From The Journeys Of Röyksopp…

20th March, 2009

We have been given the option to chose. We, Röyksopp, consider this ability – to decide oneself – to be a gift.

Dilemmas like “Should I stay or should I go? Should I say yes or no?” is something we tend to embrace – we think of them as opportunities.

It’s a secure way of gaining knowledge, insight and also hindsight. This way of thinking has led us to many a strange place. Both physically and mentally. Sometimes events occur that you do not fully understand, but they somehow still have importance. Do you follow?

A friend of mine, a wise man from Sweden, once said to me: “Sometimes 1+1=3. Or 12. Or perhaps not even a number. Sometimes 1+1 could equal a horse.”

Even more confused?

Then check this out…

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