On a completely different note, here’s a list of Röyksopp’s Top 5 animals:

20th January, 2009

First, those who didn’t make into top 5, but qualifies to our “Honorable Mentions”:

Wolverine – “Ferocious animal who doesn’t back out of a fight – although not much bigger than an average medium-sized dog, it has been known to take down prey as large as  moose. Now that’s will & stamina in a lethal mix. Looks fairly handsome as well.”

Starfish – “Lazy fish that has understood the importance of esthetics and taking it slow. Doesn’t do very much (or at least so we believe) – it just sort of sits there. Get’s credit for the ability to regenerate lost arms.”

The top 5:

5. Eagle/Shark – “We’ve given the number 5 slot to both the eagle and the shark based on their remarkable hunting skills and amazing sensory apparatus + the fact that they’re both animals very often favoured by heavymetal enthusiasts. Bigups!”

4. Lemur – “Number 4 belongs to the lemur – just look at it’s eyes and you’ll understand why. Also got very nice fur, a smart tail and intriguing fingers.”

3. Baboon – “The animal kingdoms version of a “shitkicker” – or is it the other way around? Anyway, he’s a brute and a brawler who moves & runs like a pissed, up-to-no-good testosteron moron. Kudos to the alphamale!”

2. Stoat – “Admired by us for it’s hiding skills and stealth. Not even afraid of humans – ’cause it knows it can outsmart us – in terms of hide and seek at least. Buckets of bonus-points for combination of mystique & elegance – ’cause it looks quite damn sleek as well!”

1. Ants – “As the prime competitor for planetary sovereignty, this species is rewarded with the number 1 spot. Although thier life consists of not much more than work, one has to admire their ability to cooperate – which is truly aweinspiring and should be set as an example for us all. Hail to the king – or rather queen!”