6 Responses

  1. mrinfamy says:

    After listening to this song, and chewing it over in my head, it reminds me a bit of ‘Eple’. I am really really really looking forward to more Röyksopp material!

  2. albertthewolf says:

    Good song … but a lot of years without an italian tour … it’s so hard!
    Kisses from Venice

  3. Mikeleus says:

    Indeed, the song made me fly away 🙂

  4. M R Period says:

    Amazing song!!. Nice HIP-TRONIC sound… 🙂 Definitely a hit

  5. kaylitstu says:

    I love the new single. I’ve been playing it repeatedly for the past hour. Looking forward to hear the rest of the album!

  6. koenodokio says:

    Will there be a videoclip??

    I’m desperately waiting for it, because Royksopp clips allways the best!