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  1. arol101 says:

    Hi everyone! I’m still fascinated by this amazing gig in London Thursday night. Thank godness it was a bit longer, than at Get loaded in August, but still not long enough. (Actually I can’t get enough from Röyksopp). As a compensation we jumped back where everything began – as Torbjørn said, and they played ‘So Easy’. Thank you very-very much, I didn’t hope it would be play again – it was mesmerizing!!! I wish you good luck to the US, and hope to see you soon

    ‘Señor A’

  2. Estifanos says:

    Hi Guy!

    I just wanted to tell you how great your show was! You really put on a good show, Anneli Drecker is the shit and Robyn is always good!

    I cant wait for you new album, come back to London!