Must all good things come to an end…?

27th November, 2009

…well, I most certainly do not hope so. (I sincerely hope it’ll sustain and echo forever!) But as far as our recent US & Mexican adventures go, they have come to a definite end.  And as I sit here in my hotelroom, observing the Manhattan skyline whilst listning to “Blade runner blues”, I conclude that our visit here has been utmost pleasing. We extend our gratitude to those who have taken their time to attend our gigs and shown their appreciation for our music! It must be said that we regret not having been able to visit more cities in the US and Canada,  but then again, that only makes it more attractive for us to return…


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47 Responses

  1. LiQUiFiDE says:

    Thank you so much for coming to the US! I can’t wait to hear what “I Wanna Know” sounds like as a recorded track, especially since it was simply divine live @ Webster Hall. 😀 I’ll be anxiously awaiting your return to the states (hopefully to Philadelphia)!

  2. elsis says:

    😀 mexico will welcome you again!!! we love your music!

  3. YESSSS, COME BACK SOON! We are waiting impatiently for the next California show (or any other show in the US, we will travel wherever we have to!)

  4. mortnme says:

    Please come to Toronto next time!!

  5. Erosiccu says:

    SEE YOU IN 4 YEARS!!!!
    my friend and i Laughed really hard and then yelled back
    Number 1 my heart! …we still have no idea waht the hell that guy was trying to say behind us. Your show was absolutely fantastic and if you are ever close in the US again, my friend and I will buy tickets.
    Much love from Fairfield CT.

  6. Erosiccu says:

    If anyone has a chance of remembering I was 1st row wearing a green hoodie with a white NY Giants Jersey over it with #10 in red. Just in case haha

  7. Tavo says:

    And also it’s rich to rest after having a lot of work!! Thank you for the amazing presentations … good way boys. COME BACK SOON TO MEXICO CITY !!.

    Royksopp Forever !!

  8. ariadna7 says:

    Thanks for come to Mexico!!! We hope see you soon guys!
    Svein! thanks for got the flowers! that was a nice detail of you <3

    Love you guys! <3

  9. Senku says:

    hey Im mexican and I went to the concert in mexico city,pleace, come back soon, it was amazing!!!

  10. RichChap says:

    I’m so glad I happened to be in New York the night you guys were performing there, that was easily one of the most exciting shows I’ve ever been to, and there aren’t many groups I’d rather see perform live than you guys (if any). My friend and I had really wanted to come to new york to go see you guys but when we found out it was 18+ we decided not to since we’re not quite 18 yet, but then we ended up going to new york to visit colleges anyway, and decided to try to get in anyway, with much success 🙂

    anyway, great job Röyksopp, that was an epic, unforgettable show *applause*

  11. karinakardian says:

    please come nack SOON!. I cannot begin to describe how amazing and uplifting your show was on the 24rth! You guys should totally come here to sign autographs when your “senior” album comes out. Would be an honor to meet you guys! ROYKSOPP FOREVER FOR SURE!

  12. lion says:

    Guys, your visit to Mexico City was great, the crowd was crazy and your music set my date and myself in the mood for a long night which ended late in her flat… amazing night. Don’t forget to visit us next time you hit the continent, I will keep spreading your talent among friends. Cheers

  13. Scan says:

    A shame you guys could not stop by Boston, plus I could not make it to NYC which I REALLY tried to do. Dying to see you guys live since I heard “Poor Leno” playing off a TV in Dublin six years ago.

  14. diablito93 says:

    Thanks for coming to visit North America! Had a blast at your show!!!

  15. cc says:

    S, I love you so so so much… I wish I could meet you someday.

  16. JackofHearts says:

    Yes. Please come back soon. I didn’t get to see you.

  17. picatso says:

    Thank you so much for coming to San Fran, your show was a dream come true for me. I love your music and I love you guys, and now that I have seen you in person, I know what truly phenominal and stellar dudes you are, keep it up!

  18. d_Random says:

    Funny, I was just listening to Blade runner blues the other night. Must be a great inspiration to you.
    Please visit North Carolina on your next U.S. tour!

  19. EFKO says:

    Heyyy Torbjørn and Svein!!, o better said Royksopp!! Thank you so much for have been in Mexico City. I used to think that I would never be in a Royksopps concert.

    It was an amazing and magical night for me, even I cried jajajaja.

    -do not laugh on me hein!! ;D-

    I hope to see you again in Mexico City, and why not meet you.

    I am a big fan of you, and your music means a lot of positive things to me. I listen to you when I am happy, sad or just when I need a lonely moment.

    Thank you for that

    Viva Royksopp!

  20. ok ok, stop meditating and let’s finish that senior album..:)) i’m dying here..

  21. Mikeleus says:

    So sad they will never come to Moldova 🙁

  22. rodolforam says:

    Röyksopp! Please, come to Brazil!!!! I am here waiting for you!!!! I like you so much and you are the best music band 🙂 Muito sucesso para vocês! Tchau 😉

  23. @mikeleus: prin Romania au venit, so.. bagi o fuga si-i vezi.

