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13th November, 2009

The band finished their European Tour off in style at London’s Sheperds Bush Empire, next week they touch down in LA for a whirlwind tour of the US

18th Nov Los Angeles – Club Nokia » More Info » Buy Tickets
19th Nov San Francisco – Regency Ballroom » More Info » Buy Tickets
23rd Nov New York – Webster Hall » More Info » Buy Tickets
24th Nov New York – Webster Hall » More In » Buy Tickets

For an idea of what to expect check out crazybobbles Flickr photos here, and the fan pictures in the Gallery or read the live reviews.


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9 Responses

  1. elizabeth says:


  2. alejandra anglada says:

    is that jacket gareth pugh`s????
    we`re wating for you guys in barcelona

  3. […] it’s the initial night of their mini US debate (they’re additionally personification in san francisco and brand new york) i’ve been a fan ever given i detected their strain what else is there? (from the […]

  4. this comment has nothing to do with the US Tour… YOU GUYS TOTALLY WON THE NIGHT AND THE BEST GIG OF 2009 IN MEXICO CITY. Thanks a lot for the great gig!

  5. cyberwuff says:

    ‘disappointed that you chose not to come to Toronto (or anywhere in Canada) again, ‘would have jumped at the chance to go. Oh well – ‘hope the tour’s gone well! 🙂

  6. karinakardian says:

    I cant get over how hot that jacket is…i would totally wear it! Great gig at Webster Hall last night guys, was waiting for you with my friend for an hour but u guys never came out and it was pretty cold out. Would have loved to shake ur hand in honor and let you know that you guys were wonderful last night the 24rth. Didnt help that the bouncers were assholes and refuse to go in and check if u guys left or not, so they made us wait an hour in the cold and then said ” oh u guys didnt realize they left a long time again” am pretty annoyed bout that considering u guys said ur comin back in like 4 yrs, which is rediculous.

  7. Svein says:

    I’m sorry to hear that karinakardian – We would definitly have come out to shake your hand, had we known that you were waiting for us. And yes, the bouncers should have let us known… Again, I do appologise.

  8. karinakardian says:

    oh its fine I GUESS. lol. jk. but it would help if u guys book a flight back soon. Im a very impatient person, as well as most New Yorkers. soooooooooo if u come back for another show, hopefully we will “definitely” shake hands then.

  9. averona says:

    Any plans to visit other cities???? MIami?