2nd November, 2009

…we played a concert in Köln, Germany (Cologne). To those who attended the gig, we had a fantastic time there together with you! After the main event, after the third encore had finished, we could hear you all shouting for more. But alas, the in-house music was suddenly put on, together with houselights, without our consent. At this point it was too late for us to go and do another song for you. We appologize for this – you were clearly an energetic & “pumped” audience that deserved more! We’ll make it up to you next time!
Señor B & Señor B

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14 Responses

  1. kopischke says:

    We’ll hold you to the promise next time :). You guys were abso-f***ingly fabulous!

  2. Daimaju says:

    Thank you for the amazing show last night, it made my week already.
    Hope it won’t be too long until we can welcome you guys again 😉

    Have a swell time in the UK =D

  3. sweetie says:

    Don’t worry guys, you were more than generous. We loved you and had a fantastic time. Come back SOOON!!!
    PS: Awesome that you brought your cool bass player again! We remembered him from your tour with Modjo. And the songstress – absolutely brilliant. THANK YOU!

  4. GoMachine says:

    what about: stretch the regular set to 1 1/2 hour, then start the encores –> nevermore any problems with suddenly activated in-house music and houselightings –> everybody’s “Happy up here” 😀

  5. mirz says:

    Yeah, you´d better come back to cologne real soon! Thanks for the great time!

  6. Raf Convents says:

    next time we will come again from Belgium and we will hold you to that promise. Thanks for the amasing gig!

  7. marten33 says:

    Hi from Maastricht, At least come back once a year ! And make your set 2 hours and than come back for the encores.

    Damn it was short.

  8. I attended your performance the night before in Berlin. It was absolutely spectacular, I had a blast! really the best gig i’ve ever been to. can’t wait to see you next time. hope you guys come to Poland 🙂


  9. Schloerby says:

    WOW! Now I feel guilty for all of us who’ve made some catcalls towards the stage after you didn’t come out for a fourth (!) encore. It’s just that you could have played for another hour and it still wouldn’t have been enough. 😉
    I sincerely hope you nevertheless had and will have a great time in Germany. Please come back ASAP – maybe even to Frankfurt?

  10. newby_deluxe says:

    Thanx for this MASSIVE concert. Awesome atmosphere.

    Looking forward 2 seeing u down here again when senior comes out, cuz i really missed my favorites like °its what i want°, °circuit breaker° n °follow my ruin°….But time will come for the 3rd encore….

    Have a good time while touring and check out germany as soon as possible again

  11. othello79 says:

    You were fantastic and I hope you will be back in Germany very soon! Thank you very much for the amazing time!! 🙂

  12. saar says:

    Thanks for the fantastic show! We had a great time…see us naked at the concert!

  13. scifimar says:

    you made me happy 🙂