Junior Review: Resident Advisor

27th March, 2009

Resident Advisor Logo“For those who appreciated The Understanding‘s shift toward craftier, radio-ready pop, Junior is bound to please. Though Röyksopp have always relied on the contributions of friends for their vocals, Junior leans even more of its weight on its guests. And what an A-list of Scandinavian’s finest they’ve assembled, with cuts from Robyn, Lykke Li, Karin Dreijer Andersson and former Bel Canto lead Anneli Drecker. The caliber of the vocalists notwithstanding, it’s their often idiosyncratic and bizarre timbres that make Junior distinctive. Where their prior work sometimes went with generic singers that, while technically flawless, often sounded too sweet and syrupy, Junior benefits from this contrast of jumpy, thick-bellied electro and eccentric, instantly recognizable vocalists.”

Full review by Derek Miller here.

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