Calling all Photographers!!

31st March, 2009

Win a Photographers Pass for these Röyksopp shows:

Pumpehuset Copenhagen – 6th April
Lido Berlin – 7th April
La Trabendo Paris – 8th April
Ether Festival London – 11th April

Just send us a link to your portfolio or Flickr profile: [email protected] along with your full name and the show you would like to attend! The winner will receive a Photopass for themselves plus an extra ticket to take a friend to the show!

If you have a friend who might be interested use the ‘Sharethis’ button bellow to send this page to them.


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21 Responses

  1. Wow would be fantastic to get an opportunity to do this, my website is a photoblog I have been running for 4 years now, also some other photographs can be found at

    I would love to be included if you end up running this in Dublin if that is at all possible.


    and click once or twice to see the pictures bigger

    I’m the girl that made THIS interview of Röyksopp

    I wish I could win a pass for the 8th of April to the Parisian Show @ LE TRABENDO.

    See you at the concert!!

  3. I would love the opportunity to attend something similar if it was to happen in Dublin, Ireland

    My name is John Williams and I have run a photoblog at for the past 4 years, another place to see some photographs I have taken is at

    As I say I would love a chance if you come back to Ireland.

  4. […] release of their new album ‘Junior’ last week, Royksopp have launched a competition via their official website giving amateur photographers the chance to win a photopass to one of their 4 European (Copenhagen, […]

  5. danfortex26 says:

    Check my work out here


  6. birthofacult says:

    my work….

    need the pass for the london show in royal festival

    take care


  7. Thank you for getting the fans and social media involved! I really hope you can bring your amazing music with a visit to Montreal, Canada. Submitting my gallery just in case I am able to make a trip to your London show:

  8. Karen says:

    I’ve submitted my Flickr and I really hope I’m lucky enough to be chosen. Tusen takk!

  9. here is mine, i hope u guys will enjoy my work *wink*

  10. alchemist says:

    Looking forward to London on Saturday night:

    Should be an awesome gig.

  11. Preecer says:

    I’m going, but will I get my camera in?

  12. alchemist says:

    I won the competition to cover the RFH on Saturday night. The full gallery can be found on my website, but there is a selection of the best images over at my blog:

    Really enjoyed it, so thanks to all.

  13. patrickhenry says:

    Sorry again!!! Royksopp, I am drunk and I fucking love you, I can’t wait for senior, I love juniour, so the album of 2009, I have the girl and the robot on repeat all the time, when Robyn sings i’m in love with a robot, all my friends think that she is singining “i’m in love with a woman LOL” I really love all of your albums, melody am, the understanding, i really loved “back to mine” it gave a real insight into what influnced you, and I notice these influnces in your music, big time, you are fucking great!!! I am from Northern Ireland, so if you are ever in Belfast or Derry let me know lol, keep up the good music, I and everybody else really appreciate it.

    May 9th, 2009 at 3:37 am

  14. I love to do this:

    Just need a clean face and HQ pics. LOL!

  15. irgatez says:

    we are all waiting for you in istanbul

    see u

  16. Patrick N says:

    see my work at:

    would love to be the one in LA –

  17. VonLiebig says:

    .. i love photography that would be so much fun! but i live in canada… too bad

  18. fatty says:

    Are you going to do one of these for the California shows? That’d be cool!

  19. dianadramaqueen says:

    I’ve submitted my flickr information to the email address provided! Really hope I get this brilliant learning opportunity! I love Royksopp, used two of their tracks for my Dance exams at college – it’s perfect music for any situation! 😀 So it would be awesome to be able to come along to the London gig to do some photos! 🙂 x