This Must Be It – Out now!

2nd November, 2009

This Must Be ItFeaturing the unmistakable vocals of fellow Scandinavian Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife, Fever Ray), This Must Be It is the latest single to be lifted from Röyksopp’s highly acclaimed ‘Junior’ album! The single is available as a digital download and 12″ vinyl:

Listen & Buy ‘This Must Be It’

The single comes complete with brand new mixes from the likes of Thin White Duke, Rex The Dog, Apparat, Danton Eeprom, Florian Meindl, LehtMoJoe, Maxime Dangles, Moguai, Pete Herbert and The Bloody Sisters (TBS).

It also comes with an incredible video directed by acclaimed Swedish directors Filip and Andreas Nilsson (The Knife, Peter, Bjorn & John), watch the video.

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9 Responses

  1. vidarh says:

    What’s this stupid thing about territorial limitations? I want all of the mixes!! Arghh!!!!

  2. vidarh says:

    Nope, At Beatport, I cannot download the mixes from Thin White Duke, Rex The Dog, TBS, Moguai, Peter Herbert and Lehtmojoe due to “territorial restrictions”. I can only download the EP consisting of the remixes from Apparat, Danton Eepron, Maxime Danles and Florian Meindl. Please help me out!! (I’m in Norway, btw).

  3. Guill says:

    Time to stop the territorial limitations!it is only available at itunes and they force you to buy all the mixes if you just want that one in particular.Beatport does not allow to download in Spain and the files are in wav file format no compression.7digital only works with mp3’s no good ,Amazon too.what¡s left?Oh I forgot to tell you I found the cd promo with all the mixes in it, so in the end for this stupid limitations as we are in Europe and all countries should have the same rights you guys lost another sale.

  4. joris0215 says:

    I just got back from your Gig in London sh bush. Best gig I’ve been to in years Thank you and hope to see ya round town soon. I have insisted that my brother goes to see you In LA !!!!

    Bring on Senior!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Christa says:

    amazing performance. amazing costumes.
    one of my best days of my life!!
    thank you for that
    hope i’ll have the chance to see you again live!!

    keep creating quality music!!!

  6. Guill says:

    Single is available to download in all countries at

    happy now Vidarh???

  7. Guill says:

    How funny is that you are in Norway in Royksopp’s country and you have no right to buy their doesn’t make any sense.