catchy.

  8. mks says:

    Beautiful artwork ;o)

  9. sunxez says:

    so funny!
    i like your shoes. both.

  10. narli says:

    Hi Röyksopp,

    I just discovered your music at the end of last year and I like it, like it, like it, although I new Eple for many years. Also your videos are fantastic. I´m looking forward to your new album and I will instantly get it.
    In one week I´m leaving for Berlin Filmfestival – and your music will be my soundtrack in this city.

    Thanks to you, keep on like this

  11. M R Period says:


    You guys are by far my favorite group!!! I was big on Hip Hop music until I took a new direction. I’ve been a big fan ever since I heard “remind me”. Then came epple and Poor Leno. After that, I bought all your albums and thats all I play. Just heard the new sings.. Amazing!! Big influence

  12. alphamale says:

    A wonderful Artwork for a certainly brilliant new album!

  13. It’s great! Very nordic )
    May you please say, who is author of it and who has created all previous covers? For me as for designer it’s very interesting to know =)
    Thank you!