Final days in Europe…

6th November, 2009

Our touring days in Europe for 2009 is coming to an end. Last night we played a fun & sweaty gig in London, UK – Big-ups to those who took part!

Best sound of the evening.

Best sound of the evening.


In a few hours we’re on-stage here in Amsterdam on yet another sold-out show. And on that note, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those of you who have come to see us play live this year! Thank you for the love! Our last remaining shows will be Hamburg, Germany tomorrow and Copenhagen, Denmark on Sunday, then it’s off to the US. Giddy-up now!!


Señor B + B

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21 Responses

  1. claytn says:

    You guys should come to New Zealand…. Its getting boring down here and i reckon you would do a great job down here! Love ya musik!

  2. TonyR says:

    Fantastic gig @ Stylus Leeds the other night. For personal reasons which i cant go into here, this gig was special to me and i would really like to thank all the band from my heart for such a fantastic evening. The gig really helped me during the lowest part of my life!

    Stood on the front row, right below your fantastic bass player! He even gave me his beer near the end ( which i passed round the crazy ppl i was stood with!), whata gr8 guy!. Even got Hi5s from all the band and a warm handshake from the lovely Anneli!

    So thanks again for fantastic evening, dont think i have been to a gig with such a fantastic atmosphere and everyone including the band were having such a good time!

    Will remember it forever!!

    Have fun in the states!!

    Take care


  3. arol101 says:

    Hi everyone! I’m still fascinated by this amazing gig in London Thursday night. Thank godness it was a bit longer, than at Get loaded in August, but still not long enough. (Actually I can’t get enough from Röyksopp). As a compensation we jumped back where everything began – as Torbjørn said, and they played ‘So Easy’. Thank you very-very much, I didn’t hope it would be play again – it was mesmerizing!!! I wish you good luck to the US, and hope to see you soon

    ‘Señor A’

  4. sjoerd82 says:

    Thanks for the amazing show in Amsterdam last night. Im so glad that ive finally had the chance to see Royksopp on stage!

    Good luck with the rest of the tour and i hope to see you again for another show in holland of belgium soon! I will be there.


  5. Really brilliant gig last night, thought James Yuill was brilliant too.
    (I was the boy with the flouresent green t-shirt arms)

  6. Leno says:

    Please come back to Luxembourg, already 4 years since your last Show. Always a big pleasure to see those funky Norwegians on Stage 🙂

    Thank You

    Senor G

  7. Henry_K says:

    The Amsterdam-gig was brilliant! Many thanks and I can’t wait untill next time.


  8. sein says:

    should try that patch out!)

  9. DENMHIF says:

    Looking forward to the concert in Copenhagen tomorrow, I hope you will play Circuit Breaker in the encore, it’s my favourite song of you!

    I’ll see you from the front row!:D

    /Dagge from Helsingborg, Sweden

  10. Although seeing you live is extremelyhigh on my do-before-i-die-list (ok that sounds like i’m dying, but you get the point ;p), i wasn’t able to see you in Amsterdam! So on your next tour (Senior?), pleeeaaase come to Holland again!
    Keep up the good work, your music is just too awesome!

  11. trivard says:

    please make your way up to Vancouver, Canada……so close yet so fare away…..

  12. picatso says:

    I cannot wait ’til SF, we promise to behave if you melt our faces off!

  13. dingetje says:

    Thank you very much for a great show in Amsterdam!
    We had a blast , you were rockin it!
    Can’t wait for senioir to come out.
    Hope to see you soon!

  14. alejandra anglada says:


  15. Guys you were amazing in London, like always 😉
    Thanks a lot for this great show!!! See you !!
    & enjoy the rest of your tour!
    Take care

  16. Mpbanksta says:

    Can’t wait to see you in New York, i have been waiting forlike 5 years for this haha!

  17. Glose says:

    You forgot Belgium…. 🙁

  18. pasto says:

    Guys, the gig in London was fantastic! I hope to see you soon again and looking forward to the new album. Anneli and Robyn were awesome as well, keep up the good job!
    see you soon
    senor pasto

  19. Andres says:

    Mhhm Korg MS-20, nive hardware you’ve got there 🙂

  20. Hope that you guys bring out a live dvd or cd again of this tour!

  21. william030398 says:

    Can’t wait for you guys to come to America, how about Chicago, at a place called the double door?