  24. kevinells says:

    Thanks for a fantastic show in Los Angeles. It was Epic. My friends who joined me can’t quit talking about it. They tell all their friends about a show with music that’s just so good and so hard to explain. We met you afterhours in the lounge, thanks for the quick chat. Come back soon. Peace.

  25. andra says:

    Frankie Detergent: chiar au fost prin romania? cand? unde?

  26. kalenel says:

    Thank you so much for a lovely show in SF. My husband and I weren’t sure if we could make it since he just had surgery… but we sat up in the balcony and had a fantastic time!

    The show was amazing–you played all my favorite songs beautifully, and it is so obvious that you two love what you’re doing! Your dedication and sweet, delightful personalities makes me appreciate your songs even more.

    I cannot wait for your next trip through the US, as after the sublime experience of seeing you live, I will be certain to attend again when I get another opportunity–which I hope will be soon!!

  27. Donovan says:

    Come to Minneapolis/St. Paul!! Lot’s a of Scandinavians up here in Minnesota.

  28. norton712 says:

    I wish that you could come to the Mid US in Kansas City…
    Can’t wait for senior to come out.

  29. You don’t have to regret not visiting more US cities because I would like to interview you guys to help promote your presence here. My blog is being received pretty well in the US as well in other countries. If you scroll down on the right and check the map, you’ll see. Check it out

  30. Mikeleus says:

    @ Frankie Detergent
    cand au fost in Romania? Sau cand vin, daca stii… Ma uit in upcoming tours, nu vad nimic in viitorul apropiat.. 🙁

  31. mai eu stiu sigur ca au fost acum cativa ani, deci probabil ca or sa mai vina..

  32. Erosiccu says:

    These comments all mirror how I feel, and your fanbase is unbelievable. Everybody is as passionate as you about your music and it is an incredible thing. Nothing could make me happier, haha.

  33. razzberry says:

    So don’t let the good times end. Keep it going!
    Come to Canada!!

  34. John says:

    Man you guys should come down to the gulf coast USA. South Mississippi has a great place for you guys to come play. Many casinos and its a great tourist attraction. Please come down here! PLEASE why does new york and cali have all the good stuff!

  35. Dice181 says:

    I hope you all will stay making very nice and soul wisphering music.

    This Must Be It (Danton Eeprom Remix) is a song who can make my happy and cry on the same moment.

    Love you all.

    Hope to see you all in Belgium.

  36. corduroy says:

    I’m making this comment ridiculously late, but to say that we LOVED Royksöpp at Webster Hall (the second night– the last show). It was a tremendous inspiration. Can’t wait for SENIOR! — This link is not here for nothing. It would mean a lot to me if you followed it.

  37. V_1618 says:



  38. DeckardB says:

    Wow, it’s like two fantastic worlds colliding! Royksopp and BladeRunner! I guess it’s not that strange that whenever I hear “Blade Runner Blues” I always imagine a vast city skyline. I mean, the music kind of automatically evokes those types of images I guess. However, when my favorite artist of all time mentions what I can only imagine being a transcendent experience like that, it truly amazed me. I didn’t think I could love you guys any more than I already did!

    Not only do I appreciate your music, but I love your quirkiness as well. You guys are weird, but in the best way possible.

    Oh, and if you read this… the song “Your Hands” off of “Arctic Circles 2” always evokes images of a clear night sky with a vast carpet of stars and northern lights. I’m not sure if that’s intentional, but, WOW. Keep it coming you guys.

  39. gonhark says:

    That’s amazing! But, i recommend (and pray to) you another “goal” in your next tour: Santiago. Chile needs you, plz come!

  40. naoko705 says:

    Come to Japan plzzzzz

  41. graham says:

    Have not seen you guys live yet but am moving from Sydney to Berlin in March so I will be seeing you there sometime next year when you tour Senior!! I can’t wait, you are amazing and I want to say THANKS. Just thanks, oh and don’t ever stop x

  42. scenicoverthere says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t see you guys at all while you were in the US. That’s why you definitely have to come back and play in Chicago!

  43. NSG says:

    Please do come to Toronto next time!

  44. tx jeff says:

    OK…going out on a limb here. Come to Texas? I swear there are good people here. Austin is the live music capitol of the world. Oh, did I mention we party? yes, party.

  45. BradTGLF says:

    Toronto Needs You!!! Dying to see you guys live. JUNIOR is FLAWLESS!!!

    Thanks for your music

  46. colins3 says:


    I used to live in Mexico City, but I moved out and I really love your music!!, I Hope that You can come to play in Merida Yucatan. You guys are THE music!. (By the way great work with “Vision One” in “Junior”)

  47. artjayck says:

    My first Concert in all my life, you are amazing!!!!! Come back to Mexico Soon!!!!!!