…And we’re off..

19th November, 2009

Sitting in my hotelroom in downtown LA, trying to gather myself & my thoughts after yesterdays gig and most heart-warming welcome by the LA-crowd – much obliged, people!

Yesterdays show initated our currently ongoing shenanigans here in the US – tonite we play San Francisco. Good times…

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37 Responses

  1. imatoy says:


    and thank you for the guest vocalists! Is Robyn going with you everywhere??

  2. PRdotC says:

    Looking forward to tonight in SF! Welcome back BTW.

  3. jannie28 says:

    last night’s show was KICK ASS! we had sooooo much fun!! I have seen you guys play in LA three times now… can’t wait to go again! But please don’t make me wait so long for the next show. 🙂

    bestest always!

  4. EdHernandez says:

    Thank you for coming to LA. It was such a fantastic show. I cant not wait until you come back again.

  5. elaflin says:

    You guys, you guys… that show last night in LA was absolutely incredible. It’s so wonderful to not only adore the music, but to feel like you are really being performed for. I felt effervescent throughout the entire show! I just saw Fever Ray last month and it was also wickedly good. Is there something special in the water over there that makes you musically brilliant?

    I love Royksopp and simply can’t wait for your return!

    xoxo emily

  6. picatso says:

    Hooray SF! See you tonight!

  7. zuleika says:

    You rocked us so hard last night! Thank you for coming! Thanks to Robyn and Karin Dreijer for making it out here too! Anneli Drecker! Where were you? True to life is my favorite song! Also so you know. Happy up here is my first song on my snowboarding playlist. Really takes the edge off of the fear in the cold early morning on top of the mountain. Thanks again and come back soon!

  8. jadbah says:

    Yes! “See you” tonight in SF!

  9. zwolfalan says:

    And I’m beside myself realizing I’m going to see you guys live tonight! Have been following you from the first album. Mum a couple of weeks ago, and Royksopp tonight… San Francisco welcomes you!!!!

  10. Hey guys! Great show last night. Thank you and the ladies who were up on stage. Blown away by you all!


  11. bt says:

    waiting for friends to show up, “royksopp’s night out” playing on the computer, ready to start walking over to your SF show, it’s going to be very good times indeed!!


  12. three33 says:

    I normally don’t leave comments but you guys were awesome last night at club nokia. I’m so glad to have finally seen you.

  13. GeezrRckr says:

    Great show tonite, guys! Thanks for the fun times. Curious..did Karin make an appearance or were we all fooled by that great voice behind the mask?

  14. we are waiting for you in mexico guys !!!

    it will be amazing!

    be ready for the best crowd ever!!!

  15. Off to Mexico!!
    Can’t wait to see you here tomorrow night, loads of ppl have been longing for you to come over here, including me and my best friend.
    So, 2moro will be the day, after… hmm years and years of wait to see you mixing live.

  16. rcstratton says:

    The LA show rocked! My 1st time @ your show! I LOVED IT!!!! please play in LA more often!!!

  17. Alessius says:

    Mexico is waiting for Royksopp

  18. xombie says:

    I just saw you guys last night in San Francisco! It was INCREDIBLE!!! You have to do a US tour again!

  19. bunkymunky says:

    Thanks for coming out to LA, you really made my sh*ttiest week in my entire life worthwhile, put tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. Keep up the good work you guys!

  20. RYXP4EVR says:

    We were there guyz and u totally rocked the socks off everyones feet…we were jumpin all along…luved every single bit of it and wanted more …you both are gr8 entertainers, funny, smart and incredible..I don’t know the guitarist but he was magnificent too. Also loved Anneli and Robyn…Plzzz plzzz come back to LA again …plzzz


  21. emor says:

    Thank you for the great gig in LA on Wednesday night! Must I say it was amazing! I saw you guys in 2005 with Basement Jaxx at Hollywood Bowl and I was so glad that this time, you played longer than back then.
    Keep producing those beats, I love your music!

  22. laguy34 says:

    had the good fortune of seeing that LA show. thank you it was awesome

  23. zafiro says:

    Hej – you guys absolutely KILLED the SF show. It was incredible. I’ve been a fan since long before Melody A.M., saw you in Bergen… Seeing your music develop over the years, people getting into it… evolving. The whole set list was amazing—sad you didnt play “Someone Like Me,” or “Vision One”—and was unreal. You nords fkkkkn rocked the house. Can’t wait to see you again. My friends and I were floored. Rock on.

  24. Phoule says:

    Loved the show Wed. night!!! LOVED! LOVED! LOVED! It was my first visit to Club Nokia and my first time seeing you live. You guys are simply epic, and seeing Anneli and Robyn gave me a perma-smile well into the next day! So glad the crowd was into it and hoppin. Come back soon.

  25. Mothergooch says:

    I drove 6 hours to see that show and it was totally worth it. I wore my Norway jersey and was approached by quite a lot of Norwegians. As always, my Norsk is not as good as I think it is and I need to get a tutor. Jeg snakker bare litt Norsk. Anyway, thanks to you both, Karin, and Robyn. ROYKSOPP FOREVER!

  26. verona says:

    Thanks for coming to mexico!!! One of the greatest!! Love everything about your show, the masks, the Satech robot and above all, the talent!!!

    Thank you!!

  27. Erosiccu says:

    Thank you guys so much for coming to the US!! My friend and I saw that you were playing @ Webster Hall and we tried to get tickets 3 months ago but the website wouldn’t sell them to us. But to our luck just the other day I saw that tickets were still available and bought two immediately. Him and I and two of his friends are now going to bask in the brilliance of your music in Webster Hall General Admission on the 24th haha. Can’t put into words how excited we are to see you!

  28. Erosiccu says:

    Enjoy the US please!

  29. allzgr8 says:

    You guys were AMAZING at Club Nokia in Los Angeles this past Wednesday!!! 😀 Have LOVED your music since Melody A.M. and I saw you four years ago at the Avalon in Hollywood when you toured for the Understanding, BLEW ME AWAY then…been patiently waiting until you came back, and you did it again!!!

    THANK YOU sooo much for being so much fun live, and just making awesome music always!!!

    Can’t wait til you come back to Los Angeles!
    Monica 🙂

    p.s. Another thing that you guys rock with is your style and your choice of design for everything!!!

  30. Tavo says:


  31. tgamer007 says:

    Great Job guys! I am so proud to be a Royksopp fan! Keep on doin’ your thing!!!!!!!!

  32. lbbski says:

    Webster hall show was magical. You guys are amazing. It’s too bad Karin and Robyn couldn’t be there but Anneli was incredible. Thank you so much for coming. We love you here and hope you come back soon!

  33. ShaneK says:

    Fellow Norwegians,

    Wednesday night was unforgettable!! Flew down from Seattle and it was well worth it. Thanks for making a few US stops and hope to see you back here soon. Safe travels home


  34. jingle says:

    Thank you Royksopp for a GLORIOUS, DIVINE, and yes, UNFORGETTABLE show in New York on Tuesday!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! x 10^6!! 😀

    Much love,

  35. jonas96 says:

    velcome back!

  36. I can’t believe I missed the show. Pleaaasee come back to San Francisco soon/please tour in the US again!!!!!!

  37. pierre says:

    sometimes you don’t really know how to word things, but that night you guys came to club Nokia in Los Angeles was the best F’n concert of my life. The connection with the crowd was there, all of us plugged in. The elephant man spoke. hurry back!
    (Also a live cd of that performance would rock..)