Junior out today!!

23rd March, 2009

Junior CoverJunior is available to buy everywhere today!! To find out where to pick up your copy head over the the Junior page here and find your country at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to leave you review at the online stores and here on (just sign in a leave it as a comment on this story!)

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11 Responses

  1. eisfink says:


  2. Sae Dam says:

    I bought CD as japan version album, so that I have to wait more a few days.. I expect it! :]

  3. […] caso es que hoy mismo acaban de poner a la venta un nuevo álbum, llamado Junior, y su primer tema es este que os traigo […]

  4. prowlcat2000 says:

    Love the new album !!! Any chance you make a trip to Montréal this year ? You have alot of fans here who would love to see you perform live !!! Thanks for making such great music keep it coming !! Richard

  5. rorgenwieser says:

    junior is an absolutely briliant album and I listen to it at least once a day.
    Well done

  6. mini says:

    Congratulations Röyksopp, you have managed to make a very enjoyable album and yes, it will definitely dominate my playlist for a while now!

    It is amazing! <3

  7. mks says:

    Brilliant new album, i love “You Don’t Have A Clue” and the wonderful “Royksopp Forever ” but all the songs are very very good.
    Thanks for the music ;o)

  8. I’ve been waiting SOOOOO long for this and you did not disappoint. Beautiful and brilliant album. I’ve got “The Girl and The Robot” on repeat right now.

    Guys, I’ve got to get you on the soundtrack for the “Out of Touch” film that’s being adapted from my novel. I’m not kidding. I have no idea how else to get a hold of you guys other than here, and it would be a pleasure to have you on the movie soundtrack.

    You have my email. Please get a hold of me. American audiences need to know about you guys.

  9. andres says:

    This albus just wonderfull, love the girl and the robot and……. and were you ever wanted !!!!!!!!!
    as you guys royksopp forever and ever, keep the flavors of ur music AND come to MEXICO please!

  10. ausHaus says:

    Congratulations !!! You are “Weltklasse” !!!

    The whole album is unbelievable good! Your other albums are great work too. But this is absolutely your best! I like every Track. But my #1 favorite is “You Don’t Have A Clue”. I cant describe what i feel, when I hear this song.

    It seems, you’re not well known here in Germany. I hope this would change. All of my friends, who got a recommendation to listen your music, got enthusiastic. They really like it too.

    I hope “Senior” comes very soon. I can’t get enough.

    Greetings from germany – ausHaus

  11. vinz says:

    i would say just “very good”
    at the first “lap” the album seemed quite “listened already” to me, but then i chose to listen to it the whole week and i fully appreciate the songs and your usual fine touch that made this album readable on more and more layers…
    so well done, now i’m wating to “senior” to be heard.