Röyksopp’s Top 5 Male Eyes Of The Silver Screen

As last time, those who didn’t make it into top 5, but qualifies to our “Honorable Mentions”:

Harrison Ford – “Great set of eyes, but in the end Mr. Ford is not all about the eyes. He’s the whole charcter – with the face, the worried forehead, the scarred chin etc. He probably got this mention because after all he is both Han Solo, Indy Jones and Rick Deckard. Phew!”

Benicio Del Toro – “A longtime Röyksopp favorite. Really came through as Dr. Gonzo in “Fear And Loathing…” Although being brilliant at being a lawyer/junkie, he didn’t make it into the top 5.”

The top 5:

5. Samuel L. Jackson – “Earned the number 5 slot due to his performance in the much celebrated “hamburger sequence” in “Pulp Fiction”. To us it’s all about the moment where the camera is all focused in on Jacksons face (and eyes in particular) as he slurps up his soon-to-be-victim’s Sprite. Classic Jackson cool.”

4. Clint Eastwood – “Should perhaps be discredited from this list, ’cause after all, have we ever actually seen Clint’s eyes? …They’re more like small lines between wrinkles… Cool lines, though.”

3. Rutger Hauer – “Won a place in our hearts with his replicant-eyes in “Blade Runner” and scared the hell out of us as the unthankful hitchhiker in “The Hitcher”.” Mr. Hauer, you’ve got the eyes of a homocidal cyborg!” – Now that’s a compliment!.”

2. Cillian Murphy – “Considered a rookie compared to the rest of the bunch in this list, but with those eyes he’s bound to go far. His performance as borderline psychiatrist Jonathan Crane in “Batman Begins” as well as his efforts in “28 days later” and “Sunshine”, his intense glare secured him the no. 2 spot. Well done!”

1. Paul Newman– “To us the obvious number 1. There is a sequence in the movie “The Sting” where Mr. Newman’s character “Henry Gondorff” has just beaten Robert Shaw’s “Doyle Lonnegan” at high-stake pokergame. Gondorff/Newmann celebrates the victory by rubbing his hands whilst putting on that unforgettable look. His eye-talent was most prominent in his roles as a classy, confident hustler. Long live blue-steel!”