14 Responses

  1. Sae Dam says:

    Please come to s. korea!
    I’m begging you like this.. T.T.T.T.T.T.T.T.T
    Please, Pleaseee, Pleaseeeeeeeee..

  2. subSheero says:

    Dear mushroom people,

    PLEASE come to Stockholm !!!

    I am looking forward to ***PERFORMING*** from you soon.

    Best Regards,

  3. bjorn88 says:

    Please come to Moscow!

  4. Badhraa says:

    Since your going all over Europe you may aswell come to Ireland!!
    Seeing you guys play live would make my year!!!!

  5. Loving43 says:

    Please come to Texas! Please!

  6. Senor A says:

    Is it too soon to request a North American visit? Please, please come to Seattle!

  7. erolisk says:

    How come the tickets for Paris are not working? I’m trying to buy some but there’s no link.

  8. wlodi says:

    A dream came true. See you in Berlin, guys!

  9. Snuble says:

    Ikkje Tromsø……! 🙁

  10. notisbly.fat says:

    Please it would be really great to see you guys come to either Los Angeles or Seattle.

  11. pilly01 says:

    hey guys, pls tell me if you come to austria!! otherwise i have to buy a ticket for berlin and travel there!! so could you pls a short comment on my question!! thanks a lot!

  12. Dagavi says:

    Awesome!! Is this part of a new tour or will there be a big(ger) tour after these set of shows too? =)

  13. Bjorn says:

    Tickets bought for Copenhagen. 🙂

  14. sophie 19 says:

    Hey guys! it was so nice meeting you in Paris (at the Pop in). Hope to see you in April at your concert. have fun in Germany!!
    Take care

    Anne and Sophie