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36 Responses

  1. bryan says:

    Band version is wonderful. Shame its not longer.

  2. benny200 says:

    Where could I get the scores for this?

  3. tsukiko says:

    Oh,This version is so cute!I love it.
    I want to listen full this version.

  4. tobjac says:

    Wow! I like it and my grandpa will love it!

    Ahh…this is what “Senior” is all about, a re-release of “Junior” tracks with Marching Band Mix, aimed for senior people. You cover the whole demographic! Clever guys, clever!

  5. jameslp says:

    Fantastic version – I love it! Thanks for sharing it!

    Well done on the fantastic marketing, Chris Moyles (UK Radio 1 DJ) is all over it!

  6. Sae Dam says:

    People in the inside picture they all looks adorable..
    and this version is very funny.. 🙂

  7. andimuc says:

    Hey guys,

    this one really shows what your compositions are able to.

    Tusen takk og kjærkomme in München

  8. sergioe_cd says:

    WOW!! AMAZING, made may day

  9. badshot says:

    That puts a smile on your face, I dont care who you are!

  10. ilyadoc says:

    Cool! I put on the phone as a ringtone 🙂

  11. crises says:

    Nice version!! New ringtone, for sure. 🙂

  12. derbenni says:

    I would love to have the Scores for my BrassBand!!! That would be an awesome encore!

  13. benny200 says:

    I really want the piccolo part, it sounds like a fun part!

  14. stoffekn says:

    Just need to ask you guys if your comming to stockholm, sweden this gear? should be awsome to see you live”

  15. ark_eighty says:

    Pleeeeease release the full length orchestral version, even if I have to purchase a ‘delux’ album edition or something.

  16. Andres says:

    There is no full orchestral version, this is as full as it gets. Check out: From The Journeys Of Röyksopp… video!

    Its a must!

  17. dVTB says:

    Great stuff. Thanks so much for making mp3’s like these available for free.

  18. barrettsyd says:

    Hey great version!!!

    But make it full version please….

  19. capella17 says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  20. Nice version guys, it goes to my phone as a ringtone!

    Greeting from Mexico

  21. I really like the Band Version of the song. It’s kind of sad that I’m not going to get the Cd for a while. Ever since it came out I couldn’t find it in my favorite store XC

  22. wakachaka says:

    Love this version…already have it as my Ringtone!!! Lookin forward to hearing the album once it finishes downloading!!!

  23. gustavoroyksopp says:

    Great music again!! Congratulations.
    A pleasure for my ears listen the music that you are doing!!

    Success and hapinness Royksopp!!
    Thank you,

  24. GQsm says:

    Full length marching band version with vocals etc please!!!!!!!

  25. barendjan says:

    I love it!
    please release a full version of it! 😀

  26. biliyun says:

    Heja! I’m so glad you guys have released Junior, it comes just at the right time! Thank you, also, for the download, I very much enjoyed the interview and Happy Up Here sounds great as a marching band song. 😀

  27. Tkig says:

    I have a question: On my Junior vinyl there was a sticker, which says ”Digital Download Included”. How do I get the download. Anybody an idea?

  28. dunatko says:

    i was first thinking it just some crazy fun… but its not! really fantastic version!!! thanx for it!!! 🙂

  29. yankeeboy says:

    hehe 😛 quite cool!

  30. patrickhenry says:

    again, soory about disturbing you Roykspp, have you heaed Chris Moyles playing this? I have copied and pasted this from an earlier post cause I am too drunk lol! Royksopp, I am drunk and I fucking love you, I can’t wait for senior, I love juniour, so the album of 2009, I have the girl and the robot on repeat all the time, when Robyn sings i’m in love with a robot, all my friends think that she is singining “i’m in love with a woman LOL” I really love all of your albums, melody am, the understanding, i really loved “back to mine” it gave a real insight into what influnced you, and I notice these influnces in your music, big time, you are fucking great!!! I am from Northern Ireland, so if you are ever in Belfast or Derry let me know lol, keep up the good music, I and everybody else really appreciate it.

    May 9th, 2009 at 3:37 am

  31. AMX says:

    Beautiful version !!!
    I hope you will release a full version

    GRANDI Royksopp !!!

  32. Håkon says:

    Nice 😉

  33. the end of free…

    Free Music: Happy Up Here’ Marching Band version was a very useful post….

  34. tishbet says:

    Is this still available for download? I tried but I keep getting error messages.
    Love your music 🙂

  35. Hahha, that is such an awesome version!
    man, i seriously love this song. you guys rock!